"Lonely Lonely" as written by Leslie Feist and Tony Scherr....
Water water on the seeds
To my left they rose and leaf
To my right cross Seven Seas

Maybe maybe they'll stay true
My seeds will cross and then take root
And leave you to an empty room
Lonely lonely that is you
Lonely lonely that is you

Paper paper obsolete
How will you reach out to me
I thought you'd ask me not to leave
Lonely lonely that is me
Lonely lonely that is me

Distance makes the heart grow weak
So that the mouth can barely speak
Except to those who hide their needs
And I have read the golden seal
That tell of how the seedlings feel
Reminds my heart what love can yield

By my only things are clear
Baby boy I'm staying here
Lonely lonely that was you
Lonely and so untrue

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"Lonely Lonely" as written by Tony Scherr Leslie Feist

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    General CommentI believe this song talks about a long distance relationship. Where a girl decides to move to another country leaving her boyfriend “to an empty room”. At first the couple misses one another but with distance the boys heart goes weak and he no longer calls or writes. Making "paper obsolete". The girl thought he would reach out to her. When the song speaks about the heart going weak so that mouth can barely speak it talks about their love going weak and them having nothing to talk about but if they do talk it would be about significant things as the boyfriend hides "his need" to end the relationship because he no longer loves her the same way. They thought their relationship would last. When the song says "By my only things are clear Baby boy I'm staying here Lonely lonely that was you Lonely and so untrue" it speaks about the girl staying where she moved to and all the things the boyfriend said about him loving her was a lie and untrue being as he barely called, wrote, and that his love didn’t withstand distance. The girl thought he would ask her to come back or not to leave but he did not making their love untrue. The girl compares love to seeds. She has read the golden seal on the packet where the seeds are kept . The golden seal tells of how the seeds….meaning love feel and it reminds her of what love can yield. Basically it reminds her of the love they felt and about their relationship which is now over. She is sad now that it is over but it is for the better and that is why the song ends in a happy tune.
    vargasf2on July 07, 2010   Link

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