whats the deal
with my brain
why am I so obviously insane
in a perfect situation
I led love down the drain

theres the pitch
slow and straight
all i have to do is swing
and i'm a hero
but i'm a zero

hungry nights
once again
now its getting unbelievable

cause I could not have it better
but i just can't get no play
from the girls
all around
as they search the night for someone to hold on to

and just pass through


get your hands
off the girl
can't you see that she belongs to me
and i don't appreciate this
excess company

though i can't satisfy
all the needs she has and so she starts to wander
can you blame her?


tell me theres a logic out there
leading me to better prepare
for the day that something really special might come

tell me theres some hope for me
i don't want to be lonely

for the rest of my days on the earth


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    My InterpretationThis song is obviosly about a guy (like me) who likes a girl and is sure that the girl likes him back however (like me) he instead of makeing a move gets scared and choses to do nothing and is sad about it later that night.
    HopelessBlondeDudeon May 22, 2010   Link
  • +2
    General CommentI read an interview where Rivers said he was at a nightclub or bar and was conversing with a girl for a few hours, thought everything was great and couldnt close the deal...He then went home and wrote this on an acoustic....
    kingjojo14on December 14, 2005   Link
  • +1
    General CommentBest song on the album.... hands down....

    The intro rocks nicely.

    Make believe is awesome to the max
    MsTaR1981on May 03, 2005   Link
  • +1
    General CommentEveryone can (or will someday) relate to this song. While I normally stick to the blue and pinkerton albums, this song is fantastic. they played it at a show in hartford, ct a few weeks ago and it was great.
    Undyon September 11, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthis is a sad song basically talks about how he can never keep a girl because he's never good enough its sad
    rokk123on November 12, 2011   Link
  • +1
    My InterpretationIt's about a guy with no confidence. He never can get with the girls, even if its a sure thing. He has anxiety and always finds a way to mess it up. He wants to control it but he can't. Then he finally has a girl, he's protective as he feels if she meets other guys then she won't want him. Its part of his lack of confidence again. He thinks she doesn't like him because he can't satisfy her so he thinks she's going to leave him anyway. In the end he lets her go as he doesn't see himself fit to keep her. He asks himself if he has any hope, he doesn't want to be alone. He's tired of being alone. He can't stand it anymore, he's afraid of living a life without love.
    Rilox5on December 24, 2014   Link
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    General CommentOne of the more self explanatory songs on Make Believe.
    A guy likes this girl, and the girl senses that he does ("though I can't satisfy all the needs she has..."), but he fails to make a move, and just let her drift out there. Eventually, she "starts to wander." The dude then feels hopeless etcetera etcetera.

    Damn, I can totally friggen relate. The girl I liked is so hot now! Shoulda made a move when I had the chance.
    BurndtToaston April 26, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti think this song's gonna be Make Believe's second single
    Morviton April 29, 2005   Link
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    General CommentWow this is a great song.. haha its my favorite song on the album. But im not a man! This completes the album of course. And who ever put the lyrics on ruined the song. is it possible to fix it!? The 30 sec. solo rocks then again. I think Rivers wants to be tree hugger.
    WeezerNationon May 19, 2005   Link
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    General CommentIt's basically what BurndtToast said, and I really like the analogy of baseball in the beginning to get the point across.

    It's really funny that my friend had me listen to this song because this just happened to me and the girl is now with someone else while I'm still alone. Ah well.
    agentdomon May 24, 2005   Link

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