Leslie Feist -- best known simply as Feist -- was a respected member of the Canadian alternative music community before becoming an international pop sensation with the success for her albums Let It Die and The Reminder. ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
A Commotion2
A Man Is Not His Song0
Anti-Pioneer (When the Month Changes Numbers)10
Any Party0
Baby Be Simple0
Bittersweet Melodies1
Black Tongue (Mastodon cover)0
Boomerang 2005 (Serge Gainsbourg cover)0
Brandy Alexander37
Caught a Long Wind6
Cicadas and Gulls5
Comfort Me9
Comme Un Boomerang3
Fightin' Away the Tears1
Fire In The Water1
Flight #3031
Get It Wrong, Get It Right1
Get Not High, Get Not Low0
Help Is on Its Way0
Honey Honey16
How Come You Never Go There7
How My Heart Behaves16
I Feel It All52
I Wish I Didn't Miss You0
I'm Not Running Away0
Inside and Out12
Islands in the Stream (feat. The Constantines)3
Its Cool to Love Your Family3
Know How0
L'amour Ne Dure Pas Toujours5
La Même Histoire8
La Même Histoire (English version)0
La Sirena13
Leisure Suite9
Let It Die27
Lonely Lonely13
Look at What the Light Did Now0
Look at What the Light Did Now (Solo)0
Lost Dreams0
Lover's Spit (Broken Social Scene cover)9
Lovertits (Peaches cover)5
My Moon My Man93
New Torch1
Nothin' In The World Can Stop Me Worryin' 'Bout That Girl1
Now at Last20
One Evening19
One Year A.D.3
Past in Present13
Pine Moon0
Please Be Patient1
Safety Bricks/Past In Present/I Feel It All0
Sea Lion Woman26
Secret Heart22
Service Bell0
Shameless Eyes (feat. Gonzales)1
Snow Lion2
So Sorry14
Somewhere Down the Road1
Still True5
That's What I Say, It's Not What I Mean3
The Bad in Each Other8
The Circle Married The Line7
The Eastern Shore (The Water)7
The Limit to Your Love19
The Mast6
The Onliest6
The Park25
The Simple Story (feat. Jane Birkin)2
The Water23
The Wind0
Tout Doucement14
Train Song2
Undiscovered First4
We're All In The Dance2
When I Was a Young Girl16
Where Can I Go Without You?0
Woe Be0
Young Up0
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