Take Me Back Lyrics

deep in the heart
of a seething beast
think of bright lights
a splendid feast
but something's missing
she's feeling low
something's missing
she's going home

take me back -- I'm feeling low
take me back -- I'm going home
take me back -- I'm so alone
take me back I'm travelling home

suspicious stranger
there's something wrong
she is changed
ah but this is not

she is back
but she's not home
she is back
but she's still alone
she came back after all this time
she came back to warning signs
all is black when the lights are on
nothing rhymes its been so long

deep in the heart
of a seething beast
think of bright lights
a splendid feast
where you arrive
can be home
where you come from
isn't always home

take me back -- I'm coming home
take me back -- where I belong
take me back I'm leaving home
take me back I'm coming home
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May 19, 2002
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I guess it's about a woman that felt strange/alone where she was originally and found a place she could call home- probably within herself since it's deep in her heart.

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Home is a metaphor, I believe. For some, home is the structure which contains beloved family members. For others home is the neighborhood pub with guy friends and beer games. For others it's the dance clubs; young girlfriends; and the beach. Home is whereever one feels he belongs...where he's the most comfortable. And one cannot be forced or guilted or beaten into leaving "home." Home is what it is ...where the individual feels the most comfortable; loved; respected; and happy. We all have different types of homes. And some homes were never meant to be shared...

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I think the line in the first verse "think of bright lights, a splendid feast" is about Christmas and coming home for that time of year. The seething beast is a metaphor, mostly likely for the suburbs, where Siouxsie grew up and felt she didn't belong, hence why she's feeling low as she goes to her literal home.

The second verse suggests that she doesn't go home often, so everything has changed and it's even less than a home than it was before she left the first time.

The chorus basically centres around her desire to go to her real home, which is where she belongs and not the home she was raised in.

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A theme first explored during Siouxsie's monologue for the Channel Four documentary 'Play At Home' and to all intents and purposes a companion piece. Siouxsie relates the story of girl who has grown tired of the city and leaves for the country to return 'home' to visit her mother and sister. When things in the country do not turn out as planned the girl reaches an epiphany that her real 'home' is back in the city and it is there that she longs to return.

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it sounds more Creatures than Banshees for me.

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