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amphetamine annie-dog
has her leash and a face
her velvet spleen her shackle spine
her diamond curse
it comes with mine

a vessel she
for violent I
confession arms a wake
mine, mine you were always mine
possessed by my taste

and below the angel dog
combs her hair and sings her psalms
the bombs go off
she doesn't notice
it all goes wrong
she sets things tragic
she is venus
she is mars
she's electric
and the struggle of

upon my face we leave no trace
but in her stomach mercury aged

she holds the blood
she carves the knives
she digs the wires in our babies

amphetamine annie-dog
pulls her trash
and her stories
from place to place
and bed to bed
gives of herself and the magnet head

another floor another ceiling
counting stairs with double meanings

is it wrong to be swallowed whole
to disappear in her
to give her the priceless peace
of giving up control

we tumble out into the streets
and annie-dog she drags her leash
pretty face
ugly mouth
bitter bred and so released

and by the no
and in the yes
annie goes if you couldn't guess

a simple man
a sycophant
her elephant with the laughing call

she wants clean sheets
and fresh flowers
the dental shots
and the hong kong glue

amphetamine annie-dog
has her leash and a face
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Apr 16, 2001
32 Meanings
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just wanted to point out that cocaine is not an amphetamine... and there is of course an old song called "amphetamine annie"

Yes, darrenr, you are correct, there is a song "Amphetamine Annie" from 1968 by Canned Heat. It was an anti-drug song yet eventually three members of the band died from drug or alcohol abuse. They did not take their own advice!

On my first listen to Adore I wondered if Billy Corgan knew of that old song. But what the heck does "velvet spleen" mean? Yes, I was born in 1954.

And as you state, Cocaine is not (an) Amphetamine (Dexadrine) - today used to treat ADD/ADHD only. The similar Meth-amphetamine is Speed. Oh, and the line "speed kills" is in the Canned Heat song.

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i know they eat dogs in hong kong, so it may some sort of reference to that, but i remember when 'adore' came out there was an interview where Corgan claimed most of the album was written about women he had known at some point of his life. annie, if i can remember this correctly, used to be a prostitute who billy met fleetingly at a gig or something and her boyfriend/pimp called her his annie-dog. he also went on to talk about how most of the album is about his relationship with his mother, who i think died around the same time. i think these songs are 'once upon a time', 'crestfallen' and 'for martha'. this song is one of the best off the album though. anyways, that's what i think...

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first up the one no one seems to figure, i always thought that hong kong glue referred to cum. she wants 'dental shots of hong kong glue' there are a lot of cheap hookers in hong kong, cum is sticky, she wants it shot in the mouth, so thats how i figured that. i may be wrong but i might not :P

i've always thought that this song was about a prostitute as well, but more so a prostitute to the stars, and one that was very good at giving blowjobs. her leash/shackle spine i'd say is referring to her pimp.

i think that the prostitute actually fell in love with billy. possessed by his 'taste' either that or he tasted nice ;)

i always thought the bit that says 'upon my face we leave no trace, but in her stomach mercury aged' was referring to her swallowing.

i never figured the abortion bit before, but i'd agree with that, because its not 'digs the wives' its 'digs the wires' for those that dont know, there are dodgy laneway 'doctors' that perform abortions with wire hooks. gross i know.

but yeh, to sum up, a drug addicted prostitute, with a pimp that keeps a close watch on her, she is a prostitute to the stars, loves giving/gives good head, and she loved billy and possibly he loved her.

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the drumming in this song is fantastic. go matt walker.

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reminds me of a drug addict in some ways, but overall a girl who has no home. she has stories about where she's been what she's done, and somehow ends up with a boy who knows hes not supposed to hang around her, (is it wrong to be swallowed how) boy finds girl's odd habits intriguing, but the girl is still nuts. the prostitute thing defintaly makes alot of sense.

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I read in an interview that Billy said this was a befuddled tribute to his girlfriend.

This is about the only SP song I can't get into though. I always skip it.

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Listen and read the lyrics to the song in this context: there's two songs.

Seriously, listen to it. You'll discover something odd.

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i heard, dont know where, that this song was about courtney love. seeing as courtney love is alot of things the song describes, drug addict & prostitute. i dont know if theres any truth behind it but i do beleive the dated for awhile too.

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Billy did date Court. I also believe it is about a prostitute.

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I would never name a dog Annie because of this song. Billy wrote this song thinking about women who sleep with guys for money. I'm not sure if it's about any girl in general, but xpankfrisst's comment makes sense about him meeting a prostitute named Annie.

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