You know I'm like a hop, skip and jump from slappin you senseless
Perverted Monk on this mic, you feel the sentence
Hot vernacular scorch just like incense
I'm intense, shit vibin like a sixth sense
Lyrics mutilated like X-Men
Shower ya, devour ya, technique algebra
Smoothness, movements, hallooed in the matrix
Fist held high, I raise it up to the ancients
Insightfully clear to you, how a master do
Roll with the high and mighty flow tai chi
Quench ya thirst, but first my journal high seas
Lyrical, mathematical, razzle and dazzle you
East New York, street talk, step with a better game
Hydrate rhymes like I was Gatorade
Rockin a name, tappin your brain
With the Sugar Shane Mosley doin it like it's supposed to be

[Chorus 2X: Afu-Ra]
They think they all that, steppin on them like they were doormats
We bounce back and slap you with the raw tracks
Heatin it up steadily, so heavenly
Straight up and down, streets bouncin off the melody

Avoid the Devil's army, they want to harm me
Salute to the Gulliani, crack babies, and zombies
Parkin lots, and drug spots, in the pots are coke rocks
A million in the building, buildings protected by more blocks
Young childs, ghost smiles, money clips colored vials
Stash fifty, in the world of Bird City the warranters
Send the foreigners the coroners
A mess no vest multiplied wounds on chest
Invest in free markets, cream cheese and pockets
Three keys to a promise, stash keys in compartments
Desert eagle my targets, hit ya lease I spark ti
We get the drop on ya spot, make it hot and unlock it
Firearms make fireworks, I wonder where lies lurk
We bloodied up your shirt, all you saw was the fire spark
I'm one of too many, who get amped off Henny
Puttin cowards in cemeteries, kill Willies for pennies

[Chorus 2X]

[Hannibal Stax]
Sex, butchery meat rack material, superior
Crank that shit amplify the whole scenario
Off the level live or in stereo
Young hustle to stay ahead of step
From where your best bet is to rep yours, repetitiously
Cuz this veteran will thrash to wreck yours, repetitiously
If ever you get at me on some bullshit, flash quick
Exactly who the fuck I got pull with
Autographed it for Big number one with a bullet
Expressin black glove love hood it down, how I put it down
This style ain't never been shit to me, why would it now?
I come forth with gun smoke, no petty read ya bound by honor
That I merk you in the hunt for a dollar
Alive on the strength of Power U
Divine Karma, Allah's armor see you keep fraudulatin
I'll sick my wolves in your basement, with loaded shell casings

[Chorus 2X]

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Bee Gees
@[Diderik:33655] "Your a holiday!" Was a popular term used in the 50s/60s to compliment someone on their all around. For example, not only are they beautiful, but they are fun and kind too ... just an all around "holiday". I think your first comment is closer to being accurate. The singer/song writers state "Millions of eyes can see, yet why am i so blind!? When the someone else is me, its unkind its unkind". I believe hes referring to the girl toying with him and using him. He wants something deeper with her, thats why he allows himself to be as a puppet (even though for her fun and games) as long as it makes her happy. But he knows deep down that she doesnt really want to be serious with him and thats what makes him.
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Ed Sheeran
“Midnight” is a song about finding a love that is so true that it provides a calming feeling through every storm. Ed Sheeran reflects on his good fortunes in landing someone with such peace and support and speaks of not fearing the dark days because he knows they’ll all end in the safety nets of her arms. “Well, good morning there / What a way to start the day / With everything laid bare,” Ed Sheeran sings in the first verse, enthusiastic to be waking up beside his woman. He apologizes for missing her calls in the second verse and promises to return them because for him, speaking to her is the most important thing. “Well, I get lost inside my head / In this chaos, you’re my calm / And I will find my feet again / ‘Cause еven the worst days of my life will always еnd / At midnight in your arms,” sings Ed Sheeran in the chorus, revelling in his good luck.
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Another Love
Tom Odell
I think the meaning is pretty clear. This person got really burned in a previous relationship, and because of this is unable to love and show care in his present one, even though he so badly wants to. It's lovely song, and very sad. You can really feel how defeated and frustrated he is with himself.
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Somewhere Only We Know
Per the FAQ on Keane's website, Keane's drummer Richard Hughes, stated the following: "We've been asked whether "Somewhere Only We Know" is about a specific place, and Tim has been saying that, for him, or us as individuals, it might be about a geographical space, or a feeling; it can mean something individual to each person, and they can interpret it to a memory of theirs... It's perhaps more of a theme rather than a specific message... Feelings that may be universal, without necessarily being totally specific to us, or a place, or a time..." With the nostalgic sentiment and the overall tone of the song, I think Keane is attempting to express a Portuguese term known as 'saudade', which does not have a direct English translation but roughly means "that which we remember because it is gone."
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Cranberries, The
"Zombie" is about the ethno-political conflict in Ireland. This is obvious if you know anything of the singer (Dolores O'Riordan)'s Irish heritage and understood the "1916" Easter Rising reference. "Another head hangs lowly Child is slowly taken And the violence caused such silence Who are we mistaken - Another mother's breaking Heart is taking over" Laments the Warrington bomb attacks in which two children were fatally injured on March 23rd, 1993. Twelve year old Tim Parry was taken off life support with permission from his mother after five days in the hospital, virtually braindead. "But you see it's not me It's not my family" References how people who are not directly involved with the violence feel about it. They are "zombies" without sympathy who refuse to take action while others suffer.