I can see the tears in your eyes
I can see that your words are dressed in lies
I can see that your heart hurts by the truth
But I can see the real you, no need for proof

People telling what's wrong and what's right
But they can't see, they don't know what happened last night
They only go by what society's drummed into their heads
That it's okay to be messy, but you have to lie in that bed
What about the bed you made when you told me that lie
You have to deal with it and society won't let you cry
You were decieving and deserve no second chance
But society wasn't there the night before last


"Innocent 'til proven guilty", that's how the court rule goes
But we're not in court, this is life and I don't care what sucker knows
Because there is no jury, I give the verdict; I'm giving the sentence out
It's up to me, not a load of strangers; they weren't the ones you fucked about
Whispers in my ear what I should think by insignificant souls
But it's up to me, why can't they stop intering, why when they've all been told?
So this is your chance to fight for your innocence although I know what's inside your heart
I told you that I'll always believe you, I've said that right from the start


I don't need the proof, I can see the real you
It's society that needs the proof, because they don't understand you
And society doesn't see the real you

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