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Everybody Wants You Lyrics

You see �em comin� at you every night
Strung on pretension they fall for you at first sight
You know their business--you think it�s a bore
They make you restless--it�s nothin� you ain�t seen before
Get around town, spend your time on the run
You never let down...say you do it for fun
Never miss a play, though you make quite a few
You give it all away when everybody wants you

You crave attention--you can never say "no"
Throw your affections anyway the wind blows
You always make it--you�re on top of the scene
You sell the copy like the cover of a magazine
Puttin� on the eyes �til there�s nobody else
You never realize what you do to yourself
The things that they see make the daily reviews
You never get free when everybody wants you

Everybody knows you
Everybody snows you
Everybody needs you...leads you...bleeds you

Nights of confusion and impossible dreams
Days at the mirror, patchin� up around the seams
You got your glory--you paid for it all
You take your pension in loneliness and alcohol
Say goodbye to conventional ways
You can�t escape the hours--you lose track of the days
The more you understand, seems the more like you do
You never get away...everybody wants you
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Oct 24, 2004
16 Meanings
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I see this song as being written about a man who's a player and craves attention but as he ages he finds that he all he did was screw around and has no one to love him so he drowns his sorrow over being lonely, self-medicating, by drinking alcohol. Personally, this song makes me think of how when someone loves you they assume that everyone wants you. I've experienced it firsthand and also seen women who are convinced that everyone else is interested in the man they love. People are looking at others through a warped lens and "projecting" how they feel about a person onto others and making themselves jealous unnecessarily. The HBO series "True Blood" used this song in it's soundtrack for Season 3 when Jason Stackhouse was trying to get lucky. Jason's character fits this song perfectly. He's an attractive popular guy who sleeps around.

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i agree, it just shows how underrated he is these days, too bad. some great lyrics, show his intelligence and depth.

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first couple paragraphs say that a chick is good looking and everybody wants her. she doesnt hate it though, she likes the attention and by the time she gets a little older, she is not only used to it, but needs it. then the last paragraph is saying that maybe not as many people are paying attention to her, so now she doesnt feel the same because she's not spoiled anymore. or something like that,, i love this song, and lonley is the night, and the stroke

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The drummer is amazin' perfect simple beats with the right stops and starts. Billy Sqiuer is a great commentator, he hits the nail on the head.

I remember reading about Steve Earle, and one time him and Billy got in a fight, don't know what happend, but Steve Earle could be intimidating in his younger days.

He's a big guy and he used to really be into drugs. He sobered up and turned to Christian music.

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Could this be about the plight of an aging rocker? Young and sexy, everybody wants him/her. Maybe gets a little older, maybe it's a while since the last big hit; you go from top of the world to a nobody nearly overnight. The strain leads to alcoholism, which perpetuates the situation.

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The rise and fall of fame?

Let's remember that this is Song Meanings....not I like this song. Maybe we can learn from each other.

@soulfreedom “Let's remember that this is Song Meanings....not I like this song. Maybe we can learn from each other”

If you’re gonna take people to task for not posting in the proper manner, please make your posts readable. Punctuation, please:

“Let's remember that this is Song Meanings....not, “I like this song”

“Maybe we can learn from each other” - maybe, I’ll check in from time to time to see how your English skills are coming along...

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I know, c'mon! This is a big hit of his!

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I heard this song as the music played when going into and coming out of commercials during a James Bond movie marathon on Spike. And ever since then, that's what I associate it with.

I think, because of this memory, this song is indeed about some sort of James Bond type. Although a few of the lines are a bit of a stretch to make a connection. At the very least, the final verse is the one that fits best with my interpretation.

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Billy Squier was a great talent, and if there’s a hetero man who had his career RUINED, moreso than Billy Squier, just by acting slightly effeminate, you’re gonna hafta point ‘em out for me. I mean, Billy had become a BIG star by filtering Led Zeppelin through a commercial hard rock prism, and being effeminate never hurt Robert Plant’s career...right?!? But the 80s was a decade Of backlash against the Love Generation (or whatever label you’d like to use...)...the fickle finger of fame...

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c'mon. how is it i'm the first one to comment on this? it's an awesome song.

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