Traits; it's the crash in your rates.
The crass move to remove and abate the groove
Wherein the growth-rates of a different race will move
Your soul-babes in this earth/class/grade.
It exasperates you. The big bully; our Uncle Scam.
Calling yourself just a cute tin man,
But you're a big machine showing idle hands
Feeding shallow dreams to the same old
Down the pipeline of genes to the great mould.
With a heart of gold, Ha!
Funny how the same old tales go stale. Wail!
I reach up and grab the veil;
Hail to those who guard me well, and God as well.
I rip off the mask and the dark unveils.
Rear its ugly head and its breath smells,
Been drinking from the dead well,
where the greed and the violence dwell
And all the bad things that govern hell fell.

These are dark times we are born in
When leaders no longer lead
but command the populace into a spiritual fire pit of hell
Mass murder and mass suicide is the fate they have chosen
for their eternally loyal subjects

Run, rebel
In peace we should dwell
Not in this ignorance,
Insanity, profanity, blasphemy, sacrilege
We follow punks bathed in maladies
Should we run or rebel?

But Life will overcome strife.
Right is what's yours by divine right.
But only your freedom is divine right?
Freedom to choose your dues in your own eyes.
Freedom to lose.
Freedom to choose your rules in your own kind.
Freedom to choose your own mind.
Freedom not to choose.
For how you live shows just as well, how you don't,
And if you can't say No than don't. Fuck it!
When you read beyond the lines,
and you creep behind the lines;
Tap into the intent behind the dirty minds.
You may choose to remove that blind from your eyes.
Realized it's not worth to be one of their kind.
You pass the test.
You might as well just then cash the check;
The one that reads sell out. Then pack your bags,
Turn your work clothes into dirty rags,
And with them start the fire of what came to pass

Well you can Run, or you can Run and rebel
against the word that's the drone
in the peace you should dwell.
These greedy beasts cause all kinds of hell.
Backed up by the faith that they're doing well.
Backed by the belief that we're just as well.
Working to pay. We slave; working to buy, still wanting.
Reaping the desire that they sowed.
To keep the money running.

You know they won't give up,
And this world will only change when we all grow up,
We learn the Spirit ways or we mass destruct.
Go back to the beginning, and start again.
To learn the wisdom in the heart again.
And learn to listen to the words of them;
touched by the spirits.
We'll learn to swim before we learn to crawl
Before we learn to walk before we learn to run.
And learn that all is but the word of One.
The One Great Spirit.

Speaks through everything in Nature. It warns…

Run, rebel
In peace we should dwell
Not in this ignorance,
Insanity, profanity, blasphemy, sacrilege
We follow punks bathed in maladies
Should we run or rebel?

If you don't agree then walk,
And if you can't be free than walk,
And if you can't be assed than walk.
To the urn, then burn; Walk
Don't Give Up

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