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Whirlwind Thru Cities Lyrics

INTRO (scratched):
-Yes, ah ha, I like the rhyme-(scratch)-the rhyme-(scratch)-the rhymes
-All of us are born with a miraculous ability to determine the direction
from which sounds approach us
-Let us (scratch) venture into new and un-chartered land
-People get shook up ya know when I introduced this God&

Energetic, poetic and athletic
You know I get down and dirty when it's time to set it
I'm tearin' through, clean your seen like ammonia
I drown ya, flood four corners, the perimeter
I wonder, cause earthquakes bolts of lightening
You couldn't test the one and only Mike Titan
Afu-Ra, now you hear it now you know it
The body of the life force came forth just to show it
Crucial, lyrical style ain't what it used to
Microphone check one two
I hit the atmosphere, give emcees visions of comets
Technique kicked by force the earth I hit and bomb it
Immaculate, conception with the weapon
Emittin' mind bogglin' forms to mental sections
Beats is cooked, base burnin' like it's lava
Throwin' shit together more iller than Mcgyver
I never tire, spirit live like a wire
I came to let you know fantasies burn like desires
Before I go, on this mic I show pity
Coast to coast I whirlwind through cities

Yeah, I whirlwind through cities
Influential, Scientifical power
My mental violence will shower
Devour, at a crazy rate

Enterprising, uprising surprisin'
Ultra-sonic, mind like bionic
Gets ya body up just like a roots tonic
It's ironic, negative broke to north
I hit the crowd up and scorch off like Malatroph
Stadiums is ripped in half, the diameter
Of area, mathematics, straight up scarin' ya
Face to face, cheek to cheek eye to eye
Now many wish to battle but never wanna die
So they kick it, bout the finer things in life
Yes rings is nice yes but knowledge skills be priceless
And so I radiate platinum diamonds luster
Flavor, perform unique my cosmic savior
As the legend's told, the heavens cradled my birth
Time to get down for my crown and show you what it's worth
My energy level's about to reach the proximity
Perverted monk I whirlwind through cities

(scratched)- friends prefer to call him just plain God


The intentions, of reminiscence is essential
On how I had dreams of a youth now monumental
It's comin' true, things I've said have come to pass
And emcees would get busy but still won't get no cash
Some talents get the stash with skills as half as yours
It's not about styles it's what the crowd you had applaused
This unified circle, slip up it hurts you
So I spread forth and my thoughts make miracles
With my syllables I'm killin' you, but never softly
I'm unique, my critique speaks of my physique
From Chicago to Cairo, skills like the mic
On emcees I make em think that I was Heiro
Glyphics, now the whole world can read the message
Fake emcees couldn't walk through my passage
Afu-Ra, shake the world with agility
Master self I whirlwind through cities

CHORUS (four times)
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