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Fine Dining Lyrics

I keep a good luck charm tucked under my arm cause she told me to
A little soft and round
Like a penny found
She said to keep an eye on you
She said it in case i try to do something stupid

She's a little bit of life
A paragraph, a point of view, a messenger
She's reading middle sex
And i'm on Salinger
So it may come as no surprise
Why i'm the perfect guy for her

She's mine
Loves her wine
And fine dining
That's right, she's mine
She's so fine
And loves fine dining

When i'm in the shower I take about an hour and i think of her
Girl, I'm a dirty boy with the bathtime toys the fog rolls in and it's ships ahoy
I pretend i'm her Gilligan and she's Mary Ann and Ginger combined
Well my honey's so funny she's money she never means to undermind
She knows i love my job
But i love her more
So it makes no difference
Either long distance or over time

She's mine
She loves her wine
And fine dining
She's so sweet oh so petite
Oh so completely entertaining
She holds my hand
We love to dance
Oh so romancing
She is mine

We pretend our friend is a minister
He wears a cap and gown
And he pulls a crowd
And he walks us down
The aisles to where we say our vows
We say our vows, we say our vows
And pray

Considering her space and her miles from graceland
Hook me up
I need a strong soy latte make it grande
And wake me from my nightmares
Keep me safe when she's not there
Don't call me crazy

Because she's mine
She loves her wine
In fine dining
She holds my hand
And takes the chance
At sweet romance
And also disco dancing
See she's mine
She loves her wine
Fine dining
Yes, she's mine oh mine
Loves her wine sometime
Yes, she's fine so fine darling
2 Meanings
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Um...how could no one comment on this song? Really.

This song makes me want to die! If a guy sang this to me, about me, I would cry for hours...it is the most beautiful song and Jason's voice just makes it that much more incredible!! The cutest love song I've heard!

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"we say our vows! we say our vows!" i agree with the above poster, this is such an adorable song. everyone wants someone to feel this way about them.

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