give us yer money, and we will give you hope
and explanation for what you cant understand
cause yer to weak to cope
eat this bread and drink this wine
get full on our stories and drunk off our lies
so youre not left behind
and dont let yer children think for themselves
cause if they think freely they will wind up in hell
sex, drugs and violence all come from TV
its not the fury we create

for all the lies you bled on me (burn a church)
for forcing me to believe (burn a church)
for blocking up our eyes (burn a church)
im not scared to die (burn a church)

here is yer church and here is yer steeple
lets set it on fire and kill all the people
save them from the pain, when they find there is nothing to gain
from following the rest
knowledge and kerosene
we'll empty our flasks and kick through the ashes
and watch our fire gleam
so call and pledge all yer money and let jahova's witnesses into yer home
remember kids, god is dead, and jesus christ never saved anyone

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BURN A CHURCH song meanings
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    General Comment

    The title of this song is "Pierce the Gates" not "Burn a Church"

    Icecrono2on June 16, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    Prove to me that Santa Clause doesn't exist?

    seanyboges666on September 01, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    To "Achmode":

    First of all, the song never claims that Jehovah's witnesses don't believe in god, you're pulling that out of your ass. Second of all, while your church may not ask you for money, others do. Even if they don't literally "ask" for it, they put pressure on you to give. When a collection plate comes around and sits on your lap, and you put nothing in, I'd imagine you'd have a lot of eyes on you. I mean, it's called a "collection" plate, not a donation plate. Shit, I've taken friends to Al-anon meetings held in church basements where they would even say standardly off a piece of paper in the beginning "if this is your first time coming, it's on us. Next time we encourage you to donate" or something along those lines and then everyone one in the room puts money in a jar. A more productive way to get money would be a jar to the side without any oral mention of trying to get money, instead they naturally expect everyone to donate. Next, in "brainwashing" I could respond to that by mentioning the fact that I've rarely seen people going to church that weren't forced to go when they were little. Churches teach the same ideas they've been teaching for centuries, based on what the bible said, rarely changing to meet that of the standards of modern times. Also, the word "free" is very very vague, you can define it in a billion different contexts.

    Although I don't entirely agree with any kind of over the top "kill this burn that" kind of thinking, i guess it would kind of lose it's effect saying "sit around and quietly oppose the church". Its a pretty decent song by a really good band

    As for defining the song itsself, it's very simple, it's an anti-religious song. There's no need for any discussion.

    zzyzx71988on September 12, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    honestly... have u ever talked to God or Jesus yourself? how would u know christanity exist without talking to the men themselves?

    ZombiaFiendon February 05, 2007   Link
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    General Comment

    the last lines are missing a word on here that might make them easier for people with achmodes mind set to understand...

    "so call and pledge all yer money and let jahova's witnesses into yer home BUT remember kids, god is dead, and jesus christ never saved anyone"

    its saying you can do whatever you want, i.e. give your money to the church or talk to people who come to your door, but at the end of the day youre just wasting your time.

    tucsonxrobon June 03, 2007   Link
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    General Comment

    Achmode I find it kind of ironic that a christian is critisizing someone for following something blindly. I do that too, I hate people who can't think for themselves, but just because we like this song and are a bunch of "angsty teenagers" (filled with lots of angst) who listen to this music doesn't mean we agree with it completely. I could tell you so much shit about religion that you would probably never geuss an "angsty teenager" would think. It would take too long but basically i kind of agree with some shit in christianity, but its the people in the church that anger me. The ones who tell me homosexuals have a disease and are going to hell for that diseas, the ones who are so closed minded(also like most atheists ive met and hate) that if someone proposes a good counterpoint to your religion(evolution lets say) then they are going to "hell", also people who hunt down bands to critisize them and their fans for the band's view (not naming anyone who does this...), etc. Achmode you probably haven't heard any of their other songs. I like the lyrics in "The Lucky Few" a lot too (probably cause of the angst, amirite?)

    As for this song, i love it so much. The main riff is so cool and then the ska part comes in and I'm like "woah, cool, fuck yes," I particulary like the lines "and dont let yer children think for themselves cause if they think freely they will wind up in hell"

    kroon May 19, 2008   Link
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    General Comment

    To Achmode or anymore of your religious fellows who feel the need to speak your mind on a lyrics site, because in person you know you'll get the simple phrase "fuck off"

    I would first like to ask how you came across No-Cash, they have a strong underground following, but for the most part are extremely unheard of. And since you seem to be a church going fellow, you wouldn't be into the similar fans nor should you have the need to look up bands that oppose your beliefs. I know I don't find myself going onto your "christcore" bands and talking shit on there about how you are all mindless retards, who are unable to think for themselves. But see that is the difference with you and I, you're beliefs tells you to preach bullshit while mine says to let people choose. Thus, making you a fucking douche bag. So to achmode i say fuck you

    PierceTheGateson September 12, 2009   Link
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    General Comment

    You know, it strikes me as a bit strange that these lyrics aren't accompanied by a multitude of inane comments by angsty teenagers who see the mocking of organised religion as 'the coolest thing ever' and believe they are somehow sticking it to the man (upstairs) by doing so and listening to so called rebellious music. I understand you may all be having fun, but I hate to break it to you that your not as 'free' as you would like to think you are. After all, you are the ones lapping up this songs lyrics aren't you which are just being sold to you by someone else. It also can't go without mentioning that the lyrics are a little flawed. Jehovah's Witnesses do actually believe in God as well. You may as well let the Church of Latter Day Saints inot your home as well while you're at it. Also, the church has never asked me for money. Giving an offering is always optional and we Christains do actually have the capability to think for ourselves, just like all humans. No major brainwashing occurs when you adopt the faith. It is free will that brought me type this comment after all. Looks like No-Cash need to do a bit more research. Finally don't ask me to prove that God exists. Then I'll just have to ask you to prove that he doesn't. :)

    Achmodeon February 03, 2005   Link

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