Where were the eyes that followed?
How could they've found?
These misery's merchants
Struck the message deep:
"We have come to stay"

Dogs fled there in the
Dark of his path
Feared him as once they all did

Like a ghost
In daylight
On an overcrowded street
He wishes
To be something he is not

Like a shadow
At midnight
That originate in air
He wishes
For release

Deep in the back it had caught him
The anchor they threw at his life
Oh, these misery's merchants
Dragged through life as a burden

(Rushed off to his cage of glass
To open a single window
A means of escape, out in the open
There are still holes in these walls
Puking information into the unwanting
Probing the last hope of defence
So he plugged up the holes
Shut the outside window
In doing that, madness paid a visit)

... and then suddenly in mid-thought
escape was a factor and as from inside
pushing out were words
through fingers came uncovering
revealing the truth of him
there in the dark ...

Skin began to crawl as they neared him
Is all pleasure release?
Oh, these misery's merchants
Saw the message clear:
"It is time to pay"

Dogs fled there in the
Dark of his path of the damned
Feared him as once they all did

Like a ghost
In daylight
On an overcrowded street

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    General CommentSounds like... I don't know, it's about someone feeling rejected by the world, so he seeks solace and acceptance in a cult... then he feels trapped - they're caging him in, feeding him information that doesn't make sense to him, and now he just wants to escape. He manages to get out, but for not long. He's pursued. It's time to pay.
    But that's just a personal interpretation, and probably not too accurate. Especially with the whole thing about "dogs fleeing in the dark of his path." That's actually a pretty frightening image.
    Ampulex_Compressaon November 30, 2007   Link
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    My InterpretationTo me, it sounds like someone in a street gang, possibly a leader or well-respected man. "Misery's merchants" is a term for the gang members, maybe even the name of his specific gang. "Dogs fleeing in the dark of his path" sounds like members of other gangs fear him. However "He wishes to be something he is not" makes it clear he doesn't enjoy his life. The gang he's currently in is trying to instill their ideology in him. However, only when he blocks out their words does he free himself - and in it, realizes they have wronged him. In the end, he fights back, and makes them fear him the way all his other adversaries have.
    DOOMRPon June 01, 2016   Link
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    General Commentseems to be about rejection
    Ddaduttaon April 03, 2006   Link

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