A Song for XX (English) Lyrics

Why am I crying?
Why am I lost?
Why did I stop?
Please tell me
When will I grow up?
How long can I stay a child?
Where have I come running from?
Where am I running to?

I had no place to live. I couldn't find one.
I don't know if I could have any hope for the future.

They always said I was a strong child.
They praised me, saying "you must be strong to not cry."
I didn't want those words at all.
So I pretended not to understand.

Why are you laughing?
Why are you by my side?
Why are you leaving me?
Please tell me.
When did you become strong?
Since when have you felt weakness?
How long must you wait
for the day you understand to come?

The sun is rising. I must go soon.
I can't stay in the same place forever.

You will someday be betrayed by your trust in people.
I thought it was the same as being rejected.
At the time I didn't have that kind of strength.
I definitely knew too much.

They always said I was a strong child.
They praised me, saying "you must be strong not to cry."
The more people said things like that,
the more even laughing became agony.

I was born alone. I'll go on living alone.
I thought that surely that kind of life is appropriate.
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Sep 11, 2002
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i dont know what that says but this song is cool i think its about ayu running away from her problems or something.

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by the way whoever contributed these lyrics forgot to mention that they are from ayumi.primenova.com they have translations (really good ones!) for all of her songs from a song for xx to my story!

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This song is very personal to Ayu. I think it relates a lot to her childhood and the stages before she became a star (when she refers to the future). I think Ayu is referring to being so alone because her mother never showed much interest in her life, she never met her father, and her grandmother whom she was very close to died on the day of her first recorded song, poker face, which is also on the A Song For XX album.

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Definately my favorite ayumi song. My favorite J-Pop song of all time, if not my favorite pop song of all time as well. Love the acoustic orchestrael version and the demo version on Ballads the best.

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Ayu is a pretty strong girl .K have loved her for 10 years. It seems that she is not that popular in the western countries.If there is someone who want to share things with me,contact me,this is my msn,alllai@msn.cn. I hope to make friends with you guys.

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