Auf lautlosen Schwingen,
zieht die Leere durch mein Land
Durch Träume der Sehnsucht,
die ich niemals fand
Träume eines Menschen,
den ich einmal kannte
Es war jemand
den man bei meinem Namen nannte

Du hast ihn getötet,
hast ihn erstickt mit deinen Taten
Ihn verstossen,
ausgenutzt und sein Gefühl verraten
Er liebte doch so stark,
wie ein Mensch nur lieben kann

5 Jahre lang hab ich dich geliebt
5 Jahre lang, gegen alles was es gibt
5 Jahre lang, meiner Liebe Untertan
5 Jahre lang zur Hölle fahren

Ein Fluch der ohne Namen ist,
lastet nun auf ihm
Auf seinem kranken Herz,
das ach so sicher schien
Ein Fluch der jahrelang
in seiner Brust sanft wuchs
Fest verankert
auf der allerletzten Seite dieses Buchs

Den Namen den der Tote trägt,
er gleicht meinem Namen
Die Seele hier in seiner Brust,
sie kennt kein Erbarmen
Ich sehe nun auf ihn herab,
und sehe er gleicht mir
Durch seinen Tod werde ich leben,
ich und nicht mehr wir

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Fünf Jahre song meanings
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    General CommentOn silent wings
    The Emptiness pushes through my land
    Through dreams of yearning
    that I never found
    Dreams of a person
    that I once knew
    It was someone
    whom everyone called by my name

    You killed it
    You choked it with your actions
    violated it
    exploited it and betrayed its feelings
    He loved so strongly
    as only a human could love

    for five years i have loved you
    for five years against all that exists
    for five years my love tributary
    for five years going to hell

    a curse without a name
    now trapped in him
    in his sick heart
    that oh so brilliantly gleamed
    a curse lasting for years
    growling softly in his chest
    anchored well
    in the very last page of this book

    the name that brings death
    it is like my name
    the soul here in his chest
    it knows no pity
    I know look down at him
    and see that he's like me
    through his death i will live
    I and no more us
    ShadowSoulon May 30, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe English translation:
    On soundless wings emptiness ambulates through my land
    Through dreams of aspiration I never found
    Dreams of a person I once knew
    It was someone they called by my name

    You killed it, suffocated with your actions
    Repudiated and betrayed its feelings
    But it loved so much, a human just can
    5 years I loved you
    5 years against all that exists
    5 years my love tributary
    Driving to hell

    A curse now weighs on it
    On its sick heart, that appeared to be so secure
    A curse which softly grew in its chest since years
    Deep anchored on the last page of this book

    The name of this dead person resembles my name
    The soul here in its chest knows no mercy
    I now look down on it and see it resembles me
    Through its death I will live - me - and no more us
    seasons of greyon March 06, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThanks for the english translation, I have looked for the full version long. now, I dont know if you are german, seasons of grey, but i think i have spotted some mistakes (I come from Denmark, the country above germany, so we are teached german in shool)
    Instead of "someone they called by my name", i think it is, "The man they called by my name."
    Instead if "but it loved so much, a human just can", it is "He loved so much a human can". If it was "it" the german word would be "es" not "er" which means "he". Instead of "my love tributary" i think it is "my beloved minion/slave (the english word for untertan/underlegne stands a little unclear to me)
    Hope I did not make a complete fool by correcting some unexisting faults.
    This song makes greater sense to me after reading the full translation (unfulfilling to understand tiny bits) Thank you for the translation. Still, I have not figured the story about the song out yet. But it is a cool musicvideo, so i am happy:D
    borderline.ladyon January 26, 2008   Link

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