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It's Not Right Lyrics

Do even asked me the reason...

Yeah I know,you hear freeway everywhere you go
before rap you see freeway everywhere you at
you can bounce, he move yayo heavy with the crack
now I'm in there like Prego with the ROC
thick like labels with mack
now I do doughnuts on the cops,keep cradles of stacks
and you now when you hot when niggas hate on ya' tracks
and you know when you shot when bullets come out ya' back
for words coming out your mouth watch the way you rat
cause'I'm from the streets and you will hate the way I act
with a SK, Nine, or a Dillinger pick the heat
mad cause' I lounge in a 8 Cylinder pick a beat
fuck it up, holla at Julio get it checked
my squad do circles like Hula-hoops with ya' freaks
send her home after giving us neck, you can't sleep
wonder why ya' girlfriend not giving you sex
same nigga you told can't stop hustlin' won't eat,uhhn!

[Chorus 2x:Omilio Sparks]
Tell me how we know,
this we lead will take us places that we don't wanna go
now I really wanna change,but I'm chasing change
trying to ease the pain, shelter for the rain
I don't wanna hurt no more

Yo, since a buck I been a knuckle-head
half of the stuff you said, went in one and out the other ear
you break ya' neck for what I asked for
pops wasn't around one of the reasons why I'm hustlin' now
one of the reasons why you strugglin' now,
wit' three one your own, workin' the night shift and leavin' us home
It's cool mom, I just couldn't got to school mom
cause' of rappin' cause' of that you 'bout to move mom
boy make moves mom, soon mom, trying to get us away
from them nosey neighbors and the boys in blue mom,
but I remember them times, no food in the crib
nobody taking timeout schoolin' the kids
in school with the kids they got they Timb's on
buttered up, it wasn't right
I'm up in there my slim's on button up, it's alright
but they ain't never clown me, they see pain up in me
I had a little Sugar Shane up in me

[Chorus 2x]

[Beanie Sigel]
Why that cat gotta be pushin' them Bently's
back to back like that , cause' god meant me
you little dirty punks ain't ready for the boy
load four thiry chunks and eatin' seventy more
what makes you say that is it cause I'm laid back
spinnin' through them wheels of fortune like Sajak
pump your brakes scrap, I only spit it for ya'll
niggas like my nigga Mark eatin' space packs
ya'll niggas want R.I.P but I'm CEO
I remember I use to see CC
cop, cook, and collect
my nigga Kyle use to cook it the best
but for you crooked cops I got a 40 cal that'll cook up
ya' chest, parolized my man, slimmed his legs and
parolized his chance, I know Allah got plans
but still I remaniss at night this can't be us this
can't be right

[Chorus 2x]

It's funny me chasing change
made my whole life change, got me a range
slammed in the bing, freedom snatched away
hug my momma from a K,
watchin' a tear roll off her face
but mom is hurting no more
[Chorus 2x]
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