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Rhye – Open Lyrics 1 year ago
For me this song has always been about a forbidden love.

The person being sang to is "fading" and the singer wants her to stay "open".

Big Sean – Blessings Lyrics 4 years ago
What I love most about this song is the many references to hard work. I don't come across a lot of hiphop tracks that emphasize this.

Rhye – Open Lyrics 4 years ago
I love this song because for me it talks about surviving in complexity. He wants her so bad, but she's fading. There's something holding her back. But even if she's fading, he still wants to give it a go. F the complexity. Just stay open. Give in. Give it a shot. Even if it's just for now. Let tomorrow take care of itself.

CHVRCHES – Now Is Not the Time Lyrics 5 years ago
Yes, timing is a bitch.

Griffin House – Lead Me On Lyrics 5 years ago
Very simple and straight to the point.

However, I don't think he's all right. He's convincing himself that he's okay. If he were okay, it wouldn't be so hard for him to see her around.

Love this song.

Birdy – Not About Angels Lyrics 5 years ago
They've found something special in each other that they know is hard to find. However, they are bound by time--they have limited time. They are full of love for each other, but don't want to give it away because of the limited time. But even death brings angels, who come back over and over again. So let go and give in.

However, I'm not certain about the last line.

Perhaps, the concept of angels is just there to serve as an excuse to go on and love, but in reality there is no coming back from death. We don't turn into angels. We can't make the living feel what we used to make them feel.

Les Enfants – Celeste Lyrics 5 years ago
There was a time when he had nothing going on and he needed a muse. Then one New Year's eve, he meets her, his muse, Celeste.

Now for some reason or another, they never really kept in touch. Maybe he just saw her and never really talked to her. Maybe they just had a moment and didn't get to trade numbers. Bottomline is, she was gone.

And now he's always looking out to find her, but it feels so stupid. He's fighting it because it's silly. It was just one night, it happened quite a while ago, he doesn't even know what her name is (he just called her Celeste). But she's just impossible to forget.

She's a muse. She's something out of a dream. Something you eternally chase.

Okay, I'm really starting to like this band. Haha! :) Can relate.

Les Enfants – It Was Good Lyrics 5 years ago
He wants to take her away from someone else who's dragging her down. He appreciates her more than other people do, those freckles that drive him wild. That is that and that he can't deny. He knows he wants her. They have a connection. They can talk for hours. They share a history. They have places & moments & memories. They share intimate details. They like the same music. A connection. Perhaps they were former lovers.

It's clear that they have something, but they're note sure if they should be together. It's all there in plain sight, like the Louvre under the sun. But how do you really know what a work of art is trying to say? It's right there, but you don't know what it is. You have an idea, but you're not sure. She's right there, he's right there, there's something there, but what is it? And where is it going?

Perhaps fate knows the answer. Perhaps they already do.

God, I love this song. Haha! :)

Michael Jackson – Love Never Felt So Good Lyrics 5 years ago
Why are the words too crammed together? :)

Makes it kinda hard to sing.

Coldplay – Magic Lyrics 5 years ago
Loving this song.

When I broke up with my ex, a lot of people wouldn't believe me when I said that I loved her still. They said, if you love her, then you should still be together.

It's a mature song because it brings to surface the real world reality that you can love someone and not be THE ONE for each other.

Do I still love her? Of course I do.

But not just in that way.

Van Morrison – Raglan Road Lyrics 5 years ago
Stumbled upon this song through Cristin Milioti's version which I found on Youtube. Thank God for that. :)

Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová – Falling Slowly Lyrics 5 years ago
Oh so deliciously bittersweet.

Phoenix – Entertainment Lyrics 5 years ago
I never gave the lyrics much thought until I saw this thread but yes, it does seem like it's about the effects of success.

What had me started thinking was that this is the first and last song (encore) in a lot of their sets on tour.

I love songs like this because although you love the band, and you're quite sure they love you back, and you know they probably still love what they're doing, it shines a light on the reality that going on tour is just plain tiring.

I particularly I love the lines "Before I knew you, once upon a time would take too long, long, long, long, long, long."

My main takeaway: love the chase. In a lot of things, the chase is always more exciting than the achievement. Life is a journey shit. Haha! :)

Sara Bareilles – December Lyrics 5 years ago
/Distill a whole year down into a day
Act like we all start over with a pristine slate
But to get yourself a new life you've got to give the other one away
And I'm starting to believe in the power of a name
'Cause it can't be a mistake if I just call it change/

And that name is "new year"? :)

Sara Bareilles – December Lyrics 5 years ago
Does this song have anything to do with Manhattan?

In Manhattan, she leaves Los Angeles to move to New York, effectively ending her relationship with her long-time love.

Muse – Madness Lyrics 6 years ago
I like this single as I generally like Muse. Must say thought, this song is very radio friendly. Muse is getting more pop. It's not bad. Coldplay is pop right? U2 is pop. I still like the song, but it's like Muse is growing up. They've lost their edge a bit. I mean come on, he says "he finally realized that he has to love". That's like a goodbye to the rockstar lifestyle. :)

Stars – One More Night Lyrics 6 years ago
Props for capturing the bittersweet tragedy of breakup sex.

Ed Sheeran – The A Team Lyrics 6 years ago
There's a bit of magic in making something so tragic sound upbeat and memorable. It's like nostalgia: it makes you feel good about something that has ceased to be.

Stars – The 400 Lyrics 6 years ago
This seems like a very "tired" song. It reminds me of Robert Frosts's a road less travelled (And miles to go before I sleep).

When they play this as their last song in their set, is that an insight into how the band feels on the road? They're tired of the constant packing and unpacking. They're getting lost with each city. Every road looks the same.

The repetition of "It has to go right this time" is a clear indication of getting tired of the current state.

I wonder what they really wrote this song is about.

Stars – Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It Lyrics 6 years ago
It took me a while to understand what the title/chorus means.

Letting go of love when you give it = you don't expect anything in return.
Hold on when you get love = receive the gift and let it make you a bigger person

You have to be complete / confident / self-assured enough (by receiving love) in order to be able to give love without needing anything in return.

Both sound easy, but they're hella hard in real life.

Sara Bareilles – Between the Lines Lyrics 6 years ago
Good call.

Radiohead – Fake Plastic Trees Lyrics 6 years ago
There are 3 stories: a woman wrapped in fake happiness, a man creating fake realities and who is eventually owned by it, and the speaker's own love.

For me the first two serve as a backdrop for the third story. The third story is actually where the music picks up. Simliar to what has been posted, it's about loving someone so much that you are forced to be someone you are not. The song laments on how difficult it is, but he has no choice. Love makes you do crazy stuff. It makes you endure things you don't want to endure.

But it's wearing him out.

How it ends is really up to you.

John Mayer – Something Like Olivia Lyrics 7 years ago
There's always a John Mayer song about longing. You have to wonder sometimes how long this is going to go on.

Then again, I'm not complaining. I love this song.

Like a lot of great songs, it taps on a specific situation which everyone must have gone through at one point in their lives.

This song is like a grown up version of Love Song For No One. Yeah?

John Mayer – Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey Lyrics 7 years ago
This is my favorite song from his current album.

I think it perfectly captures the grown up John Mayer that we seem to have found in Born & Raised. He's a little worn down, he's a little more realistic, but in his soul he's still looking for something more.

Well, at least that's how the song strikes me, and that's how I can relate to it.

My favorite lines are: It's just a phase, it's not forever, it's just a phase, but I still might have a ways to go.

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