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Slowdive Lyrics

Get your head down to the ground
Shake it all around - a dirty sound
Put your knees into your face
And see if you can race - real slow

It's a slowdive - when you die slow
Oh it's low jive - do the slowdive

Now you jump back like a hound
Emit a howling sound
Dig those limbs into the floor
And holler out for more

And tou revel in the dips
when your backbone slips
Taking honeysuckle sips
From your rolling hips
It shifts and shifts

It's a slowdive - when you die slow /
When you come alive it's a low jive
Do the slowdive.
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May 19, 2002
6 Meanings
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This song makes me want to dance. Of course it's about sex, though (particularly going down?). Most of this album is!

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It's about sex, xianificent. Honestly, how more blatant does it have to be?

@Meiriona I actually thought this song was about heroin but coded like sex

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SIOUXSIE: " 'Slowdive' was an improvised lyric...It's like, umm, if you're making music, what it amounts to is, because you're expressing something you can't say in words. So for me to explain what that is, is taking away something that you lose when you're just using speech. With music it should speak for itself. Source: Elektron Interview 20/12/82

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Only two comments on this awesome song? Come on people, where's your taste in music? This is just pure fun, through and through. And I agree with Meiriona. Tough to see this as something other than sexual, particularly given the pause at 3:23 (the orgasm) and Siouxsie Sioux's accompanying grunt at 3:26.

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Don't know exactly what it's about,,,but back in the day when I was a club regular on "goth night", this song came on I HAD to dance to it.

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