theres a young man dying
hes dying in the street
this young mans died
hes lying dead there at your feet
what happened to him one asks
you dont know for sure
all you know is what you saw
how lifes jaws can clothes over the lure
the young man lies there
staring back at you
people gather around
nothing anyone can do
its strange the way one feels
when they stare directly at death
the feeling of helplessness
yet duty to respect
you continue to look
you almost want to cry
you dont know the man
but still wonder why one has to die
you know nothing of him
nobody knows the facts
this young man is no more than 33
hes married and he loves cats
he has a little boy who wears the number 3
his little boys a lefty for the little league baseball team
the man has a job for which he receives a very good pay
its enough money made to keep bill collectors away
he has a mother and father
a sister and a niece
he has a big brother
whom he always tried to please
he always tried his hardest to be a good husband to his wife
he always worked hard to ensure a perfect life
he did what he could
but like anyone else he did have his moments
but who doesnt these days
just because he got mad he didnt throw it all away
he simply worked around his problem
and went about business
learning lessons day by day
only today was different
today there was a price to pay
the day was no different
just like any other day
his wife is at work
his cats are at home
his son is in school now
but this man is all alone
his parents sit in their home watching the tv
his sister niece and brother dont know what came to be
his families world has turned upside down
6 or 7 hours so many people will wear that frown
the frown that sits upon your face as you stare at him on the ground
except this frown will be different
a universes never ending display of number
this many times worse
they will wonder why god chose them
why did they reap the awful reward of this curse
the night before the mans fate would take a turn
he had fought with his wife
and called her some nasty words
he didnt feed his cats
he came home late from work
he missed his sons baseball games
he didnt feel deserved
he forgot to visit his mother and father
he didnt answer his brothers call
he forgot lunch with his sister
with his niece he didnt play at all
all of this because he had a very bad day
a day that really hurt
he would have given that day away
traded for something better
but he didnt know what the next day would bring
now i know hed give anything
im sure now hed take that time back
even if just for an hour or two
just so now he could patch his differencies with his loved ones
and answer them again
i love you too

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