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Rock Hard Ride Free Lyrics

Get a grip on the action
Movin' heaven and earth
Gotta get a reaction
Push for all that you're worth

No denyin we're goin' against the grain
So defiant they'll never put us down

Rock Hard Ride Free
All day, all night
Rock Hard Ride Free
All your life

Tough as steel
Stop at nothin'
Look at fate in the face
Don't take no for an answer
Grab the lead in the race

Rock with a purpose
Got a mind that won't bend
Diehard resolution
That is true to the end
4 Meanings
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i reckon this is one of the top 5 priest songs and from their best album in my opinion

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i think it just means live life to the fullest or something. like it says "don't take no for an answer, grab the lead in the race" i dunno thats what it sounds like to me. i suck lol

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Not the greatest song lyrics wise, even as a Judas Priest effort (not exactly well known for their thoughtful lyrics :P), but the riff and solo are hard to beat.

ULlilLady is right though methinks. Something about living life to the fullest and not taking 'no' for an answer.

@_00_deathscar omg shut up

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This song was originally called "Fight for your Life", and was released on Hell Bent for Leather. Later, the lyrics changed and they added the intro solo, then released the song again 5 years later on Defenders of the Faith under the name "Rock Hard Ride Free".

@ThunderAlex Yep, that’s why I call it “Fight for your Life - The Apology”. The original was really poorly produced, and the guitar solo was half-assed scribbling, at best. The DOTF version is 1,000% better in all respects.

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