[Intro - Beanie]
You know we hadda do a remix right?
Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!
All you Young Gunnerz!
Hey Just, this the one right here baby!
I told you dawg!

Its B Sig in the place with State P
and we got what it takes to rock the mic right Yeah!
Still watch what you say to B. Sig
cause I still will knock your ass the fuck out

[Verse 1 - Beanie (Freeway)]
I bring the hood when I'm travelin
Scrap backwoods unravelin
Scrap smoke good when we travelin
Forget the Mac's cause the K's fit good in the Caravan
I clap up your hood like the hammer man
Bring your gat, better bust it if you get that close
Scared to clap better strap your folks (strap...your...folks)
Who want beef with State P...
Enemies try to speak to me
Negative they don't get that close

[Verse 2 - Freeway (Beanie)]
Its Free, listen
Blow trees with Mac Mittens
(No we didn't) Yes we did!
(Switch beginnings) Smith and Wesson precision
Bring the broads down with ribbons
(Leave a mess in your crib)
Not a brave nigga?
(Fuckin with some made niggas)
Hit him with the AK nigga
(Free no you didn't)
Yes I did
Overpayed shit? Wait a minute...
When this fakin, snatch the cake up out his crib
(Then slide, uh)
I'm like the baker with your pies
(Then rise)
Set up shop and distribute where you live
It's Freeway in the place with my squad
and we got what it takes to DUMP the K
FLIP your ride!

[Chrous 1 - Beanie]
Its B Sig in the place with State P
and I got what it takes to rock the mic right Yeah!
Still watch what you say to Young Free
cause 50 shots still will turn the club out
[Chorus 2 - Freeway]
Its Freeway in the place with State P
and we got what it takes to the rock the mic right Yeah!
Still watch what you say to B Sig
cause we got what it takes to dump the D-E
[Chorus 3 - Nelly]
Its Nelly in the place with Murph Lee
and I got what it takes to rock the mic right Yeah!
You better watch what you say around herre
cause theres somethin on my waste to make the whole place break
[Chorus 4 - Murphey Lee]
Its Murph dun in the place with Nelly
and I got what it takes to rock the mic right Yeah!
You better watch what you say to my face
cause I got what it takes to shake the whole place

[Verse 3 - Murphey Lee]
See me eightteen entertainin em
Twenty-one when I'm clubbin it
Fake ID for the fuck of it
I'm just a school boy, somewhat new boy
If you can't get Nelly you'a settle for who boy?
Two toy carrier, two stashes
One truck that seats six asses
Swing through to refuse the masses
Move glasses and blow smoked up in my ashes
I used to drive my mama stuff
Now the school boy puttin twenty's on the bom bom(?) truck
I make rappers go back to the block
They be like "maybe I was better off selling rocks"
I'm Murphey Lee in the place to be punk
and I got enough skunk to fill the whole blunt
I take trips with chumps up in my trunk
and I take em real far to a safe place to dump

[Verse 4 - Nelly]
Down down, I'm witcha dirty go head and lay down
and ass a pin down, heard what I said now?
How I procede with caution
My whip crack fast all you niggas is horses
Randy Moss', I play when I wanna
Nut check, gut check, cause I say what I wanna
Around six in the six with the throwback
Sixers, number six Julius Irv'
Cris and the herb, make it hard to swirve
Throw your hands up; if you didn't bang your rim on the curb
You couldn't hit while you was makin a turn
I strike a nerve and old MC's wantin a comeback
I got repsect but it's lost and that's a fact
Like K - "Know" one here even said your name
R - You really feelin guilty bout somethin mayn
S - Sad to see you really just want just
One - more hit please please!
You the first old man who should get a rapper's pension
No we ain't system call this mic invention
Snitchin? Matter fact stay the fuck out the kitchen
Nelly cookin with too many dimensions
Mid west, and we aim about mid chest
Duked on my side, too many in my tribe
Coupe outside who the fuck want a ride?

[Chorus 3]
[Chorus 2]

[Outro - Freeway (to fade)]
All a y'all need to one yo self
Go get the burner nigga clap yo-self!
All a y'all need to one yo self
Go get the burner nigga clap yo-self!
Yeah! Its the, its the Roc nigga
Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!
And another one...

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    Beans Rocs the Mic on this one

    KonArtiston September 07, 2002   Link

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