another awkward moment passes
catering to questions asked by you
i do believe i've told you what you want to hear
it's so easy to recite
the lines and lies i've memorized
from this pedestal pushed through the sky
i'm laughing in your face

i hate who i am
and all that i've become

so many sleepless nights have found me
wandering comfortless streets
in search of peace, any release
from who i'm have become
and i'm sure you don't want to know
that i hate the role
i'm old and cold
an ugly sore a gaping hole
God have mercy on my soul

well, i guess i've disappointed you
what did you expect?
the hero is a wretch
a devil in the flesh
are you disenchanted by the idols humanness?
do you still think we connect?
maybe more than you'll admit

Lyrics submitted by Christalena

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    General CommentI'm not really sure about this song. I get a message from it, but I'm not sure if its what Mark is trying to say, but, I'm gonna post is anyway.
    In the begining he is saying that he says all these things to make someone happy, but its not really what he thinks. then he says that he has grown old and cold and no matter where he looks he cant find the answers. He is so distraught by what he has become its tearing him apart. Then the bridge says that he isnt perfect, and neither is the person he is talking to and despite their beliefs, thats why they are so similar.
    CaptSpifyon August 11, 2002   Link
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    General CommentTo me, this song could be one of two things:
    1) A celebrity being interviewed by a reporter
    2) A celeb shooting the breeze with one of his "big fans"
    In either case, during the conversation (which is presented one-sided from the point of view of the celeb) the journalist/fan has these thoughts of "you're so great, you're a big influence to me," and the celeb is all "that's nice, that makes me feel good that you think that way but I still think I'm a worm." As the conversation progresses, the journalist/fan realizes the celeb ain't all he's cracked up to be ("the hero is a wretch"), he's just a stinky rat like the rest of us, so "are you disenchanted by the idol's humanness?" The journalist/fan at first wanted to be more like the celeb in admiration, but the fact is they already are similar in that they're both wretches.
    Vozzyon April 07, 2003   Link

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