I'm ready to make a murder scene happen! Pimp slappin demons and packin!
Unload clips! Reload and sink ships like a captain!
You be acting like you ain't knowin when a G be rappin!
Runnin from the scene while O.R.C. playas be gangsta scrappin!
Hold up, cuz they done did it! Dis the lyric I spitted!
Even though I know you and yo crew ain't never gonna admit it! Slow down
T. This is family! They mess with you they mess with me! And also E! (why?)
Cuz this is O.R.C.! Lyricly I be coming with ski-masks out the bushes with
Chain saws and axes draggin these demons while the blood gushes!
I'm gon jack these demons playa one by one! See, they call me big daddy Kane (why?)
Cuz I gets the job done! Now watch me jack these demons and hit em with a gat!
Show em how a real G supposed to act! Smugglin Bibles instead of gats!
Puttin it down on street corners and show, for all my foes, thugs, ridas and patnas on death row!
Really doe!

Bone be the one with the gun in his hand!
Demons be trying to kill him cuz they no like him!
Smuggling Bibles to countries filled with communism!
Trying to preach the word and convert to Christian!

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