Che-Fu: Put down the telephone headed back to the home studio, Chop Shop, pro tools around the clock knives, we keep em hot in particular, the hammer, regular like the daily planner, we ain’t changed since the days putting fives on a foil that was us, Phatmosphere, had his man out west, we’d hit the bus, quick session, then the bakery, pies and doughnuts, blaze the other half tinny it was skinny, still came alive like the Indian in the cupboard, with freestyles like your one eye Villajhs got it covered, never brought on tick like the outside of my low cuts, preferred a clean slate ‘less you’re dealing with mates, beware open all hour supermarket dives, dark ford falcon parked outside, enough aerials to pick up sky, best to move on before Babylon them lay you flat like a futon, whatever, teachers would say what’s with your eyes ? why do you do your maths in denominations of 25 ? do as my Dad did use a mental disguise...... yo hold up..... I think that’s Haz out side.

Hazaduz: Mellow puff exhale past your eyes like milk toffee pops, dots two spot harvest sample out the fresh crop, as exciting as discovery of hip-hop, random stop airwaves while speaking the cop roaches up in the ash tray looking like an undercover "D", cause I’m sweating like a piggy, wee wee weee wee, profound seedless ounces to the pound dine in take-away free delivery shop around, defective clones detected blocking cones, fatherless cuttings foxtales with no homes, scanner equipped engaging stelph out south to rock ya feeling ill medicine from the doctor, perception crystallize clusters sticky like bubble gum, wiggaseed, a vague description unmanned post a traffic redirection because there’s two hieny bottles in the window not one,

Supplied by the earth denied by the law I can think of more criminals they should be looking for it’s the mish y'all, it’s the mish.

Phatmosphere: Unmarked vehicles on the prowl in the vicinity, pull a quick distraction make them think we’re at the dairy, coast clear or is it that round the block number, they’re trying to catch us out make us fall like a lumber, learn from our mistakes retreat for even longer, last time we were eager pockets were emptied on the counter, wait for more purchase to be made for comfort ability finally knock on wood peep hole for their stability, door opened about a foot and a half wide only to be told that the tide hadn’t arrived, in about an hour was the information said, musical houses to suss who’s got the funky, cruise down hot spot avenue give it a miss, second time this week they’ve been assisted by that plain clothed sheriff acting like a butler, perhaps we should ask him the direction to his garden ‘cause everyone suspects he’s got the purest of the pure, supplied by the earth denied by the law I can think of more criminals they should be looking for

Chorus: It’s the mish y'all four bonafide joint test officials it’s the mish y'all
it’s the mish y'all five star generals with the funnel it’s the mish

Ras Daan: Night time darkens as shade upon light can’t reveal my source of choice early morning low tide no x for era, question marks where I last left off, use your pre pay ok, I got captains log for this next mish is a journey that we’ve already won, sweet to swing by gates Haz, on our way home for there’s no need to stop else where, for centrals taken care of, mathematics times alphabet time to jet, back to the villaj where sessions occur, playstation submerge, the next for my favourite dish in abundance for the hunger, no sacrifice it’s directors cut, (I got to have it) Mr Ness gives the thumbs up we finally hooked up as I think to myself, enough is never enough, but it’s all good the mish is a success, due to the plan of attack that we confess……

Chorus: Supplied by the earth denied by the law I can think of more criminals they should be looking for, supplied by the earth denied by the law I can think of more criminals they should be looking for it’s the mish y'all its the mish y'all.

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