"The pot is empty, but what we have gained along the way is greater than gold."

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
Is nothing more than a constellation prize
For those who choose to quit running.
We are of the nature to just keep running.
Breaking bones and building bonds
And selling apples are not quite as satiable
As the apple that has to be climbed for.
We are of the nature to just keep climbing.
What was found along the way
Is far more valuable than any pot of gold.
Ours was an empty one to begin with
But now overflows with experiences.
What we've made and was found along the way
Is far more valuable than any pot of gold could ever be,
And all these circles that we've run,
Bridges that we've built with our own blood sweat and tears,
And with calloused hands and breaking legs we broke ground.
Tearing down,
Ripping apart,
Smashing glass and running through walls.
With buised hearts on sleeves,
We smiled those bloodied smiles and swore that we could fly,
And we gave our hearts,
And we gave our lives,
And we gave everything.
Just to watch it crumble.
Just to watch it fall.

"And these broken pieces are worth more than..."

Let's ride until we can ride no longer,
And dance until our bruised feet give out.
Let's run face first into these same walls.
Smiling those same bloodied smiles
Until our bloodied legs can run no more.
For the sake of exchange
And the experiences that will make us who we are,
The experiences we will never forget,
Let's live life as if death and dying never existed.

Let's live for the sake of living.

Lyrics submitted by a scar in the sky

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