(I am like human…human)
(I am like…)
Is never pain at all
You can never be the same
The more you bleed
The less you feel
And our veins
They slowly shift and change
And sweep you off your feet
Crimson tides abounding

I feel the tablet and I
I feel the need to cry
Hell I know the blossoms in your eyes
I hold the tears that now run dry
I hold the terror that you dream of
And I believe in sacrifice
(For mankind)
I stole the wings that make us fly
And I dreamt of the pain that makes us lie
And I have the power to redeem
I’m not just what you think

I can’t be expressed in the primitive vocabulary
You fucks try to apply to me
What a way to run your freedom
What a way to hide
Try and reach me
Through the ash, bloodshed, and lies

We are decrepit
We are defeated
We are dehumanized
We are your whore

Welcome to the dollhouse
Welcome to the landmines of ecstasy
We cheat people out of their destiny
Because that’s what it means to be free….


Paint us a picture of shame
Hand us an image of fame
Try to connect all the same

Build a home
For your infants aglow
The ones that didn’t make the final cut
There they can experience life
Without being cut up

Conception tears us apart
Masochism’s an art
Bang Bang
Rattle and hum
Sedate as a funeral
Continue to please everyone
Slick back your hair
Pretend that nobody’s there….


(‘White Christmas’)

Fell in the water
What do I see
Some kind of heaven falls with me
A world full of fate
My soul inflates
And all my futures were there with me

“Past or present,” they inquire
What are you doing here
I tell them I don’t know
And all my futures engulf me in love
Breathe in your future
Breathe out stale air


They drove through the streets
The other cars had disappeared
Along with every care in the world
Doors open
Curtains undrawn
Sheets unfolded
Gown put on


Here’s a tribute to man number one
There is no place to hide
There is no place to run
Life was over
Before it even had begun
So goodbye
Man number one

Here’s a tribute to man number two
Locked deep within himself
Nothing left to do
Could never figure out
That all lies are untrue
So goodbye
Man number two

Here’s a tribute to man number three
Whirling round in the blender
Of opportunity
Couldn’t understand
What they wanted you to be
So goodbye
Man number three

Here’s a tribute
Here’s a tribute
Here’s a tribute
To all those
Who have lied to find the truth
See you soon….


In the end this is all that remains….


I don’t need your authority
I don’t your power
You can’t crack my shell now
The embryo is dead

I don’t need your breath around me
Crushing every hope while I dream
Keep this up
A new day has begun
The sun also rises
The moonlight sings it’s own song….


They taught what they could alone
Then with guns
And sticks
And knives
Left no moral of the story
Forced him to decide
What’s the lesson to be learned here
Does it please to feel others pain
What’s the point in always bleeding
No one’s paying attention anyway…


I’ve been sitting here
On your windowsill
Waiting for something to happen to me
I thought my hell had passed
Yet I always knew
I couldn’t tread on paths made of broken glass
My feet were chafed
Trying to make it through
I can no longer hold on
My smile has died
I can’t smile anymore
Smile as tears hit the floor
Hands don’t tremble with fear
No power to move on
I thought my hell had passed
But now it’s just begun….


I am influenced by those around me
I am influenced by those who surround me
I am influenced by those around me
I am influenced by those who surround me….


The teacher has been breached by the scholar
His mind a thousand times weaker
Than the decay that has infested
And the pain that brings us all down

The bible has been breached by imagination
The Vatican unites in syncopation
A million trillion people all clapping the same rhythm
Jesus save those with the courage to stop…


Cement has been laid
A foundation begun
Don’t get your feet wet
It’s all too easy to leave an imprint
Walk through the mind of the innocent….


Are you there
Can you hear me
Can you feel me
Can you breathe
Just breathe….
Breathe now….
In out
In out
In out
In out

Hey doctor
Whip out that key
Crack that lock
Set me free
Can’t you see
I’m awake

Steady beat
All I see
Looks like some rest
Has set you free…


The locks and chains
Been there so long
Left red
Where once was flesh of snow
One day that harsh red will fade
Only a little pink imprint will remain….


Sitting naked in the spotlight
Unaware of those around me
Can you reach me?

If there’s anyone alive
Blowing bubbles with their minds
Itching problems from their lives
Reach your hands out and touch me

Hey you
Falling through the sky
With random thoughts
And swollen mind
I can see you!

As we burn
Our bodies produce a living light
Nails in my wrist
But I can’t die


Daddy loves you
Maybe a little too much
Starting to lose his touch
Can’t make you scream anymore
Tears hit the floor
Back is so red
Can’t get much redder
Covered in bruises
Covered in lies
No longer sees through your innocent eyes
If you dare to rip through his disguise
All you will find is bitterness…

Golden Teardrops in your eyes
And time goes by as summers die
But just believe in you and I
And I will sing a lullaby

Stench so sweet it burns a hole
In that which once was a whole
But just believe in your lost soul
And I will keep you warm and full

I will do anything
For you

Night so black it smothers hope
Day by day we learn to cope
But just hold on to the rope
You won’t fall down another slope

I will sacrifice
For you

Life so vague it conquers all
Living in a bathroom stall
I will answer if you call
And I will pad you if you fall…


I’m sorry I couldn’t
Have made this clearer
I function better on my own
Make me buy my own food
Send me all the bills
Throw me out into the blistering cold
Maybe if I’d ever seen
The world I’m seeing now
Life would become a better…
Maybe if you’d let me see
The world I’ve called my own
I could still find a way to…
Dad I’m sorry
Please don’t hate me
Hell don’t love me
Please don’t hit me


Do you know how it feels
To be left behind
Like I do
Do you know what it’s like
To be sacrificed
Like I do
Do you know why we kill
Somalian teenagers for fun
With our thirteen hundred dollar semi-automatic AK-47 replicas
Do you know
Why people choose to bleed instead of to die
Well I do

Can you tell me what you think about death
Have you ever known someone that died
That you never knew
Like I do

Did you die before your life was through
Did you choose to be redeemed
Do you know what it’s like
To choose not to fight
To take the coward’s path
To wipe your ass with dumpster trash
Hell I do
But I know about living too…


Still bleak
Made me colorblind
I am
Down or
Up or
Up high
No one gets to feel the pain
Rip me out from inside
And Unspoken
Just a token
Of Mind

It’s all black
I’m still black

Addiction wrenching
Compassion flaring
Still I’m sharing
Broke the chain of dead time
It’s still weak and I’m still waiting
For another better time

Then insane
Another dread
Coughed up silence
Then I’m dead

It’s black
It’s all black
I’m still black

It’s all black
I’m still black

Beads of sweat along my forehead
Broke the silence in my
Bones are broken
Body smoking
Heart has spoken
I am
I am from the window
I bring forth a glorious sign
Something stopping
Me from jumping
Me from falling
On the outside

It’s all black
I’m still black

Take me back to
Tomorrow’s calling
Draw me forward to the



Say goodbye to the memories
Say goodbye to the past
Say goodbye to the good times
Say goodbye to the rest

You’ve lost me
There isn’t nothing you can say
To change my mind

I’m here
Can you feel me
Can you hear me
Can you see me
Cause I’m here
I’ll always be here
It’s doesn’t really matter
If you see me
If you feel me
I’m always just a breath
Across the way

But you’ve lost me
Thought you could teach me


How does it feel
To be left behind
To fight
A losing battle
Trying hard to tell
Wrong from right…

Yesterday the headline
Came drenched in blood
A million people burning
One by one
It says the smoke was so thick
You could see it for miles

Children were crying
Their fathers were dying
Someone cried out
I thought this could never happen here….


Here I am
Right where you want me
Do what you want to me

I’m Dreaming of a white….

I am
I hold
In my hands

Drives all

All I needed
Was a sense of direction
A sense of someplace to go
I do not believe
One should devote his life
To morbid self-attention
But should become a person
Like other people
I don’t dream anymore….


I sit there
quiet little bench
watching the cars of Manhattan drive by
in a flurry
the ocean wasteland is now undone
and a warm sea breeze blows through the trees
deeper and deeper
Till I am surrounded by a deep green hue
slacking till death
nothing to do

walk through a dream
cold and confused
hell’s freezing over
And I’m easily amused
I’m growing older
lights going dim
don’t have much time left
new life to begin

And the light is born…

still in the valley of death and desire
I take a break from my journey
a quiet vision sings to me
sharp as a blender
rips off my wings

eyes to the ground
death on the wall
despair in the air
but I stand tall
just trudging onward
I will not fall
I will not fall

And the light is born…

cold as a razor blade
dead as a door
scrape myself off the floor
take some time
to leave all behind
look over my shoulder
what do I find
where no one will go
lower and lower and lower and lower and
out of the distance a glimmer emerges
blinding me
coma light!

for hours I sit and stare into the void
trying hard to ignore
the hand on my shoulder
the knife in my back
I have returned
the child is back
programmed just to hear guilty lies
branded for life with those angel dust eyes
and the lies become…

It’s real
It’s here
It’s now

then in a crash of day dreams and light
the clutter on my path
Gives in to the night
I step forward
To leave all behind
Over and older
I’m losing my old mind

and the light dies down

our father who art in heaven
hallowed be thy name
thy kingdom come
thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven
give us this day our daily bread

It this my destiny
take a look around
And what do I see
Nose on the ground
Eyes on the floor
What the hell is all of this for?
Up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down
In, out, in, out, in, out, in, out

And forgive all our trespasses
As we forgive those
Who trespass against us
And lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from evil

Why is everyone praying to me
I’m just REAL
How can this be?
Hell will take it’s stand
In a billion different faces
A trillion different races
All together
Smiling places

For thine is the kingdom and
The power
The glory
Forever and ever
And ever
And ever

I’ll give you what you want
In every dying ember
Is this the day you’ll see me fall


The beneficent
The merciful
Your name to be
And adored
Be lamps unto yourself

I am a transmitter
And not a creator
I believe in
And have a passion
For what is ancient
Thereby I swear by the mountain
And that which has been written
And the house with the canopy
And the overflowing sea
When greatness is forgotten
Punishment will come to pass

On the day when the mountains pass away passing away
The day when all who reject are pushed away….


We are tomorrow
We disregard today
Your ignorance and insolence
For this you soon will pay
We are the influential
You want to have control
You strive for limits
Starve for power

But it’s not too becoming
To demand that we conform
Where’s the individuality
It helps if we are
Who we want to be
Not just Hitler Youth
With all the same philosophies

We’re slowly becoming
Those we curse
And those we hate
Those who rape our minds
Until we fade away
Can’t you understand
We are not toys for you to burn
The fire will sleep someday
We will return

The coming of the new America
Where everyone’s the same
Society burns us
Can you take away the pain

Just sell us more tobacco
And mark us all to die
Governmental crack you see
Has ruined all our lives

I am the son
We are the daughters of today
And if the rites fall like they should
You soon will pay
You take advantage of our youth
We’ll take advantage of your crusade


Minds like toys
But I can’t afford one
Gonna be ripped
Shred and torn
If it can burn
Fire is there
For ever more
Grim and waiting
A toy well worth taking
Overjoyed that I can feel it
Hear it
Breathe it
Run away it’s all gonna go
Where can I move
When it all starts to blow…


Why have you forsaken me?
Have I become to strong?
Where are you now?
I miss your love

Why have you forsaken me
Broke off from right and wrong
I gave you everything
Is this how you repay me?


Oh fuck you!
It’s always YOU
I don’t need you anyway…


Life on paper
Getting lonely
Getting cold
Getting wasted
Getting tired
Getting younger
Getting old

Face covered will false hopes
Wishing you could be someone else
Someplace else

Maybe tomorrow you can wake up
And I can cradle you in my arms
Slowly nurse the color from your cheeks
And warmth from your hands…



Hush now don’t you cry
I’m gonna rock you still now
Through the night
Stuck here living through a lie
Waiting to die
I’ve come to cry
Watching from what little depth I’ve retained
Watching all the world pass by my eyes
Once I could’ve absorbed
Now that I can have nothing
I see what I always wanted
To see…


maybe in the end
when all stand tall
what’s written on the wall
won’t mean a thing
not at all…


Have you ever watched it all hit the ground
That which you held so tight
Screamed until your breath burned out
Felt pain from day to night
I’ve pulled angels from up high
Held them down
watched them drown

Heard a voice once
calling out my name
I looked through different eyes
seen things just the same
My presence here was pointless
I never made a scratch but still
The moon shines bright upon my face
The stars seem so out of place

I am held down by hate
That which I could never be
Heavy chains of tribulation

My voice will always penetrate
The calling that I hear
Telling me to lead the children near

I want to love
I want the strength to carry on
The power to know right from wrong
And the right to never belong

I walk alone
through streets made of flesh and bone
I hold my battered head in disbelief
I am a thief

Our minds we do not own
Our eyes see only what we want to hold
I will let this candle burn
Yet the light
I hope to be remembered
there can be no darkness
Through the power we have rendered
Walk the sky
To think and feel and love
Cry your tears if you must
But hold my hand and walk a billion strong…

Comatose Rainbow
Comatose night
Comatose dreams
Comatose lives

Comatose falsehoods
(And) Comatose eyes
Comatose skyline
They were all comatose lies

(I am) comatose blinded
(By you) comatose coma light
You have opened a window
You have shown me to the night

Comatose bleeding
(Through a) Comatose fight
(I am) comatose dying
(Losing) comatose sight

Comatose feeling
Comatose there’s no meaning
(I am) comatose healing
Comatose one last fleeting chance

Comatose heartbeat
Comatose tonight
Comatose where we end
I am frail in the spotlight

Comatose forever
Comatose one last vow
Comatose deliver me
Comatose now….


I'm sorry
I made you believe
That you meant something
To me
I’m sorry
For wanting to fall
But it’s too late
To regain control
I’ve lost it all

I’ve lost the will to carry on
My tears have run dry
I can no longer cry
Death never looked so good
Bracing my battered body
Waiting for the final fall

Happiness is so untouchable now
My breath leaves my body but words don’t form
I’m floating slowly
Sinking quickly

This is
My one last chance
To conform
Winding down the slippery slope
Of emptiness
Never to be found
You wasted opportunity
You left your life
Lay low for far too long
Never going nowhere
Trying to find somewhere
A home
A place to call your own….


In silence
Lying on his back
Hardly moving
Never looking back
Or up

In silence I lay
Skin soaked in silent rage
Heart loaded with different pains
Mind works in different ways
The streets beckoned
But he couldn’t give in

In anguish delayed
Body submits to fate
Crumbles away….

In the end this is all that remains.


Here’s a tribute to man number four
You’re leaving town now
Walking out the door
God only knows what’s in store
So goodbye…man number four


Well fuck kids
You can try this at home
Just make sure the nails
Aren’t rusted.

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Coma Lite (like Human) - A Rock Opera song meanings
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