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In The Rapids Lyrics

Moving down the water
John is drifting out of sight,
It's only at the turning point
That you find out how you fight.

In the cold, feel the cold
All around
And the rush of crashing water
Surrounds me with its sound.

Striking out to reach you
I can't get through to the other side,
When you're racing in the rapids
There's only one way, that's to ride.

Taken down, taken down
By the undertow
I'm spiralled down the river bed,
My fire is burning low.
Catching hold of a rock that's firm,
I'm waiting for John to be carried past.
We hold together, hold together
And shoot the rapids fast.

And when the waters slow down
The dark and the deep have no-one, no-one, no-one, no-one, no-one left to keep.
Hang on John! We're out of this at last.
Somethings changed, that's not your face. It's mine - it's mine!
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Apr 01, 2001
3 Meanings
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Best song on the album? I'm a serious prog rock fan and never liked this song until i listened to it on loop about 20 times (being the only song i didn't like on the album). This is soo emotional. :-( "Hang on John" line is so captivating. Its the climax of the storyline, leading into the 'encore' it. Really this is the final song of the plot and its just perfect. Builds up slowly but effectively. Thanks Gabriel, really lights up my day when i listen to it.

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Pretty simple, it turns out that Rael was not saving his brother, but himself. This is the reason why he was put in this strange world in the first place, he was loosing his soul.

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"Something's changed! That's not your face! IT'S MINE!" Cue everyone listening to the album going "What the heck?"

This is the climax of the album's story. "It's only at the turning point that you find out how you fight." You never know true fear and devotion until the person you love is dying. I think it's really interesting how Rael saves John, only to have saved himself. Saving John shows that in the end, Rael has finally proved himself to be a good person, having atoned for all of the bad things he did in New York City. But what could be the symbolism of finding out that his brother is actually himself? I'm still trying to puzzle that out...

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