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The Cure – Harold and Joe Lyrics 5 months ago
@[MrPinkEyez:40335] I can see the connotation with the "H" in the name but the song seems a little too upbeat to be about heroin.\r\n\r\nI will say that the first time I heard H&J was when my buddy gave it to me on a mixtape he made for rolling (doing X/ecstasy). It had a bunch of trip-hop, ambient and chill tunes so we\'d listen to it when we came down.\r\n\r\nAnd then when I saw this tidbit from the Never Enough single wiki - "Harold and Joe" was described by Chris Ott of Pitchfork as a "phenomenally adorable ecstasy tribute."\r\n\r\nThis is just about right. Disintegration was Robert Smith\'s big LSD album and then the whole "Summer Of Love" was in full bloom soon after in the UK.\r\n\r\nSounds to me like Robert got a hold of some really great pills from Amsterdam and got instantly inspired.\r\n\r\nSuch a great song and to me is just about feeling so good nothing can bring you down, not bravado but simpatico.

The Tragically Hip – Scared Lyrics 3 years ago
@[ProudesterMonkey:31038] I picked up on this line specifically after hearing this song and wanting to know the lyrics. I sorta viewed this as a way of saying the works of art represented freedom and individuality so when the Nazis showed up those ideals (thought of as our "God") were gone because they couldn't co-exist logically with Nazism. Or something like that. It's def a song about a relationship and others in here will break that down better than I can....but putting that line in there about the Nazis in Russia and the fanished art - trying to imply something in a compelling, if oblique, way.

New Order – Special Lyrics 4 years ago
@[atlbobr69:24104] "Bones" points?.....heh, meant to type "Bonus".

New Order – Special Lyrics 4 years ago
Like many of Bernard Sumner's lyrics, initially this one can be interpreted as being about either drugs or a relationship (check out the lyrics to World off this same Republic album for a stronger example of that)

However, many of the songs on this album are referencing the demise of Factory Records which happened during the recording process and the sense of betrayal that Barney felt from his longtime friend Factory empresario Tony Wilson.

This one seems to be focused more so on that failure and the band's reaction to it. Some of the lyrics seem to be personally addressing the problem ("Patiently you wait for me, You're so blind...") and the rest add to the feeling of melancholy at a dream destroyed.

Bones points for the almost poetic nature of some lines....

"Written in my destiny
Life is but a dream
Covered by the sky"

"Drowning in the endless sea"

And if they were going to break up after this album - which was a considerable possibility at the time as the band pretty much stopped talking to each other, bickered in the press, etc - this would've been a fine song to sing at the end of a band's career.

One of my favorite New Order tracks (if you couldn't tell).

Grateful Dead – Ship Of Fools Lyrics 4 years ago
Didn't see it mentioned but in addition to the song having a socio-political context (Nixon especially I'm sure), I do believe Hunter addressed a good bit of the scorn towards the crew - which had become its own animal by the time the Wall Of Sound came around and the song was written. Hunter has talked about when the cocaine took control and it was all about egos and who is closest to Jerry, he checked out of the scene almost entirely and eventually moved to England for several years. I think this is his way of settling scores with a lot of the pre-hiatus tour crew.

The Cure – Fascination Street Lyrics 5 years ago
I dont see the sex angle much at all besides the dpuble entendres some of you have mentioned.

I think it's about going out for the night, getting wrecked on booze & drugs and then taking in the craziness of people watching without a care in the world.

Someone said RS wrote it about New Orleans and if there was ever a city to get plastered and watch crazies, then that's it.

On the Entreat live album, RS introduced the song as being "where most of us have been for a good 12 weeks" (paraphrasing some there - Cockney accent can be tough to decipher). That sounds like a tour party of excess that they indulged in that whole tour in 87-88.

John Prine – Angel From Montgomery Lyrics 5 years ago
Great song no doubt but I always wondered if the line about "there's flies in the kitchen, I can hear them buzzing" is inferring that her husband is dead - either she murdered him or he just keeled over (can also be said that a dead person has "nothing to say"). I doubt this was the intent of Prine but he leaves just enough ambiguity in the way he lays out the scene that you really don't know. Definitely a skill only better writers can flex.

Built to Spill – Randy Described Eternity Lyrics 5 years ago
@[eap2nn:15770] I believe it and makes perfect sense now. Thanks for sharing.

Phish – Round Room Lyrics 6 years ago
@[Buddha:15002] of Suburbia
I was listening to this disc today and I also got a flash that it was about drugs - more specifically herb. At the end of the day Mike wants to smoke out and fall asleep in his now "round room". Also the line about how he can "float high" and him flying with his love - probably some allusions to lucid dreaming too.
I also think the "round church" and the "garden that's round" is a reference to Madison Square GARDEN (and maybe Hampton Coliseum too) where his "spirit is found".
There's definitely some love interest stuff in the last line - being in love is like being high.
Lastly, I think @[mattkid4:15003] is dead on with how it's a metaphor for the writing process as I have read they did record the album very close, together in a circle with no overdubs.

Grateful Dead – Lost Sailor Lyrics 8 years ago
I think ShivaX hits it on the head with it being mostly about acid casualties from back in the day. A lot of them just kept wandering (and wondering) without really getting any roots anywhere. That lack opportunities by sticking with one thing or of having someone close in your life is the "price for being free".

This is the second of Weir/Barlow's songs about those kinds of crazy guys that took a little too much too fast. Estimated Prophet is about the really out-there guys who used to want to talk to Bobby back stage about their ideas and it always this really intense trip that bordered on a religious experience for the spaced out guy.

I don't see the song being about Jerry and his bad habits as much. I think Feel Like A Stranger is closer to what Bobby was thinking about Jerry's descent into addiction and how it affected their relationship.

Rush – Between The Wheels Lyrics 9 years ago
Don't think that the drenching irony of bringing back this lost gem from the GUP album in 2005 (for the R30 Tour) and then for the Snakes & Arrows Tour was lost of a number of us paying attention here in the good ole US of A.

The lyrics practically describe what America has been living through in the last decade or so.

The juxtaposition of a pop culture awash in stupidity and meaningless affect while soldiers come home and drown in their own shattered psyches, alcohol & drugs and (for far too many) eventual suicide.

We are two very separate and incongruous nations in that respect.

Neil was looking at what happened to those who lived between the two World Wars (often called the "Lost Generation" - a phrase used by Hemingway who, as another commenter mentioned, was the source of the album title) and was beginning to see parallels to our own modern culture in the early 80s and now the 21st century.

Considering the tone of his disappointment with what we've become (excellently expressed on Snakes & Arrows with Armor And Sword and The Way The Wind Blows) it didn't surprise me that the band played this two tours in a row probably at the suggestion of Peart.

What scares me is we have enough ego-maniacs who believe in "American exceptionalism" who somehow think that the "boom" will never go "bust" so we're burning America out as a world power. I think we're past the point of....

"Wheels can take you around
Wheels can cut you down

We can go from boom to bust
From dreams to a bowl of dust"

New Order – Ruined In A Day Lyrics 9 years ago
Posted this on the World (The Price Of Love) lyrics meaning webpage......a constant theme of Bernard Sumner's throughout the "Republic" album is his disappointment and feeling of betrayal at the demise of Factory Records.

It's no secret he blamed Tony Wilson for the loss of their label and blowing loads of cash on the insane disaster that was the Happy Monday's "Yes Please!" record along with mismanaging the Hacienda nightclub.

From that aspect, you can see Sumner talking directly to or about Wilson.,,,"stop acting like a child"....."some people like to deceive you" - that drift is there.

The symbolic demise of Factory is felt in the "ruined in a day" line and melancholy feel of the song.....dark, sad like a rainy day it remains my favorite track on the disc.

PS - Bernard has said publicly that this song is obliquely about a school yard fight he had as a lad. So who knows really?

New Order – World Lyrics 9 years ago
One of the themes running through New Order's "Republic" album is the dissolution of Factory Records and Bernard Sumner's feelings of betrayal by Tony Wilson.

The first stanza seems to set up the atmosphere they were in and how Sumner might've kept his feelings quiet at the time. He gets a little jab in at Wilson saying he has "no passion for this hate" meaning it's not even worth arguing over who was right or wrong between them - he's just over it completely and "in a moment I am gone".

The "when this building is on fire" stanza alludes to the demise of Factory symbolically.

Finally, seems like Sumner often can't decide if he's talking about his love of a person or drugs in his lyrics (True Faith has a little of that)......"that's the price of love, can you feel it?" = paying $20 for a roll (Ecstacy/MDMA) which can be considered "love" and then the "am I feeling it yet?" question we always ask ourselves a good 1/2 hour or so after ingestion.

Widespread Panic – You'll Be Fine Lyrics 10 years ago
Seems to be about being in either a literal or metaphorical "prison" - not unlike the content of "Visiting Day". Not a huge fan of WSP's ballads, but I liked this one pretty good. Wonder why they haven't played it again after the one-off performance in Athens on 02/10/11?

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