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Josephine Lyrics

I feel pretty good
I feel all right
And I've been thinkin' maybe
I could spend the night

I know you've been sad
I know I've been bad
But if you'd let me
Make you ribbons from a paper bag

You're so good to me
And I know
It ain't easy
You're so sweet
You must taste just like sugar & tangerines

I won't make a sound
Sleep on the ground
When you wake I will
Drive you into town
I missed your smile
Your schoolgirl style
But I never had much fun
Maybe the very first mile


Don't you know
I watched you walkin' home from school
Your friends on the old playgrounds
You never looked so down
Won't you come and help me with these cuts of mine?
I've disconnected my heart
And cut myself on the wires

I know I was wrong
I knew all along
But I got so far from my home
I never thought I'd be so lonesome

18 Meanings
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The making ribbons from a paper bag thing is my favorite line in any Wallflowers song. My interpretation of it is that the narrator believes that he is not good enough for "Josephine" and that she is so many levels above him that it's analogous to paper bags and ribbon. He is saying that he would change for her, and become something better. He says that even though she may not believe that he could be a good partner, that he could make himself into something better to fit her, just to make her happy. This is a beautiful way of saying how much he loves her.

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This is, in my opinion, the greatest love song ever written. Why Jakob and the gang didn't release this as a single is beyond me. Won't you come and help me with these cuts of mine?/I've disconnected my heart/And cut myself ont he wires... That's the most beautifully graphic way of expressing true love I'd heard before I heard this song, or heard since. Jakob Dylan is the most underrated songwriter on the planet, and this song all but proves it.

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i LOVE this song. it's soo good. on my cd... i've played that song so much it started skipping the other day... i was really sad... haha... but yeah... jakob is definetly an excellent song writer. when i went to a wallflowers concert last summer, this guy in the crowd kept yelling "play josephine!!" and i was like yeahhhh!! but jakob was like "we're not ready for that song... next time. it's funny though, guys always request that love song..." so i'd LOVE to hear this song live... but as he said.. next time...

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what does "Make you ribbons from a paper bag" mean?

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I personally think that the verse "I'll make you ribbons from a paper bag" means that he will do anything in his power to make her happy even when things are bad. So if you think of it literally...if he's got a paper bag...he's going to make the best of it just to do something nice for her...

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This is by far, in my opinion, the BEST song ever. Love song, nonetheless. it is really a heartwrenching outpouring of true love, no sugarcoating but pure emotion including pain. in fact one of my favorite lines is "i'll make you ribbons from a paper bag". i think that it means that he is so in love with her that he will find the good in a bad situation and bring it out for her so she'll be happy. like you think of a paper bag as simple and boring, and ribbons as pretty and glamourous. its beautiful

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i love the name josephine. but anyways on to the point...i bet alot of the songs Jakob wrote may be about his wife Paige. they've been together since they were kids, so she must have a great impact on Jakobs song writing. but then again..he is Bobs son, and he probably just picked up the amazing song writing gene.

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this is a ridiculously good song.. my favorite on the album. its cool because its a love song from a kind of different angle than most. josephine is such an awesome name.. i kinda wish it was my name lol.

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hehe, my names josephine :)

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