Big Will and Tra-Knox
Yo yo yo yo jump
When I tell you make your way up to the front
Addicted to the way I kick it I know what you want
The don jiggy catering to what your feeling
Pack it to the floor up to the ceiling
What ya momma gave you baby don't let nothing break
Yo watch cause we don't care how much time it's gonna take
Dance floor packed and it's looking like a lake
It's abduction here's your instructions
Get up off that wall girl stop trying to hide
Tracking aphrodisiac won't be denied
Chill with that cigarette take it outside
Messing with my vibe
I don't like that
I'm a press your player when it counts
Party like a lamb and a wolf about to pounce
The don jiggy catering to what you're feeling
Pack it to the floor up to the ceiling

Bring it on the nothing
Ain't no time for fun things (come on)
Just let it flow (jump on)
Act like you know
The only floor is jumping
Ooh these girls are something (come on)
Just let it flow (jump on)
Act like you know

I-I-I-I called Jazzy Jeff on the phone
I said, "I'm downstairs waiting Jeff come on"
I told him there's this hot spot we gotta burn
He said, "Man after last weekend haven't you learned?"
Yo look here last week was a mistake
That mommy trying to dish out what she couldn't take
Come back me dancing like wow like this thing is a game
One little move on her and she bust into flames (whoosh)
The whole club running trying to ruin my night
I told her roll around little she'll be alright
Then everybody mad at me all up in my face
Somebody should've told that girl to stay in her place
You feel a little heat baby girl I'm behind ya
And hopefully your burnt Gucci dress will remind ya
Of how serious I am maybe it's crazy why yall
But if you want to play hunny go get a baby doll
Holla at me


Uh uh huh
Check and make sure I'm looking cute for huh
Check and make sure I'm packing lute for huh
Cause I'm about to shut down the bar for huh
And later open up my car door for huh
7 PM I leave the set and then
No more acting back to rapping again
Red carpet hectic getting me in
What happened last week sure it could happen again
Mos def full funk when ya looking at the front looking like a jet magazine beauty of the month
Shades low laying liggy low on the cut
Told myself you're the one to shake it up with
Over to your table can get me on announce
Observe the curves body fat about an ounce
Hormones pumping out dangerous amounts
Grabbed ya arm turn around girl
Move when I tell ya make your move up to the front
Addicted to the way I kick it I know what ya want
The don jiggy catering to what you're feeling
Pack it from the floor up to the ceiling
Come on

[Chorus: x2]

Come on
Jump on
The only floor is jumping
Come on
Just let it flow (jump on)
Act like you know
Big Will uh
Tra-Knox uh
Foundation laid to the rock why yall
One time we out what

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Act Like You Know Lyrics as written by Richard Iverson Ralf Huetter

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