Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You Lyrics

I admit it , I'm really a dreamer
And I'm reachin' for a star too high up there for hangin' on
And baby , I believe in 'for all time"
and the miracle of your love and mine
It's a lonely feelin' when the meaning's gone
I'm confessin' , I don't wanna let you go
And I'm burnin' for the love
that you don't show me anymore
And all of the dreams that we whispered about
They went into my heart and they never came out
And a love like this can die if we don't let it grow

Wind and fire and fallin' rain
I'll be comin' through
There ain't nothin' gonna keep me from you
My love (no nothing) ,nothin' gonna keep me from you , my love
I'll find anyplace where you may hide
I'll be by your side
There ain't nothin' gonna keep me from you
My love (no, nothin') ,nothin' gonna keep me from you,my love
I'll find you
Heaven and earth I will move for you ,darlin'
Whatever it takes to be where you are
With a stronger love , let me flow through you , baby
You ain't got the power for breakin' my heart
And forever you'll be my paradise
And I'm reachin' for a dream when you don't even want me to
And baby , I believe you need me there
for the miracle of love we share
And tomorrow I will still be followin' you

repeat 3) and fade out
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