An Execution Lyrics

This is what she saw

The unsuspecting horse was held fast to the ground
Whilst some soldiers slit open its belly

The guilty gypsy was shoved inside the horse's belly
With only his head protruding from the dying beast

Another soldier then sewed up the wound with the culprit inside
Condemned to die, along with the putrefying animal, screaming

The young countess looked on, barely restraining a giggle.
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kaitou On May 19, 2002
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The lyrics were adapted from an account of the life of Countess Elizabeth Bathoray that Siouxsie happened to be reading when the music was being put together.

Love the bass at the beginning of this track.

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At the end she says "The young countess looked up, barely restraining a giggle."

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I would love to what Siouxsie says at the very end. You can hear her say "the young countess looked up..." and then it is incomprehensible. Does anybody know?

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