crazy, crazy i'm the boy
who defies all
lift me higher than anyone
and hold me arms
woman, woman she outta mind
and simply out of soul
she gets me higher than anyone
i miss her so

stargazer you call the shots
and i take um
stargazer won't ya kick with me

dancer dancer i'm all wrong
she thinks she's young and wise
she dance around my cable car
and fix me up with a guy - why?

stargazer you cry in blue
anything i've ever seen
ain't as good as you
i'm not trying to push your feelings (inside)
but i know you hold me like a putty in yo' hands
cry for me and rub it in
cry for the saviors and the prophets son
dream of me and julie ann
...oh xana come back again

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Stargazer song meanings
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    my parents named me after this song...

    xanapron August 15, 2007   Link
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    wow...i guess i need to write my own damn book....really mixed up info...glad people still listening xana lafuente

    xanalafuenteon December 26, 2010   Link
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    This song is about Xana (Andy Wood's girlfriend) she was obviously more than a friend. She was his lover, his only one, he loved her madly and she did the same (maybe she still does) She was his muse and she tried to help him, but his addiction was bigger.

    andreavaldon February 18, 2013   Link
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    You are right. The song is not just about Xana. I know for a fact. It was a mixture of lovers, the drug and the fact he was better with Xana.

    Marsyon May 24, 2023   Link
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    The lyric to "Stargazer" was written by me Martin Vikene, back then named Morten Taraldsvik, in 1988. The lyrics to this song were also possibly written during or in connection with the Seattle stay with the "Okej magazine", but I am not entirely sure. I have a feeling that all or parts of the text may have been written in connection with a concert that "Mother Love Bone" had, I think it may have been in Seattle, possibly somewhere else in the USA. This concert may have taken place on the same long weekend as the "Okej stay", or sometime later, at the latest at the beginning of 1990. In connection with this concert, I was "backstage", after all, I was involved as a lyricist-lyricist member and more. In that connection, it is possible that I have met Xana herself, whom I kind of knew, or rather well. Incidentally, I can mention that Xana was one of the girls/women who was with the band, sort of hanging out. Most people in the band knew her, and had probably tried relational interactions with her, to a greater or lesser extent. In a way, she could probably be characterized as a type of "groupie", like "girls/women" who hang out, are with different bands, in connection with their activities, travels, place of residence, etc. Almost equivalent to "prostitutes". In short, she could also be called "Mother Love Bone - the groupie", or one of them, in this context. She could help entertain the band, and the environment otherwise, in her own way. It is therefore possible that the text is to a certain extent about Xana, whom the lyricist met backstage, and the text can describe something of that meeting, as well as associated emotions and associated imaginations. But there may be several girls/women that the lyricist may have met, the stanzas "Stargazer you cry in blue", as well as "Dream of me and Julie Ann", could suggest this. "Can also mention that as far as I remember, Xana was also a drug user, at the level where she used syringes, so the stanzas "Stargazer you call the shots and I'll take all - Stargazer won't you kick with me, ohh, please" could refer to this. So it is actually possible that I, as a writer of the lyric, sat backstage with Xana, and tried some "shots" so to speak, hehe. Some humor there too, possibly. It was possibly quite a sedative like valium/morphine/m.m.. So parts of the text could be about that meeting with Xana. But "shots" can also be sexually intended. Maybe I sat and "did shots" a bit with Xana, and then it came in, for lyric writer, a girl/woman who was characterized as "Stargazer". It could, for example, be "Julie Ann". Who is "Julie Ann"? Is currently a mystery to the lyricist, but she may have been one of the other girls/women backstage, as mentioned. It's been so many years that it can be difficult to remember, possibly someone that the lyricist knew something, or had a long-distance crush on Julie Ann could well possibly be lyricist`s "secret lover's dream".

    Can also say that the text was largely written in connection with the aforementioned "Okay trip", as well as in connection with "Okay lady", the female journalist I traveled to Seattle with. This was, as mentioned, in 1988, I think. The poem, or lyric, was begun at home where I lived, possibly in my room at Kurland, in Sarpsborg. I continue with the poem during the journey, and at the flight to Seattle. There were probably many hours on the plane, so there was probably enough time to finish writing the "Stargazer" poem. Got to know the "Okay journalist" quite well during the journey, so all or part of the poem can revolve around her. She may have been nicknamed "Stargazer", for various reasons. During the journey we were almost like partners, I thought and felt. I was quite happy to have her as a "partner", and looked forward to our arrival in Seattle, and maybe even sharing the same hotel room. Had my fantasies about sharing the same bed too. In a way, she was one of my main focuses, so when we arrived in Seattle, I was rather disappointed when she said that I could sleep over in the musicians' collective, possibly share a room with "Andy" there. It didn't turn out the way I hoped! I had imagined that we would share a room, and be more together, maybe even share a bed. Then the sentences in the lyrics; "She dances around my, my pretty little cable car - And fix me up with a guy, why?" could indicate, be a response to some of what I just told. I am a little unsure of the meaning of "She dance around my, my pretty little cable car", so many years later, but it may have been that she, the "Okay journalist", danced easily and somewhat sexy/trilling around "my ” electric cable car that was lying on the floor at home, hehe. Not more mysterious than that, hehe. (or else it could be a type of a simile for the male sex organ, hehe) It's possible that I perceived it as a type of flirting, and was somewhat disappointed when she fixed me up with a "guy" in Seattle, hehe. By the way, can I mention that "guy" was possibly "Andy", the vocalist Andrew Wood in the band Mother Love Bone, who again could be relatively good in his own way, apart from certain incidents, it was probably relatively well companionship. Made some songs with him too. Various females that the lyric writer was interested in could be called for "Stargazer", hehe. The Okej-journalist was one of the main characters in that sense. Can moderate the above mentioned regarding the female Okej journalist, it is possible that we shared bed one night, anyway. Maybe the first night, but had hoped to be able to do it during the whole stay, hehe.

    I continued my writings with Andy, and interacted with the others in the collective as well. Met among others Xana, and got to know her. I also met Chris Cornell and Layne Staley in particular, joined Andy and Chris out on the town, went to some type of strip clubs, and thus met Layne Staley as well, hehe. The "Chloe Dancer" song may have something to do with one of the strippers at one of the aforementioned clubs. I wrote the lyrics for it too. It was later connected with the song "Crown of Thornes", which could be about the same lady, girl or woman. I have also written the latter lyrics. Got to know Andy well, and we've had a few trips together, back and forth from his hometown, as well as to and from other places in the US. Wrote some of the other texts for Mother Love Bone in connection with the latter journeys, and any encounters with people, girls, women, etc., places may also be referred to.

    [Edit: Revised.]
    Martinlyricson January 21, 2024   Link
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    General Comment

    geez no one comments on mother love bone :(

    xana was andrew's girlfriend from what i know

    AaronXIIIon May 21, 2004   Link
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    The booklet from "Apple" says, Xana was not just a friend, but also the designer of Andys hats, pants and coats.

    Great Band, great Song.

    *neptun*on September 29, 2004   Link
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    General Comment

    One of my favorite songs off of this great album by this great band. Stone Gossard was in so many great bands, as was Jeff Ament.

    I didnt know who Xana was, thanks for the info!

    Bellyfull of Swanson January 15, 2005   Link
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    it's a lovely song. the meaning is explicit

    velvetsisteron December 31, 2005   Link
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    really a very good song

    Hellbound9281on February 16, 2006   Link

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