"Untitled 1" as written by and Keith Mcguffey Joseph Wayne Mcvey....
Man fuck y'all

Nigga fuck all y'all
Fuck all these niggas, and fuck all these hoes
If I needed a ride, I called on niggas
If I wanted some ass, I called on hoes
But not no mo' though, I get around in a tinted out fo' do'
And ain't got no mix to motion, is a for sho' thang
Don't fuck with Ro hoe, I dun' lost all of my love
Razor blade to the wrist, damn near lost all of my blood
This is to all my thugs, fuck y'all niggas
Y'all just come around, 'cause I got them drugs
When all my drugs gone, nigga all my thugs gone
And I'm scared to eat, the last of the bread and the butter
Because after that, all the god damn bud gone
I'm a mo'fucking struggler, I wish I was a bubbler
Mama said that, it would it be days like this
But not a life like this, so I take a knife like this and slice like this
Take life like this, fuck around and I take my own life like this
Or click me a bitch nigga, in the windpipe like this
That's right bitch, I'm a ign'ant son of a bitch
And I do click quick, it might be halves and zones
To break a nigga bones, but never be stones and sticks
I ain't the shit bitch, I'm the motherfucking commode
And fuck everybody that ain't Z-Ro, that's on my soul
Finally, I found me

Man fuck, finally I found me
Man fuck you hoes, I found me
Man fuck, finally I found me
Man fuck you hoes, I found me

I used to be a cool cat
Now a victim of the blues cat
I got tired of motherfuckers, taking a nigga for granted
All I got is my mind, I can't lose that
I'ma use that, even though a nigga mind gone
It ain't lost, 'cause I know where it's at
Just on another level than boys, around here
For the paper stack, 'cause I'ma go where it's at
I sound like a (big nigga), but I'm a (lil' nigga)
Damn though, some of y'all try to bogart
Piss a nigga off and get that ass caught, late night
On the backstreets, hollin' oh Lord
It ain't no mercy, I still wanna see you bleed
Because, I don't give a damn no more
Niggaz see 3D-2, and but hollin' out fuck you hoes
Finally, I found me

It's still Guerilla Maab, and ain't a damn thang changed
I just peeped the game, and these niggas be shife
Over the years, I seen a lot of niggas turn fake
Riding thick on the cool, and then I have to erase
You see me and the Maab, done learned without a thang
Man most of these niggas, be around for the fame
It ain't no more love, therefore if you ain't kin
And if you get up in mine, you gon' meet your end
I'm one of a kind, I think you better check yourself
And it don't mean a damn thang, if I shake your hand
If I ain't too enthused, and I got on a mean mask
You better stay on note, 'cause I'll beat your ass
It's Guerilla Maab this, and Guerilla Maab that
I think you better get back, and shut the fuck up
For you straight step off, and get fucked up
Nigga Trey and Dougie D and Z-Ro, take nuts
So don't come around now bitch
When you showed everybody, all kinds of love
And I ain't got none left, didn't nobody wanna care
How we thug, that's why I'm fin to be alone till I meet my death
Everybody we was cool with, fuck you too
And everybody who was hating us, fuck you too
It just took a little time, for me to find myself
And that's why we getting rich off ourself

Man fuck, finally I found me
Man fuck you hoes, I found me
Man fuck, finally I found me
Man fuck you hoes, I found me

Better watch your back, and identify yourself
Nigga one mo' step, and I'ma cock back every weapon
I pack, fuck around and fry yourself
A punk ass patty melt, no remorses gon' be felt
When I be dealing, with a less than G individual
Nothing but a AK shot, is gon' be felt
I never did trust no bitch, and I don't trust no nigga
Fuck all of my associates, but in a life of a life
This motherfucker like me, you get what you suppose to get
Pussy in the middle of the fo'head, I wanna see my foes dead
And I smoke, one of these old busted up ass hoes
Old trailer trash ass hoes, I live life one deep
And I don't speak to the non-kin no mo', nigga they know
Coming around my neck of the woods, is a no-no
'Cause I got a .44, lay low please
Everytime I open my mouth, mo'fuckers would never believe
That's why a nigga trip a lil' bit, with a razor blade
And the reason, I wear long sleeves
Y'all can't help me, I don't want your help
I just want some, leave me alone
I don't wanna go to the club, I'm cool in the streets
Bitch, just leave me to roam
Don't call my cell phone, give folk don't give a damn
If I get one in my dome, fuck you dealing
Y'all don't understand my zone, finally I found me

Man fuck, finally I found me
Man fuck you hoes, I found me
Man fuck, finally I found me
Man fuck you hoes, I found me
Man fuck, finally I found me
Man fuck you hoes, I found me
Man fuck, finally I found me
Man fuck you hoes, I found me

This Ridgemont 4 forever, Z-Ro
The motherfucking Crooked, know I'm saying
I ain't having that riff-raff man, I don't buy wolf tickets
You know I'm saying, so send the hoes to another nigga
You feel me, it's 2K1, bitch, forever
Screwed Up Click, my niggas ain't going nowhere
Still chopping with Double D nigga, tap tap

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"I Found Me" as written by Keith Mcguffey Joseph Wayne Mcvey


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    General Comment"untitled 4 IS Njósnavelin (the nothing song)"
    i think that's just the name sigur ros gave it when it was put on the vanilla sky soundtrack. they are all the nothing song. they are all untitled. all the words in all of the songs have no meaning, and i totally agree that the vocals are just used as more insturment.
    the whole theme of this album is to let the music be whatever you want it to be for you. thus, everything is untitled, the words mean nothing, and the lyrics mean nothing. the album leaf inside the album as actually drawing paper so that you can write or draw out whatever the songs mean to you on each page. i love this album. especialy this song. it is by far one of my most favorite albums.
    as for what the song means to me, for some reason, this song is pure inspiration. when i listen to the begining of this song, i feel like i can accept everything, the good and bad things in life, and the tone is very morbid and it kinda depresses me a bit that i have to accept things the way they are and i can never change everything. but as soon as that break down comes, it's so inspirational and i get tingles down my back every time it starts. i feel like i can just say fuck it, things are the way they are, and i am the way i am, and if people have a problem with it, to fucking bad. i feel so damn relaxed and at piece after the song is over. i love it. this whole album is great.
    d krezon January 25, 2005   Link
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    General CommentAs I'm commenting on here I'm actually listen to the song on my MP3. Along with many of the commenters on here I feel that the song not actually having a proper name allows the listeners to actually come with their own meanings:

    Is wierd because I think that I'm the only one on here who associates this song with death or losing someone you love (perhaps because of a break up) - I can think that every Sigur Ros song that I've ever heard can be linked to love - I agree with Lizzybelle about what can be heard when you listen to the song:

    "You sat along the fire...you're saw the light, you're saw...
    You sat along the fire....you're so in love, you're so...
    You've suffered long,
    You're so alone, you're so...
    You sigh 'so long',
    You sigh 'so long'
    You shone (you shone...you sigh)

    You sat along the fire
    You saw the light...you saw
    You sat along the fire
    You're so in love...you're so...
    You suffered long...
    You're so alone, you're so...
    You sigh 'so long'
    You sigh 'so long'
    You shone.

    Can be interpreted as; The first part is sung in the past tense as if the person is reflecting on what happened. A woman is in love with someone was oblivious to the fact that things weren't working out 'you sat along the fire - you saw the light' - The man (an assumption) 'saw the light' calling him out of the relationship. 'You suffered so long' - the woman now knows that the 'man' has suffered so long by being in a relationship he knows wouldn't work but was only in this relationship in order not to break the woman's heart. 'You sigh so long' - the man put up with the woman for so long.

    - You shine no more...you're not here...
    You hear no more, you're not here..
    You sigh no more...and you're not here"
    - She's now talking in the present tense, the man has now left this relationship; 'you shine no more you're not here', and the woman feels alone and unable to come to terms that she may have known that the relationship wasn't meant to work.

    Well this is just my interpretation but this song's simply breath-taking.
    lanesraon May 20, 2008   Link
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    General CommentNjósnavélin in Essil
    (original title: "ete tas Essilev" = "Light's traveller")

    Essil on
    Essil on erifet al
    Essil on
    Essil on eriftel al
    Essil on

    (Pronunciation: ee-sile on [long "i," as in "hi" and long "o" as in "throw"], er-o-fet all)

    Literal Translation:
    I travelled through light
    I travelled through light; I am not afraid

    In Essilian mythology, light was the source of everything. People were born of light and remained immortal as long as they upheld nature and light. The preferred communication of scholars and monks was thought and telepathy, which they understood as the pathway of light that bound the minds of all. But for the sake of posterity, they recorded their thoughts in Essil, the language named for light itself.

    Their belief was that water preserved light, and from this preservation of light they came into being. This song, "ete tas Essilev," is an account of their sort of birth... instead of reproduction and natural child-birth, the people of this culture claimed to come into existence from the water and light. The verb "essil" is a concept of both birth and thought. The speaker is talking about swimming in the water before birth, a collection of light and souls (or, arguably, a single soul shared by all). The form "E(e)ssil on" is a first person perfect form of the verb. Our understanding of the perfect form has changed over time. Instead of a single action in the past, the perfect tense here is understood to mean a continuous action... this soul was floating and travelling from the beginning of time, and is still a part of their "essil."

    The alternate line's "erifet al" is a first person negative present of the verb "rifet," which means not simply to fear, but to be incredibly fearful, to be terrified. Why would one consider birth fearful in the first place? Surely with such a languid tone and the lazy repetition of phrases and lines, this is not a song of fear, nor is it a song of the abscence of fear... it speaks of a peaceful ignorance. The present here, too, is not to be taken in its true form. Rather, it means the person was not afraid at birth, nor are they now. The explanation of this is the Essilian culture considered coming into existence and existence as the same thing, a continuing and never-ending process. So where does fear come in? The Essilians are doing two things: first, they are praising light, Essil, for its comfort and power, but secondly, the speaker is asserting his belief in Essil... therefore he is speaking of his trust that he will continue existence and not be revoked his life (a thought expressed in the noun/infinitive "ocente").

    Taking all this in mind, a poetic translation becomes more possible. But, for the sake of the original scheme, it is necessary that its simple repetition and ideology be preserved. Thus the poetic translation:

    In this lake of souls
    In this lake of souls, I lose all fear
    InfAdeleon October 20, 2008   Link
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    General CommentAbsolutely amazing. Especially the last 2 minutes. Best track on ( )? Probably.
    IdiotequeDanceon June 19, 2003   Link
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    General Commentbeautiful. simply beautiful. it all is...
    veritas1821on June 21, 2003   Link
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    General Commenti, for one, am glad that sigur ros limited the vocals on this cd. the music is breath-taking enough as it is. i love the way that the band actually incorporates the vocals into the songs so that they sound like other instruments....it definitely adds to the feeling the cd gives off. i feel that sigur ros bettered themselves on () by limiting vocals and not overdoing the album lyrically, but letting the music speak for itself.
    one*name*famouson June 25, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI think this is probably the finest song on (_) - although untitled 4 (called 'The Nothing Song' I believe) is also wonderful.

    Musically it is outstanding and the vocals, whilst not being in any specific language, add a great deal to the song. They act as another instrument in my opinion.
    OneSonon June 26, 2003   Link
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    General Commentuntitled 4 IS Njósnavelin (the nothing song), just to reassure you. i give this messege because i hadnt even thought about it until i read yours, oneson. so i listened to both and found they were, indeed, the same song.
    veritas1821on July 06, 2003   Link
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    General Commentthe video for this song is amazing. i don's think anorher has been made like that since street spirt from radiohead....watch the video, you will love it
    tryingforgloryon May 04, 2004   Link
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    General CommentBest video i've seen ever..Should have been given more credit..and of course the music is breathtaking
    Earthsick84on June 09, 2004   Link

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