my tracks done borrowed and bit
but my flows stay oh so original
that cairo flow
my flow like the nile
whether i break it written or im on a freestyle
high demand - my geek take
this nerd break
i lay it on thick like a tbone steak
make no mistake
my shit melts on the street like butter
suck out the alcohol like coors cutter
im the one colorado rider
always got the fire that co lighter
pullin all nighters
laying death to the biters
uniter of the east and westsiders
i spit that truce and i spit my truth
my posse phone phreak when we hack the booth
bring that nerdy south to the forefront
pack gats and calculators
black benz and matching gators
keep ruling the world with ur coke and weed
geeks rule the world with our proxy speed
we got what you need
bot net hold em down with a t3 feed
i got locks on the hubs chop game like dubs
program old school like fortran
your shit makes local my shit makes cspan
c an an abc wide world reach man
shut your lights off with the blink of an eye
my zero day stay infinite supply
infinite don't try to test my
brains or i arrange to own you right
ytcracker the legend i profess profusely
rhyming this one inch punch like my name was bruce lee
my rhymes stay goofy
based off the nerd life word life a little loosely

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