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Spleen United – μ Lyrics 8 years ago
The lyric is from Pets by Porno for Pyros.

The Smashing Pumpkins – Cherub Rock Lyrics 8 years ago
I think you really hit the essence of what this song is about. Only, replace popular high school kids with Billy's vision of the indie music scene in 1994: hipsters that will pretend to be your friend as long as it benefits them. On the other side, Billy was still true to his metal roots, despite the fact that metal was extremely unpopular at the time. He stayed true to who he was, and didn't let what was popular at the time change him. He always was a leader, and never a follower, regardless of how uncool/unpopular his image was at the time.

Spleen United – Heat Lyrics 8 years ago
I too, took a while to let this track sink in, but now it's my favorite from the album. Spleen United uses lyrics like a wire frame, and the music builds the meaning. Their songs are so subjective...I think the meanings change depending your circumstances...which in a way makes the songs more personal.

To me, Heat is about caring for someone with a terminal illness. Watching them struggle to stay alive, and then find peace in death.

Kraftwerk – Trans Europa Express Lyrics 9 years ago
I think this song is about the Trans Europe Express.

Fleet Foxes – Grown Ocean Lyrics 10 years ago
For reasons out of my control, I haven't seen my mother in years and we only talk on the phone maybe once or twice a year. Whenever I hear this song, I think about meeting her again in heaven and being so happy to see her and have the chance to tell her all of the things she's missed in my life.

Blonde Redhead – Spain Lyrics 10 years ago
Thank you, fixed it! Just wish I could make out some of the other lines as well.

Blonde Redhead – My Plants Are Dead Lyrics 10 years ago
Thank you, fixed it :)

kim zolciak – Google Me Lyrics 10 years ago
"I'm diabetic!" lolololol

The Smashing Pumpkins – My Blue Heaven Lyrics 10 years ago
This song was written in the late 1800's and methamphetamine wasn't widely used until the 1940's, so it's definitely not about that. I think you may be looking a little too far into things.

Kent – Nålens Öga Lyrics 11 years ago
This was the first song I ever heard by Kent. I don't speak Swedish, so I don't understand what it's about, but it's very beautiful to me. I listened to this a lot during a very difficult period in my life. It's the last half of the song that really effects me.

Massive Attack – Live With Me (feat. Terry Callier) Lyrics 12 years ago
I think this may be about Terry Callier's daughter. Giving up his music and getting a job as a computer programer so he could have custody of her.

Interpol – No I in Threesome Lyrics 14 years ago
"There is no I in threesome" but there is "me" and no "you" or "us".

Radiohead – Talk Show Host Lyrics 15 years ago
just a little correction to some of the statements made above:

this song was written prior to romeo and juliet...the song that radiohead wrote for romeo and juliet after seeing the end of the film was "exit music (for a film)".

Depeche Mode – The Love Thieves Lyrics 16 years ago
i think its about christianity...more specifically perhaps, missionaries. they help the poor with health care, education, and food...but it is in exchange for excepting a god that maybe they dont believe in. in a sense, its stealing the purity of their love.

The Cure – Doing the Unstuck Lyrics 16 years ago
this song is NOT about sex! its about trying to come out of utter blackness and not caring how crazy people think you look as you do so. its all about dancing and having fun and just being crazy as long as it makes you feel better in the end.

The Cure – The Drowning Man Lyrics 16 years ago
its based on a book by mervyn peake called gormenghast. upon realizing that her heart had been broken, fucshia, now growing old, finds it too difficult to retreat back into her imaginary world. she plays in her mind with the idea of suicide. not really knowing what she is doing, she begains to act out a story once again. suddenly she is startled by a knock on the door. it is he who had broken her heart. but before she can gain composure and pull herself from her make believe, she slips on the window sill and falls to her death. drowning in the flood water outside.

excellent book by the way. there are several cure songs that reference it.

Depeche Mode – Stripped Lyrics 16 years ago
to me this sounds like the book 1984.

Atmosphere – Like Today Lyrics 16 years ago
this song is so great because he's talking about my old neighborhood. i know and love all the places he's talking about. i think i even worked in one of the stores he went into in this song.

Morrissey – I Have Forgiven Jesus Lyrics 16 years ago
morrissey is 100% asexual. the end.

The Smashing Pumpkins – 17 Lyrics 16 years ago
this is a direct reference to the song "seventeen seconds" by the cure. here are the lyrics to that song:

Time slips away
And the light begins to fade
And everything is quiet now
Feeling is gone
And the picture disappears
And everything is cold now
The dream had to end
The wish never came true
And the girl
Starts to sing

Seventeen seconds
A measure of life
Seventeen seconds

The Cure – Secrets Lyrics 16 years ago
no, i think movitz is dead on.

reminds me of a boy i once knew..

Radiohead – The Thief (Can cover) Lyrics 17 years ago
this is a can cover.

The Cure – Forever Lyrics 17 years ago
here is another version of forever. this one was from the june 6th 1982 paris show.

Pulling this watch as faces go
Pulling in a word and done it slow
This other time
I see your face is silent
Oh, we go away and
What have you done
Takes a feeling inside us all
Continue out with just
One push in my mouth
But you're so close now
And you're so close now
All I have to do is three short blows
All that still is best inside
Fool when they walk
And you don't even know
All I have to do is kill her...
And the other faces here with me
The others dressed in summers thing
If only one way is to be beautiful
If only one way is to the other song
And every time it's you,
It's like the blood on the stairs
Is sent away
And every time we see
It's all set before you
If only the ways to kill you
You used to say
This fear of drowning
Fear no death by water
Father walks in at the foot of the bed
Six of you want to see you safe
Just one time you'll meet this man
All you've got to do is kill her
And all you've got to do is kill her
Trickle the sands against
And pull the animals
Just out of the womb
Seeing the cow dead before he was born
It's the man, he loved
The solid pieces fell on the ground
He couldn't kill another life
He couldn't kill another life
He couldn't kill another life
It's all been painted with love
It could have been some friends
Pulling strings to meet you
All I want to do is reach it
She says 'Let go my shoulder!'
See the sky!
And the sky goes black
And the sky goes black
I just want to feel her
I just want to feel her
I just want you to feel it
I just want you to feel it
Everytime I looked up the stairs
I used to see her die
She would move so slow
Anyone could've been
But she was a cat
Anyone could've been
She was a cat
Pulling away as I used to fight
That's just playing so low
That ugly or pretty
The face stays the same
Her face stays the same
Her face stays the same
The ugly or pretty face
Stays the same, stays the same,
Stays the same
And looking on the final walls
And looking on the final walls
Did you now find this malice out?
The angels fall
Let's make some more noise...
Would you fall in
They used to say
Help me be your mother
For just one day
Let's fall in churches far outside
They used to love
They used to love...

Interpol – Length of Love Lyrics 17 years ago
thanks for the updated lyrics, ill correct them right away!

David Bowie – It's No Game (Part 1) Lyrics 17 years ago
thanks supersix4, fixed the lyric!

The Smashing Pumpkins – Dancing in the Moonlight Lyrics 17 years ago
this was me and my first boyfriend's song. he used to come over to visit me while my dad was out on saturday nights, and he'd miss his last bus going home and have to walk back home. i put this on a mix tape for him once, and he sayd it was exactly how he felt. sweet memories.

The Cure – Push Lyrics 17 years ago
i have a third take on this song. for me its about pushing your depresion away. i feel that robert is personificating depression (the man) and when he says to smear him accross the wall, i think he means to just get up and get rid of your depression. i love how this song is so happy, and it really reminds me of "doing the unstuck", which for me has the same meaning as this song.

it just goes to show you that you can really take any song and make it fit your life, and the meanings can change completely depending on what your going through in your life.

Soul Coughing – City Of Motors Lyrics 17 years ago
this song contains one of the best lines in any song:
"flicks an ash like a wild loose comma". thats just brilliant.

The Cure – Forever Lyrics 17 years ago
i understand that the lyrics for this song have changed and morphed over all the years they have been performing it live. the above is my aproximation (some of the lyrics are very hard to understand) of Forever from the august 9th 2004 toronto show. please feel free to post your versions of this song here too.

...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – Counting Off The Days Lyrics 17 years ago
thanks for that rad interpritation aywkubttod16. this ep is actually based on a true story about a man who's wife dies. he keeps her body and trys everything to bring her back to life. the album kinda tells the story (with the exception of intelligence which was just kinda slapped on the end). you guys should check out this website for more info on the story behind the secret of elena's tomb ep:

Kepler – Upper Canada Fight Song Lyrics 17 years ago
beautiful, beautiful song. ive been searching for the lyrics for years, and sadly i cant find any. if anyone can make out the words that ive missed, please comment and i will correct these lyrics ritght away!

The Cure – All Cats Are Grey Lyrics 17 years ago
when i hear this song, i think about the gormenghast novels by mervyn peake. i know the drowning man was based on these books, but im not sure about this one. there is a charachter in the books that owns hundereds of white cats and lives in a monstrosity of a castle who's corridors carry on forever and ever. and id think that in the dark cells of the castle, the cats would look grey. who knows. but i also think about a man traped in a cave where the lights slowly begin to fade and everything starts to turn grey until there is no colour left at all.

Depeche Mode – Useless Lyrics 17 years ago
well that makes it a little odd because david is singing and not martin... so why would he sing a song about himself that martin had written? but i do see where your coming from...

anyways, this is a great song. its airy but forceful at the same time. although not much happened in the video, i think it was one of the better dm videos.

The Walkmen – The Rat Lyrics 17 years ago
no, he's got a right. i feel him. its like your screaming at someone and no matter what they do, they just dont see you, so finally you give up and just go out on yr own.

David Bowie – Bring Me the Disco King Lyrics 17 years ago
thats exactly how i feel about it karl.

i love how its so jazzy and mellow. totally unexpected.

Low – In Metal Lyrics 17 years ago
ive always thought it was about alan and mimi's daughter. it was written just after her birth i believe.

David Bowie – Rock 'n' Roll Suicide Lyrics 17 years ago
Lady Stardust was Marc Bolan of T Rex, and the kids killed Ziggy, not The Spiders...actually I believe the kids drove him to kill himself, hence the title "Rock 'N' Roll Suicide".

Can you just imagine hearing this song at Ziggy's retirement concert? I've heard that Bowie anounced Ziggy's retirement at that final show and then dove right into this song, with all the fans screaming and crying. And as soon as it was finnished, he hopped into a car and drove away with all the fans chasing after him.

The last part of the song seems to be about comforting the fans. Imagine your at that concert and Bowie announces his retirement, only you dont know he's playing the part of Ziggy, so you think its the last concert he'll ever do those last lines were meant as a reassurance...dont fret because Ziggy will always be with you sort of thing. Pure magic.

David Bowie – Golden Years Lyrics 17 years ago
The song was written for Bowie's first wife, Angela back in 1976. If you want to hear songs he wrote specifically for film (how the hell could you think this was written for a knight's tale?), check out the second half of Low or most of the Labrynth soundtrack.

David Bowie – Ashes to Ashes Lyrics 17 years ago
i agree with dead, the video is creepy. (help! im drowning in a sea of bad special effects!) the part at the end when he's walking down the beach with the old lady gives me shivers.

this song (and the whole scary monsters album) is so cynical and cold. it was really the end of an era for bowie. and what a way to end the era.

...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – Days Of Being Wild Lyrics 17 years ago
the spoken word part actually goes like this (i got this directly from jason reece):

quickly i said,
because your feet need to hit the floor
and wake your mind up
because the body needs a little more
and you step out from the porch
into the street
and the night will have its way with you
and you find a paper on the wall
and see the slogan needs an audience
and you give it a new look
you were trying to take a stab
you try to take a stab
you try to make something happen
and the colors saturate into the walls of the buildings
a graffiti deposition
a nexus
a movement to fruition
a middle finger to the institution
a middle finger to the institution
a middle finger to the institution

Radiohead – We Suck Young Blood. (Your Time Is Up.) Lyrics 18 years ago
god i love the claps! this song is so sexy. any song with claping seems sexy to me ( that ive made a fool of myself)...

in the lyric booklet, after "are you strung up by the wrists?" it says "(fois-gras style)". anyone have any clue what fois-gras is? i originaly thought it had something to do with the tempo, like how the song speeds up and gets crazy for a bit, but then a did a bit of hunting and i found out what foie gras is:

n : a pate made from goose liver (marinated in cognac) and truffles [syn: pate de foie gras]

make any since to anyone? oh, and am i the only person who has no idea what the hell j0verule is talking about?

The Cure – Siamese Twins Lyrics 18 years ago
robert's first time was at a halloween party whith mary (his now wife. isnt that sweet?) in which he was dressed as a surgeon. he used ketchup for blood as part of his costume and the sickly sweet smell drove him nuts and now he always associates sex with rotting ketchup smell. nice.

Radiohead – I Will. (No Man's Land.) Lyrics 18 years ago
when i first heard this song in meeting people is easy (it was just the harmony part at the end of the song) the notes were so perfect and so desperate...and i thought to myself "this is the most beautiful melody i have ever heard". now that i have heard the entire song and melody that goes with the just really tears at my heart.

what i think this song means:
the above comment about it being about war may very well be true. thom is very political and it seems to make perfect sence. however, when i think about the lyrics, i saw something different. the part at the end "little babies' eyes" reminded me that thom just had a child, and maybe this song is a sort of lullabye for his child. he doesnt want what happened to him to happen to his children...white elephants might have something to do with republicans.. (in my version of the song, he sings "with white elephants/ sitting ducks/ i will/ rise up") so im gonna put two ideas together.. maybe this song is about protecting your children from war. or about thom wanting to protect his child from war.

i hope you folks could follow my a bit scatterbrained.

David Bowie – Sunday Lyrics 18 years ago
one of the most beautiful songs i have ever heard.

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Interlude Lyrics 19 years ago
their voices sound perfect together.

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Christine Lyrics 19 years ago
its called dissasociative identity disorder (DID), aka multiple personality disorder NOT SCHIZOPHRENIA. schizophrenia is where a person will hear voices or see people that arent there. DID is where the person will have several seperate personas, like in this song.

Cursive – Sink to the Beat Lyrics 19 years ago
something i left out from my previous comment...

"some memories are like disease
they can inflame your misery
they will infect your melody
they haunt me
some melodies are like disease
they can inflame your misery
they will infect your memory
they haunt me "

if you look back and think of a painful memory youve had, it consumes your mind, and it effects your presently. you get sad thinking about it. so what was sad for you then becomes a disease, when you remember it you become re infected. infecting melody...maybe that means they will make you write songs centered on that memory. in the next verse the reverse becomes true, some songs bring up memories from a hard time in your life. these melodys "infect your memory".

Cursive – Sink to the Beat Lyrics 19 years ago
its not satirical, it isnt ment to be funny. its about painful irony in the music industry. the sea spoken of at the end of the song is a metaphor for the radio. "I'm just an airplane diving down
I storm and crash without a sound "
if a cursive song made it on to the radio, it would be a complete failure and sink to the bottom, no one would put up a fuss.
"engines exploding silently out at sea
where waves caress unstable egos"
bands that dont produce a top radio hit are silently forgotten. yet bands that do get a hit, well they get a stroked ego.
"where melody is completely swallowed
where songwriters chain their songs
to their ankles and
sink to the beat "
the melody and beauty and everything the artist puts into a song, all of their intentions for it, those things are all meaningless, its all about weather its top 40 material. so artists that could be making unpopular beauty instead make radio rubbish, chaining themselfs to their songs.
"'til it stops and
bursts under pressure
let it
burst and bloom
hit song
let it burst and bloom"

do you see my view of this song now?

Cursive – The Night I Lost the Will to Fight Lyrics 19 years ago
i dont think this is about a love that wouldnt work out, not in the sence that your thinking.

this is about reaching a certain point where you just dont care about anything anymore. and this song's about wanting to care, but relising that you've lost the will.

"the flame that once burned within these fists where defeat remains"

this suggests that he used to have opinions, desires, dreams...and now all thats left is defeat. he just doesnt care anymore, and in a sence, he has given up on life.

so this is a song about a love that wouldnt work out: a love for yourself.

Radiohead – High and Dry Lyrics 20 years ago
'all sussed out' means 'all figured out'

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