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Hoo Doos Lyrics

Now we be swangin in them
Hoo Doos, the Hoo Doos
Body bangin in them
Hoo Doos, the Hoo Doos
Super stangin in them
Hoo Doos, the Hoo Doos
They dont know about them
Hoo Doos, the Hoo Doos
5-speedin in them
Hoo Doos, the Hoo Doos
Blowin trees in them
Hoo Doos, the Hoo Doos
Choppin keys in them
Hoo Doos, the Hoo Doos
Sideways in them
Hoo Doos, the Hoo Doos

[Verse 1]
Now this is to them grain grippin groopies
I'm swangin these hoopties
Like I'm paint sniffin pill poppin
Off group feed, 3 Firestone spare tires
Round loosely, doin donuts while
the police on duty, OOH WEE!
Like I told you before
Throw a bowl, let 'em know you aint a 3-0-4
I need a bud change, and I need knew shocks
I give a FUCK! I'm still bleedin the block!
Cops done pulled me over, they think I'm so broke
But boy, if they could know how much dank I smoke
I'm spittin venom in they khaki
And them I'ma swingin sideways...
I king a fool, I'm a nut on the highway!

[Chorus 1.5x]

[Verse 2]
Now I be swangin with them
Negros and Gringos, fly ass latinos
Philipinos, island boys and crazy ass Chinos
Singles and couples, my seatbelts never buckled
Burnin more rubber than a Trojan, I'm holdin!
My steering wheel tightly
Lefties and righties
Jealous wanna fight me
But I throw these things so nicely
Precisely, I'm sheisty
Smashin in a Chrysler
Paint job primin with no screens on my visor
But you can still hear my beat
From way down the street
Cuz my system keeps bumpin
I go down with heat
So what the hell I be thinkin?
Drivin while I'm drinkin
Smokin up hoods with my friends
In the Lincoln!


[Verse 3]
Well its that dude again
Drinkin booze again
He aint trippin, doin donuts
Bout to lose a rim
Got hella fools with him
The whole crews with him
SPM, Happy P, Ike, Boo and them!
So be cool with them
Sip a brew with them
Fire up some of that zoo loo with them
Kamakaze on the posse
Act a fool watch me
I'ma bend a corner in an old school jalopy

[Chorus 2x]
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Jul 04, 2002
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thats my ex-boyfriend.........hes good

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i still love him ='[

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