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UFO – Rock Bottom Lyrics 7 years ago
And what "Rock Bottom" has with it?

Judas Priest – Worth Fighting For Lyrics 7 years ago
You'r a moron

Judas Priest – Dying To Meet You Lyrics 7 years ago
Its about nazi germany "arm raise, "Bird" (nazi eagle).
Absolutelly nothing with Vietnam!

Judas Priest – Eat Me Alive Lyrics 7 years ago
This song was subject of much controversy. They say its about oral sex under a gun point. In fact, the song seens really to be talking about this, but I think the meaning goes a little bit further. Maybe, the song is talking about Linda Lovelace, the actress of "Deepthroat" movie, who was forced by his husband to act in the movie under a gunpoint of a M-16 rifle, and as we can se, she was really able to "eat" someone's cock. He also forced her to prostitute herself, and beated her a lot. Just a point of view.....

Iron Maiden – The Phantom of the Opera Lyrics 7 years ago
I think the "Phantom of the Opera" is a metaphor from an ex-girlfriend who still to pursuit the guy, and create doubts in his head if he should still with his new girl or get back to her, and this creates on him much suffering. Its evident on the fragments: "keep your distance", "Dont take the bait" "you haunt me you taunt me".

Sabaton – Hellrider Lyrics 7 years ago
This for sure is not about tanks, first cause tanks in his majority doesnt have tires, sont ride fast as lightining, and doesnt usually drive on roads.
For me tis song is a tribute to the Hells Angels bike (criminal) group

Sabaton – Speeder Lyrics 7 years ago
This song is about the SR-71 Blackbird aircraft

Judas Priest – Exciter Lyrics 7 years ago
This song is abou LSD
Evident in the part:
"You'll never see him but you will taste the FIRE UPON YOUR TONGUE"

Black Sabbath – Methademic Lyrics 7 years ago
Obviously about heroin adicction

Halford – God Bringer of Death Lyrics 7 years ago
This song is about mass destruction weapons. Its clear on:

Tormenter of nations
Cause bred out for war

It's you that has created me
I am your fears come into life

Black Sabbath – Neon Knights Lyrics 7 years ago
Like every Dio's song, this song is talking about nothing.

Rob Halford – Fetish Lyrics 7 years ago

Iron Maiden – Strange World Lyrics 7 years ago
This song is about the first time that a teenager has been on a whorehouse.
Evident in this parts:

"The only place where you can dream"
(only with prostitutes he can make his sexual fantasies comes true)

"smiling faces ever so rare"
(the sad life in prostitution)

"Stalks of light come from the ground"
(neon and club lights)

"All my feelings cannot be held, I'm happy in my new strange world."
(He cannot wait to go to the bedroom with the prostitute, and he's happy)

"girls drinking plasma wine"
(plasma wine is Campari or Martini Rosso)

"Don't you hear me call? Oh"
(the girl passed him his phone number, but she doenst answer cause she's busy with another client)

Rob Halford – One Will Lyrics 7 years ago
This song is about the gladiators of Rome, and has nothing with sports!

Iron Maiden – Strange World Lyrics 7 years ago

Judas Priest – Fever Lyrics 7 years ago
re-encounter of separated lovers

Judas Priest – Electric Eye Lyrics 7 years ago
Obama's and NSA's song

Iron Maiden – Wasted Years Lyrics 7 years ago
Maybe, the greatest motivational song on earth. It says: Stop to look to your past and think that this was you best era, and start to enjoy you present and make him the best time ever.

Rob Halford – Undisputed Lyrics 7 years ago
UFC's song. Maybe he's Velasquez

Judas Priest – Thunder Road Lyrics 7 years ago
Its about a man who left his wife (or husband) to pursuit a dream, maybe a music career, but he later really miss that person, and decide to have a break on this journey and go home.

Judas Priest – Some Heads Are Gonna Roll Lyrics 7 years ago
This song is about the french revolution and the usage of guilhotine.
The "man with the power" is Louis XVI

Judas Priest – Tyrant Lyrics 7 years ago
About Hitler. Nothing else

Judas Priest – Heart Of A Lion Lyrics 7 years ago

Black Sabbath – Heaven And Hell Lyrics 7 years ago
My reading:

This song is abou the women, and the duality that they brings to a man: Heaven and Hell.

Judas Priest – Jawbreaker Lyrics 7 years ago
My reading:

This song is about a kid that passed several years suffering from Bullyng on school, maybe clear in the part "crouching in the corner", like a child ashamed and crounched in the corner of the classroom.
And then, he finally gives up and becomes very agressive.
This song might be inspired by the school massacres in the USA.

Judas Priest – One Shot At Glory Lyrics 7 years ago
This song is about the shot that Luke Skywalker hits in the first Death Star!

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