Let's see a mortal type
This new one's made of skin,
I can see her!
She will get eaten up by
All kind people!
Avoid the eye of contact!
She's seen it before
And she still wants more
Help came, but you can't fight fate
Can't help the skin receiver!
Crawling in, through your flesh stew,
The brew's in all of you
You're flying out of reason!
Sexy wings you beware
They'll come with reason!
The stampede crushes you!
She's seen it before
And she still wants more
Help came, but you can't fight fate
Can't help the skin receiver!
She's seen it before
And she still wants more
Help came, but you can't fight fate
Can't help the skin receiver!

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Skin Receiver Lyrics as written by S. Durand Melissa Auf Der Maur

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Skin Receiver song meanings
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    General CommentThis song may be about bullying and people using someone they've never seen before as their new puppet to torment. It says she needs to try and avoid them "avoid the eye of contact." It says there's nothing you can really do to stop them from hurting that person, but that it cruses them. It also says that anyone's capable of hurting, "the brew's in all of you" This is my favorite song by Auf Der Maur. It's very good and moving.
    arcia500on February 25, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI really like skin receiver as well...what I wonder is, do the horses you often hear in the back relate to the song? seeing melissa also sings about a stampede...I've been pondering for some time about this song, and I think Melissa could have written about some kind of angel (i forgot the name) who has wings and rides a horse (explains the horses). Seeing Melissa is a big fan of the victorian style, and that painting was made in the victorian style as well, it could relate to that. The angel sits on a horse and is, like all angels, not dressed. since music doesn't always have to be about feelings but can also tell stories, it is possible...0.o MadM roxx!
    lunaofthegrayskieson April 07, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis song was not written by Melissa for the people who think it was. It was a Tinker song long before Missy did it. Steve Durand (her ex boyfriend and now lead guitarist of Auf der Maur) wrote for Tinker's "Receiver" in 1995. This song is about sex. Skin Receiver? It makes sense. "She's seen it before and she still wants more" is a good example.
    spit_fire141on June 24, 2005   Link
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    General CommentHm, I used to think this song was about a prostitute, but then I heard a story from melissa (she posted on her official forums) about how Steve wrote it.

    The story goes that the song was written just as Melissa was leaving for Hole. Steve wrote it for Melissa... "She's seen it before, but she still wants more" is about performing and maybe performing to a larger audience.

    Also could be about a heroin junkie. I love Melissa's lyrics, because past the silliness there is a deep metaphorical factor. Now obviously I just said Steve wrote the song, but other AdM songs are very hard to understand, too. It leaves things open for interpretation, and I really like the other explanations of the songs.
    smashing_pumpkinon August 13, 2006   Link
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    General CommentHi guys. I'm from Poland so the English is not my natural language. To me it's very hard to get her metaphors, but I can see that her songs aren't so clear even to native speakers. Hmmm, I have no chance :-/

    Speaking of Skin Reveiver: One night I had a dream. (In it) I was at her show and she was explaining it on the stage. I only remember the translation of the title to Polish in my head when I awoke, which I'd translate back as "Get a flesh".

    Before that I thought Skin Receiver was that thing in human skin that transmits impulses from the skin surface to brain. That thing we can feel touch thanks to or thing that makes gooseflesh when we are cold or scared. You may laugh if you like.

    The story about Melissa leaving for Hole makes sense: "She will get eaten up by all kind people" a large world audience - all kind people will eat the new Hole bassist with their eyes.
    "She's seen it before, she still wants more" - ok, so it's about performing, I get it.

    Here's a statement from interview for UGO:

    "My horse fantasies are combined with Motley Crue and hallucinogenics. It resulted in a song on the record called Skin Receiver."

    So what do you think of that now?
    MeaningDiggeron August 08, 2011   Link

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