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Karaoke Superstars Lyrics

turn up the car radio
we can be karaoke superstars
doesn't matter what they think
when we're driving in my car
if we don't think about it

red rover red rover
please let me come over
who made you queen for a day
and us court to rule
last to be chosen
will I be here leftover
well it's alright
maybe it's alright
maybe it's

I feel alone
I feel unseen
I feel marked down
I just get my keys...

red rover red rover
I don't wanna come over
cut me down to your size
so you tower me over
it only works if I care
and if I don't your reign's over
and it's alright
maybe it's alright
maybe it's

I am alone
I am unleashed
I define myeslf
I just get my keys...

red rover red rover
if you want then come over
it's no critic car
so there's no one to win over
be your own superstar
when the voting is over
and we're alright baby we're alright
2 Meanings
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i went to a private school for 9 weeks...it was the worst 9 weeks of my life...people had a problem that i was an "emo kid" and didn't even give me a chance before they shunned me away. it makes me sad just thinking about it. i wanted so badly for them to like me and they didn't. lucky for me i had holly, my carpool, she was the coolest and in the same situation as i was...holly and i listened to this song everyday in her pt cruiser...this songs was where we were safe because we felt that we weren't without this car and without this song...it didn't matter what they thought about us if we didn't think about it...

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Red Rover was banned from my elementary school for being deemed too violent by the administration...we weren't allowed to play tag either. But anyway, I completely feel this song sometimes, for me it's dancing like a spaz that takes me away from what's going on around me (only when no one is looking of course) Car karaoke rocks my socks, windows down, sunroof open rolling through campus blasting ace of base...YES!!

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