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Cosmic Castaway Lyrics

Lose my head to the chemical freeway
Comin' up on overload
In a mystic new dimension
Purify and sanctify me
What, so I'm in no end game
Move my piece right off the board
Losing sure is easy so I am no more

But I'm not broken, in my dream I win
In here I'm nothing, a Cosmic Castaway

In my head I'm a chemical dreamer
Speed up to burn out mode
Comin' up in the 5th dimension
Beautify don't crucify me, yeah
So I need no mind game poisoning my lonely soul
Losing sure is easy so I am no more

But I'm not broken, in my dream I win
And I take over, coz I'm no loser
And I'm in and you're not, bad dreams don't stop
But I'm all screwed up, a Cosmic Castaway
a Cosmic Castaway, a Cosmic Castaway

And I want but have not
Bad dreams, lust thoughts
In here with no pain, you hurt me again
And I want but have none
I should beat the alien

But here I'm no one, a Cosmic Castaway
a Cosmic Castaway, a Cosmic Castaway
a Cosmic Castaway
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May 27, 2002
13 Meanings
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For those of you that don't know, this song is off the Titan A.E. soundtrack. I know that it sort of goes with the theme of the movie but I was wondering if someone could give me their opinion of the meaning of the song. Thanks a bunch. Later, Rev

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this song rocks. anybody who says otherwise, well u suck. rock on...

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haven't heard it in years... didn't like it so much the first time around but now i'm absolutely loving it. a real shame the band hasn't been able to continue putting stuff out.

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you know, i was thinking about this song. and the verses give me the impresion of someone on an acid trip

"lose my head to the chemical free way" "i'm a chemical dreamer"

but i think its more about him striving for something, probably after someone, but then giving up on it...

but hell, what do i know.

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i think that this song is talking about being lost in the world "In a mystic new dimension" and then like kinda being a kid you know like at 18 when you get a taste of the real world "But I'm not broken, in my dream I win In here I'm nothing, a Cosmic Castaway" and how some people can get lost and feel like your a drop in the ocean

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It's "lost thoughts".

Certainly about being lost in an existence of cosmic influence and uncontrollable change; dreaming of heroism but drowned in inanity. Very fitting to the movie. And definitely the best song out of Electrasy.

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I second the "lost thoughts" line.

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that movie was awesome, i saw it again like 2 days ago and found it to be just as awesome as it was back when it first came out (i was like 12).

anyway, i think it may be about being alone in general and depressed and the term "cosmic castaway" just emphasizes the feeling of isolation that the subject is feeling (having the cosmos between you and everyone else). as for the chemical references, it could just be talking about medication (like antidepressants)

just my 2 cents

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I think he's talking about getting high, probably on some kind of psychedelic drug, and seeing himself from two different perspectives.

He talks about a "chemical freeway", then shifts into talking from the perspective of a higher consciousness and loss of self ("So I am no more").

Then he starts talking about how this experience is different than his usual dreams. In his dreams he wins, but his experience showed him that he's "nothing". He talks about how his typical thoughts harm him (crucifying and poisoning him), but his experience showed him how pointless all of that is.

He also talks about how his experience has shielded him from the harm of others, and from desire. I think "beat the alien" might be a reference to him wishing to get rid of his other state of mind and live in the nothingness of that higher state.

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Y'all sound like a bunch of bickering children. Do you really not get the meaning of this song? It's so obvious to me it pains me to write this. This is a story of a man who has lost complete faith with the world. He escapes into drugs and to fantasy so that he doesn’t have to deal with the pain of his real life. In his fantasy, he can be anyone – but yet he knows that he’s no-one – they’re just his thoughts He’s what you might call “too smart for his own good”. His own intelligence is the trigger that started his road to madness. He laments that he has power over nothing, and longs for all this to be over, but he can’t bring himself to kill himself, so he continues to play the game reluctantly. He’s a mess. He boasts that “I’m in, you’re not” suggesting that he understands more than anyone else, but then he crumbles “Bad dreams won’t stop” – he’s gone too far. Too far to come back. And he knows it. He’s caught in a self-destructive loop, and he can’t escape – not without help.

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