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Butter Never Bleeds Lyrics

all the sparks
burn like a torch
all that's dark
lights the front porch

respect me you cried out deserve more
feel the water spill into your lap
a great escape you run far you fall hard
chased away like dogs in the front yard
a no no how come see me
i'm good as dead but butter never bleeds

i must have been crazy
tripped like the great movie ride
twisting around like a madman
stuffing words that just fill up your pride
shooting photos of you coming down
spinning around like a merry go round
it wasn't easy but now you finally realize

i'm so cool
swim in my pool
see how to be
bark up the wrong tree

a bus stop a nice place to save face
all the other kids they laugh at me
your high horse limps now tonto
don't you know that cowboys ride alone
a fresh kiss your skinned knees it's got to hurt
but falling down has never felt so sweet

hey it's my anthem
look now i'm dancing
hey it's my anthem
look ma i'm dancing

now all the while i am standing there
playing coolest kid on the universe
dancing like a puppet on a string that's being pulled
cruising all around the block in a black hearse
now i've got to find a place
a place where i can go to call my own
i've got to find it now, now, now
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May 23, 2002
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Author's comments (aaron wiederspahn, I believe): Proverbs 16:18-- Pride will destroy us. Let us humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord.

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