Everybody Wanna Be A Star Lyrics

You cannot be me
(ha ha)
Deke what I tell you! What I tell you!
Look at they face now! You cats cannot be me it's only one me
Look at they face now! Stupid! All of them!
I'm not the second nobody , it's one me
I told you it was gon happen!
You can be that way if you want , it's me
Now look at they face! Look at them crawlin on they knees!

[Beanie Mac]
Why niggas can't never just play they part
Gotta be the first ones that say they talk
Say they shared , first ones to say they did
Can't never be they self gotta play that kid
You know the same young buck you let touch the coke
And now that he come up he wanna cut your throat
And you gave from the block , put em to your neck
Now he givin you a glock puttin it to your neck
You know that same bitch said don't fuck with him
That nigga no good aint no trust in him
Two days later see her in a truck with him
Two years later now that bitch stuck with twins
That nigga been broke why now she fuck his friends
Got a lap dance in bars and touch them ends
Time uncovered a veil over people's plots
And the dumb shit they do to get on top

CHORUS: Nafeisa and Beanie Mac
Everybody wants to be a star
Everybody wanna be a star , don't wanna be who they are
Everybody wants to be a star
Every bitch wanna hop in your car , every hater wanna give you scars

[Beanie Mac]
Man every fucking day , these no flow niggas
Always in my face , with they promo niggas
I thought I told y'all , I don't know Jigga
I'm not Beanie Sigel , and I don't flow neither
What happened to your keys and dreams of being cracklords
Now it's Trinities , MP's and trackboards
I switched my hustle to get this cream
Now everybody and they mom wanna spend $16
I got niggas wastin they change to get in this game
Like shit gon change when they get in this game
You think it's just rhymes and beats
Man this shit's stress time and heat , deadlines to meet
Everybody wanna come cry to me , come spit they little lines to me
You shouldn't of lied to me , naw dog you can't rhyme wit me
Like you tied to me , like I don't see what you tryin na be

CHORUS (addition)
Stop tryin na be a star, be who you are
Maybe you will go a little far

[Beanie Mac]
Man I aint gon lie I thought all the glitz was gold
And like Jay (I watched the truth unfold)
And now that I got a little time in with this rhymin
I found out everything that shine aint a diamond
Everything that come in a jar aint dro
Aint no use you spittin them bars you can't flow
Aint no use you gettin that R if it don't glow
And aint no use you gettin a car if you can't go
Get out the streets , haters will draw you back
Like an automatic weapon that'll pull you back
Load somethin in the brain just to see you snap
I try to maintain but I see they trap
See they plot , you can see me not
You can be me not , niggas wanna see me bopped , see me locked
See me in the block , send me shots , do anything to be on top

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