I can't imagine all the people that you know
And the places that you go
When the lights are turned down low
And I don't understand all the things you've seen

But I'm slipping in between
You and your big dreams
It's always you
In my big dreams

And you tell me that it's over
Wake up lying in a patch of four leaf clovers
And your restless, and I'm naked
You've gotta get out

You can't stand to see me shaking
Could you let me go?
I didn't think so

And you don't want to be here in the future
So you say the present's just a pleasant interruption to the past
And you don't want to look much closer
'Cause your afraid to find out all this hope

You had sent into the sky by now had crashed
And it did
Because of me

And then you bring me home
Afraid to find out that you're alone
And I'm sleeping in your living room
But we don't have much room to live

I had these dreams that I learned to play guitar
Maybe cross the country
Become a rock star
And there was hope in me that I could take you there

But dammit you're so young
Well I don't think I care
And if I hurt you
Then I'm sorry
Please don't think that this was easy

Then you bring me home
'Cause we both know what it's like to be alone
And I'm dreaming in your living room
But we don't have much room to live

And Konstantine is walking down the stairs
Doesn't she look good
Standing in her underwear
And I was thinking
What I was thinking
We've been drinking and it doesn't get me anywhere

My Konstantine came walking down the stairs
And all that I could do is touch her long blonde hair
And I've been thinking
It hurts me thinking that these nights
When we were drinking no they never got us anywhere

This is because I can spell konfusion with a k
And I like it
It's to dying in another's arms and why I had to try it
It's to jimmy eat world and those nights in my car

When the first star you see may not be a star
I'm not your star
Isn't that what you said
What you thought this song meant

And if this is what it takes
Just to lie in my mistakes
And live with what I did to you
And all the hell I put you through

I always catch the clock
It's 11:11
And now you want to talk
It's not hard to dream
You'll always be my Konstantine

Konstantine, they'll never hurt you like I do
No they'll never hurt you like I do
No, no, no no no no no no

This is to a girl who got into my head
With all the pretty things she did
You know

You keep me up in bed
This is to a girl who got into my head
With all the fucked up things I did

You could keep me up in bed
My Konstantine

Spin around me like a dream we played out on this movie screen
And I said

[Repeat: x7]
Did you know I missed you?

Oh god I miss you

And then you bring me home
And we'll go to sleep, but this time, not alone, no no
And you'll kiss me in your living room
I know

You'll miss me in your living room
'Cause these nights I think maybe that I'll miss you in my living room
We don't have much room
I said does anybody need that room?
Because we all need a little more room
To live

My Konstantine

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Konstantine Lyrics as written by Andrew Ross Mcmahon


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  • +6
    General CommentI actually know Andrew..he never dated a girl named Krystal..seriously you can ask him sometime when hes out with Jack's Mannequin. The song is about Andrew McMahon's relationship with his ex-girlfriend Vanessa and their breakup; it was rumored to have been written to a girl named Krystal, due to the first letter of her name. However, Andrew has confirmed he has never dated a girl named Krystal. Vanessa was allegedly underage at the time the song was written and was alluded to as "Krystal."McMahon refuses to play the song and has said in a recent interview, "If I ever play it, I’ll have to play it forever, every night. If it weren’t such a big deal for me to play Konstantine, then I probably would play it. But the truth is, as soon as I bring that song out one time, I will never be able to walk through a venue, no matter what band I’m playing with or no matter where I’m at, and not have people chant and cheer for it.
    allisonraeon April 20, 2011   Link
  • +3
    General Commenti can't listen to this song without hurting
    emilyhalinaon September 17, 2010   Link
  • +2
    General CommentThis song is absolutely beautiful. Every time I hear it, my heart aches a little bit more as I think of past relationships. It sounds cheesy, I know, but it has this amazing effect on me.
    krushzedon January 08, 2002   Link
  • +2
    My InterpretationThis song is beautiful. Every time you listen to it - it makes you think deeper into the lyrics.

    If I could get one thing before I die, I would want to have a guy I'm in love with sing this to me. I think Andrew is a lyrical genius. <3 There's no doubt about that. I cried listening to this song, even before I knew the true meaning behind the lyrics :D Even though this song is sad, it is still beautiful at the same time.

    He puts so much emotion into the song. When he says he awakes in patch of four leaf clovers, I agree with the person that mentioned him not actually waking up in a field - but really waking up in some clover boxers. The rest of this song is about how he cheats on his girlfriend Krystal & she takes him back, but she keeps throwing it back in his face - it gets to the point where he knows it will never be the same between him and his Konstantine.

    Also I've read a lot of peoples thoughts about how he says Those nights drinking didn't get us anywhere - & it occurred to me that maybe he just wanted sex from her ? I'm not sure during the whole song he sounds so confused between loving crystal - & not quite sure of how he should feel after cheating on her.

    Imagine how heartbreaking it would be if you were Krystal the girl this song it about? Or Kelly, Andrew's wife. Knowing that he wrote this epic song about his first love, that nothing will ever top.

    whoakimmixoon June 22, 2009   Link
  • +2
    General CommentDarwin developed the theory of evolution with no understanding of genetics or mutations. Einstein figured out relativity without doing math. Mendel discovered inheritance patterns without knowing what a cell was.

    Andrew McMahon wrote Konstantine. This is one of the most perfect songs ever written. Period. Nothing he has done before or since (and don't get me wrong, I highly regard his work) has come anywhere even reasonably in the same universe as this tune.

    If he wrote eleven songs like this he'd replace Bill and Ted as the artists that spread peace through the universe.
    pipelineon March 21, 2014   Link
  • +1
    General Commentkonstantine is the name of the girl its about. there are various versions of the name such as konstantina (a secretary at my dads office). the jimmy eat world reference, they were listening to jimmy eat world in his car. 'for me this is heaven' to be exact. that is why they quote the song. as for the overall effect of the song, i have never had a song make me cry as much as this one. ive stayed up all night listening to this song, drinking because of a broken heart. my applause to something corporate, for making such a beautiful song. one of the best love songs ever written.
    choda_boyon January 06, 2002   Link
  • +1
    General CommentWOW! The first time i heard this song i was driving home from work and listening to a comp. and then i came on and i just started crying it was the saddest song i have ever heard. i had a long relationship 2 1/2 years and this whole song reminded me of him so i just cryed.
    EmoLbtchSc14on January 08, 2002   Link
  • +1
    General CommentThis song is the most amazing song ever written. It is the most passionate song I've ever heard, and its everything I wish I could tell a girl. Its pure beauty and grace.
    CookingWithPunkon February 24, 2002   Link
  • +1
    General CommentI have no idea if someone has said this already, because I'm way too lazy to go through 60-something pages, haha. So if you have, my apologies in advance. I think the Jimmy Eat World reference in this song has to do with an actual song by them, "Polaris." (Which is a CRAZY BEAUTIFUL song by the way, if anyone wants to check it out.) "Polaris" was titled after the first star you see in the sky. It has been in debate whether or not the song was actually written about the star, or an actual person, because the lyrics could go either way. The star is always the first thing in the night sky - a constant. Konstant. Konstantine.

    "When the first star you see may not be a star
    I'm not your star
    Isn't that what you said
    What you thought this song meant"

    Seems pretty probable to me. =]

    Here's the link to the "Polaris" songmeanings page if you want to check it out: songmeanings.net/…
    indiexchickon December 19, 2007   Link
  • +1
    General Commentto me, this is just one of the few things in life that is perfect.
    worthy_of_sevenon April 22, 2008   Link

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