How did Camus really die that night?
Were they right, when he died was it really his time?
Or was it suicide?
And Holden Caufield is a friend of mine
We go drinking from time to time
And I find: it gets harder every time

Back off
But your out on the street again
Don't you stop
Did you know you couldn't swim?
Back off
Until your on the street again
I'm not gonna play if there ain't no way I'll win

Well Hemmingway never seemed to mind the banality of a normal life
And I find: it gets harder every time.
So he aimed a shotgun into the blue
Placed his face between the two and sighed: 'Here's to life!'

Back off
But your out on the street again
Don't you stop
Did you know you couldn't swim?
Back off
Until your on the street again
I'm not gonna play if there ain't no way I'll win

Hey there Salinger what did you do
Just when the world was looking to you
To write anything that meant anything
You told us you were through
And its been years since you passed away
But I see no plaque and I see no grave
And I can't help believing that you wanted it this way.

And Vincent Van Gogh why do you weep?
You were on your way to heaven but the road was steep
And who was there to break your fall?
We're guilty, one and all
And I don't know much but I do know this
With a golden heart comes a rebel fist
But I can't help agreeing with those that would not quit

And it makes me sick when I think of it
All my heroes could not live with this
And I hope you rest in peace because with us you never did
And you were much to young
And you changed my life
But I draw the line at suicide
So here's to life!

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    General CommentKDC - kurt donald cobain.. that's the only part of this song I really don't like because it's pretty much been proven he was murdered, not killed himself... but overall I think it's about all these genuises who were very disturbed - like other people said, but to go farther into it I think it's about how all of Thomas's heroes have let him down by killing themself and how he knows he's stronger than that and wouldn't kill himself. ex: and i don't know much, but i do know this: with a golden heart comes a rebel fist
    but i can't help agreeing with those that would not quit
    and you changed my life
    but i draw the line at suicide
    so here's to life!

    i love thomas's thought on anti suicide.. like a better place a better time. I saw streetlight in toronto 2 weeks ago and it was sooo amazing... I met Dan and I got one of Thomas's picks... best time ever.
    wishfulthinking167on June 20, 2005   Link
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    General CommentAnybody here him say KDC near then end? Somebody told me if stands for Kurt Cobain.
    MeAndOnlyMeon October 19, 2004   Link
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    General CommentStreetlight Manifesto:
    Dan Ross - bari sax
    Mike Soprano - trombone
    Jim Conti - tenor sax
    Jamie Egan - trumpet
    Chris Thatcher - drums
    Tomas Kalnoky - guitar, vocals
    Chris Paszik - bass (Josh Ansley quit)

    Nick Afflito - trumpet
    Marcy Ciuffreda - cello
    Jamie Egan - trombone
    Rachel Goldstein - viola, vocals
    Layton Hays - piano
    Achilles Kalnoky - violin
    Tomas Kalnoky - guitar, vocals
    Paul Lowndes - drums
    Chris Paszik - bass
    Mark Rendeiro - french horn
    Dan Ross - bari/alto sax
    Pete Sibilia - tenor sax
    Shane Thomson - percussion
    Natalia Ushak - vocals

    Original C22 lineup:
    Tomas Kalnoky - guitar, vocals
    Josh Ansley - bass
    Chris Greer - drums
    Jamie Egan - tromone
    Kevin Gunther - trumpet
    Ryan Eldred - saxophone
    juffon November 25, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI wrote an essay on The Catcher in the Rye for English class. I wrote about how Holden Caulfield wants to preserve children's innocence, but eventually gives it up (when he doesn't try to "catch" Phoebe from falling off the carrousel) and finds happiness.

    Holden does not commit suicide. At the end of the book, he feels happy and plans to continue his schooling. That's why Kalnoky says that "Holden Caulfield is a friend of mine." Despite his depression, Holden did not kill himself. Therefore Kalnoky respects Holden and considers him a friend.
    RoadTripWeston August 09, 2007   Link
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    General Commentand holden caufield is a friend of mine
    we go drinking from time to time

    hey there salinger, what did you do?
    just when the world was looking for you
    to write anything that meant anything

    those are references to the book Catcher and The Rye...right?
    ihaveurmonkeyhaon June 18, 2004   Link
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    General Commentwhat are all the other references to? Camus, hemmingway, vincent van gogh, etc.

    regardless, awesome song.
    The_Unibomberon June 22, 2004   Link
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    General CommentHemmingway = Uber awesome author. Suffered from mental illness, killed himself with a shotgun blast. "Hunting" accident.

    Van Gogh = Uber awesome artist. A deeply, deeply disturbed man later in life. Suffered from epilepsy, and lived in an asylum, where he was tormented by the conditions of the other patients. Cut off his lower earlobe with a razor blade before commiting himself. Though he did make a recovery, one day he just took his easel out to a field, pulled out a revolver, and shot himself in the chest.

    Albert Camus = Author. Wrote several plays, including "The Plague", and "The Just Assassins". Won a nobel prize, actually. Died in an auto accident, thought to be a suicide. His final works were found in the car with him.

    Every person mentioned was a genius, who was emotionally disturbed. Pretty much all of them commited suicide, too. It's been awhile since I read Catcher In The Rye, though, so I don't know if Holden offed himself...but I know Salinger is killing himself, just slowly.
    Ioka420on September 20, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThis is an awesome song. Awesome band, too (and Chris is an awesome drummer. He's also the best tech my school's drumline has ever had the pleasure of working with!)
    But I'm curious, because the Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution also have this song in their repertoire, so who wrote the original song and performed it first?
    lameronastickon September 29, 2004   Link
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    General Commentit was a BOTAR song first, since BOTAR released it at least 6 months (maybe more) before SM was even on the map.
    TakenBackNewon October 03, 2004   Link
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    General CommentIt does stand for Kurt Cobain...

    Wezzulon October 20, 2004   Link

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