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A Woe Lyrics

shifting as i lie beside you
warmed by all the love that moves you
i wish i was some wonderful guy
left alone with no great honor
drinking in my tears like wine
no carriage for this ride it's midnight
running through lush fields in my dreams
returning home for love has brought me
held in your arms i am yours
hey girl sad face
i'm sorry that i hurt you
i just haven't been myself in days
taking down the flags that carry
things of days misused in waving
i see your eyes they're longing for my truth
sitting in this room we're talking
conversation flows so freely
can't believe i've been so blind
hey boy sad face
the rain still showers gently
i know you haven't been yourself in days
woe blame upon my head
fostered what's not mine
but how you love me wakes my eyes
woe we should be as one
together in our waltz
and i could wear my favorite suit
woe i thought i'd lost your love
but when i wake you're there
so let me take you out for breakfast
2 Meanings
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It's beyond me that no one's spoken to this song yet. There's this whole marriage of romanticism with the way things really are that breaks me down. "I wish I was some wonderful guy" Come on. You have to respect that those lyrics ring clearer than most others. I'm a sucker for a man and woman singing at the same time anyhow... Rarely better done than at the end of this song. It's love, for real. It's love for sure.

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it's a great song about a man's failure in marriage... and her forgiveness (thank God)

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