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A Legacy Lyrics

When I leave you
I will leave you
Things that might not help you
Things that might
Problems that I never solved
Dreams to keep you up at night
As I leave you
I will leave you
Things that stick for ever
Things that slide
Mysteries I swallowed whole

Happiness I couldn't share I will leave you
Promises I never kept I will leave you
Stories that I never told
Principles betrayed or sold

Love I tried to spread too wide I will leave you
Muscles you can grow in hate I will leave you
Summer darkness
Winter light
Young mans shame and
Old mans pride

When I leave you
I will hate to leave you
That's the heat that grows
With growing old

So never let me leave you
Never let me leave you
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Jun 06, 2001
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I think they mean the whole legacy of the band.. Marillion. More than 25 years of living the Rock N Roll life and doing albums and shows and staying true to the fans of this band. But the point here i think is that there will be a time where they have to say goodbye and break up.. its gonna be hard for the fans.. its gonna be so hard for the band theselves to even think about this moment but everybody knows that sooner or later its gonna come.

I think the song can be applied to any living legacy... a football player, a musical band, an actor or anybody else.

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