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Aerosmith – Big Ten Inch Record Lyrics 14 years ago
I didn't hear "suck" but even so it's innuendo was very clear to me, especially the first time I heard it, the music slightly obscures all the lyrics except for a few where the music stragically pauses and the singer shouts. And after a few listens I can hardly believe the softer lyrics were ever difficult to hear.

Also is it really "Believe me this TRICK'S no cinch" ?? cause I heard, and still hear "Believe me this CHICK'S no cinch" is that just me? The CH sound seems really clear to me.

They Might Be Giants – A Self Called Nowhere Lyrics 14 years ago
Fair enough if it's just standard practise, but I didn't really jump to this conclusion very quickly. My first reaction was to go to one of their web sites and e-mail them about it; They're response was basically "really? how about that?, give us more money". Maybe it's not intentional, but it's still a pretty bad business attitude.

Christian Death – Romeo's Distress Lyrics 14 years ago
givinwhatfor, please send your corrections there.
...And try not to get so excited that you wet yourself.

Christian Death – Romeo's Distress Lyrics 14 years ago
Below the "Add Comment" button it says:

"If the lyrics for Romeo's Distress, by Christian Death, are incorrect, please use the Report Thread in the forums so that our team of moderators can make the needed changes. Please do not post the corrections within the comments."

They Might Be Giants – Which Describes How You're Feeling Lyrics 14 years ago
I think this is what emos would listen to if they had an extremely overdeveloped sense of irony.
I think it mocks people like angst ridden teens who feel misunderstood and would be really annoyed if someone figured them out. And people like those who go on about how cruel life is, and concentrate on things like the misery in 3rd world countries ("overseas") as a reason to be unhappy themselves, and blame god ("guy in the sky"?) for being so cruel and inflicting their self-perpetuating, self-righteous moods upon them. From this point of view the cheery music would also be an ironic touch to contrast the possible theme of depression.

Beck – Devil's Haircut Lyrics 14 years ago
To me this song is about deterioration, the devils are dismantling all creation, there are many references to stagnant locations, which now seem to be rotting away. Lives in slumps (dropouts, briefcase clutchers, etc.). I don't have many ideas for what the devil's haircut could possibly refer to, maybe a perceived status quo (that of human nature or modern society) that rather than maintaining the world is leading it into a gradual decline.
Something's wrong 'cause my mind is fading =? theres a nagging feeling at the back of his mind that the world is fractured and in decline?

Mouthwash jukebox gasoline
Mouthwash =? A vague attempt to stave off the deterioration, hardly enough to have any real effect on its own.
jukebox =? the pointless endeavors people pursue to while away their time in as enjoyable a way as possible
gasoline =? peoples consumption and major contribution to the deterioration.

Rock 'n' roll, know what I'm sayin' =? maybe his realization that there is little that can be done to prevent it and you may as well get on with your life, theres no one he could tell who would listen or understand or have the power to do anything about it. Maybe a prediction of the chaos to emerge from the collapse.

I like the suggestions of a rebellion motif because it fits the lyrics however it doesnt fit the music/singing, he sounds so calm up untill the end, which seems to fit a sudden collapse better than a gradual buildup of tension.
Also, he doesnt really seem to feel trapped as one of the pen pushers or even with them so much as just tagging along and observing them, describing them as briefcase blues rather than attributing the blues to himself. hitchhiking. On the other hand if you do look at it in the rebellion terms, the hitching a ride with the bleeding noses bit could be a reference to the desire to climb the social and/or corporate ladder.

This is probably mostly me and may have little to do with the song, but its what I think when I hear it.

also I agree with doodoodoo, there are lots of reasons an artist might want to claim it has no meaning (avoid having to explain it, or meaning is to personal to share openly

They Might Be Giants – Where Your Eyes Don't Go Lyrics 14 years ago
Humm, I don't see the connection to Sartre, could you elaborate on that at all?
Like Kach, I thought this was about the subconscious (TMBG has a few songs with references to psychology, 'a self called nowhere' for example), specifically I got the impression that it's about how oblivious people can be to them selves, and the tendency people have toward hypocrisy (the scare crow sounds like the manifestation of a mirroring literary device similar to Shakespeare's fools who are able to mock the contradictions of the other characters with impunity). The division of the mind into parts which wonder about each other represents (for me) the often unfair or incorrect assumptions and prejudices that our minds make to simplify the world. The bit about the 'skull face' might be a statement about how frightening and disillusioning it might be to discover what really goes on in your own head, a representation of the evil that lurks with in. I know it's probably a long shot but I think the negative descriptions about the scarecrow (which I see as a mirror of your self) might allude to the fact that what you hate about your self you see in others, and the image of a scarecrow clumsily mimicking someones movements might exaggerate the negative qualities of the person being parroted like a caricature. If the scarecrow is thought of as a part of the mind of the person he follows, the fact that he can't be seen could be saying something about how the mind hides our own faults from ourselves, even though the 'scarecrow' (and presumably the persons hypocrisy) is plain to everyone but the person being sung about.

Could also have reference to the embarrassing things that people sometimes do with out realizing it.

The Beatles – Maxwell's Silver Hammer Lyrics 14 years ago
There are some creative ideas in between the blunt, literal protests. Here are my responces to a few:

In responce to blurredperception (on page 2) I would like to say, the music carries meaning too, and it may be meant to be considered funny if the song is intended to give us a glimpse into the mind of the disturbed Mr.Edison. in studying meaning it is also important to look at the reactions that are provoked, they can hold meaning as well. Generally speaking poems are intended to be cryptic, and beautiful. Why bother with a poem? why not just write a speech? Poems are intricate and beautiful to get attention, and engauge emotion in ways that a speech would not, and they are cryptic to make the reader think about, and remember what was said.

huoshi (p.3) some support for your idea that Joan is a controlling factor in Max's life could be the way maxwell talks to joan, he asks "can I take you out to the pictures", Maxwell talks to her very formally even though they seem familiar (no introductions, small talk, he has her number, these arent great arguments but theres nothing at all to suggest they aren't familiar)

I like benwad's (pg. 2) theory, the cocaine theme would fit with joan, the girl who spent her nights at home, alone, brewing things up in her test tube that allowed her to study pataphysics (which is basically the study of this that dont exist, ie. hallucinations), read this way the 'bang, bang' could be the head ache next morning or more fittingly the sensations associated with cocaine. I suppose you could read it as maxwell was a dealer, who got out of trouble when ever he was caught by offering who ever caught him cocaine. Maybe the cocaine was cut (contaminated) with something that made the effects lethal, or render them so non-responsive that the pope test mentioned earlier is required.

Lalalaura (pg.3) I dont have much to add to Lalalaura's theory, but it's a delightfully cinical thought and I would like to emphasize it. People will cling to the slightest hint of light in the darkness just to get on with their oblivious little lives undisturbed. Those who insistly say things like 'this is just a fun little account of a triple homicide' are irony impaired and are spoiling the fun of the creative process involved in this kind of thing. Whats so great about the light anyway? I like the dark. If you put most people in the type of situation that only occours in horror movies, like if everything around them was in darkness except for a single street light, and there are what can only be described as 'lurking noises' most will run to the light and stand right in the center of the small circle of light. Most would stand right where they can be seen, but cant see anything past the glare of the lamp. Most would rather FEEL safe than BE safe, most will even pay money just to be told that every thing will be ok. Sorry to end my posts on a ranting note but I find the irony incrediably funny, and no one else ever seems to get it.

The Beatles – Maxwell's Silver Hammer Lyrics 14 years ago
Please, if someone has already posted the pointless opinion that a song is meaningless, or just what it appears to be please do not restate it. It is a perfectly valid point of view, but its in almost every songmeanings review and its tiring. I would also like to point out that the intended meaning of the song is not the only meaning, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, well so is meaning. I do not wish to discourage posting what the band or professional critics have said as it can often grant great insight but it is no one has the final word, meaning is an objective thing, people who deny this are the same type of people who die in religious wars. Also bands have been known to lie about the meaning of a song to avoid admitting the truth (which may be too deeply personal or may even allude to treason). I would also like to point out that written right above the box where you type in your comments it says "what does this song mean to you?". For me the draw to this site is the chance to hear novel theories and gain new perspectives, so having to read through 4 pages of shallow summaries of the song ie "its just about a string of murders" is not fun.

Now then, the song.
A friend of mine once suggested that it was about a guy who has sex with lonely virgin girls. He explained that he believed the silver hammer was a euphemism, and that "head" was short for 'maiden head' a term used in old english poetry that means hymen/virginity, and the theme of violence was to play up the bleeding that can occur when the hymen is broken. He also argued that the apparently timid nature of the girl (late nights alone) and the teacher (avoiding unpleasant scenes) support his virgin theory. And that Maxwell's supporters at the court house (rose and valerie) symbolized the willingness of the women he had sex with (even if they may have been jail bait).
When I asked him about the judge who is clearly refered to as 'he' my friend admitted that it wasnt a perfect theory and suggested that it might allude to Maxwell's fate in prison after he had been found guilty for the whole jail bait thing.
Also I have just noticed that MiracleDrug made some simular arguments for the hammer being a penis back around pg.2.

I would also like to point out the irony that the teacher wished to "avoid an unpleasant scene" and ended up BEING an unpleasant scene (if you take the song litterally)

any ideas on any possiable signifigance of his major? (why medicine? just to rhyme with edison? if thats the case why not change the last name? why edison?)

I also considered that the silver hammer could be the hammer on a gun but the words 'bang, bang' in the song are accompanied by clang noises which don't sound anything like a gun.

They Might Be Giants – Birds Fly Lyrics 14 years ago
I found meaning simular to PlutoniumBoss's, I think its someone who realizes he isnt a good person, and knows he should feel guilty about it but doesnt. So he down plays the seriousness and nastyness of the things he does with things like the cheerful tone to which the lyrics are sung.
He wouldnt say hes been resisting arrest, and made a lucky get away, he'd say he was given a lucky charm.
He wouldnt say he stomps cats to death, he'd say they dance around his feet.
and he cant help it if birds fly into his windshield, he just happened to swerve and... well, maybe I've seen Clockwork Orange too many times but thats what it seemed like to me.
I refer you to PlutB above for the narrators minimal 'good intentions' and his 'best part'.
oh, and as for the things he writes, I always thought that was a reference to grafiti.
The colorfull spell, is his rose colored glasses take on the things he does.

They Might Be Giants – Pencil Rain Lyrics 15 years ago
I would agree that this song is probably meant to be taken literally, I used to launch pancils at plastic soldiers with elastic bands, but the song still makes me think of standardized testing, all the students lined up in rows, clutching their #2s as if their lives depended on them.

They Might Be Giants – Greasy Kid Stuff Lyrics 15 years ago
I was gonna post that.
I think the website where you can DL this song said it was written in response to a radio show.
Is it just me or does it kind of sound like a very abridged summary of the career of the band?

They Might Be Giants – How Can I Sing Like a Girl? Lyrics 15 years ago
Yea I dont see the war thing working at all well. Being in the spotlight is just a metaphor for feeling like everyone is watching you, and they needed spotlights that could turn and focus (as large crowds do when an individual does something strange) and stage lights dont they are always pointed in the general direction of the stage, so the natural metaphor is watchtowers. Prison doesnt work much better, but it would kind of explain why the windows are painted shut (although bars are more prison, painted shut might be more along the lines of a mental hospital).

They Might Be Giants – Ana Ng Lyrics 15 years ago
Theres the video, but I doubt it will help your understanding of the song.

I always thought Ana Ng was a made up name that was supposed to allude to the fact that she was a mystery, either something elusive to be sought, or because he already has the girl but she is so emotionally unavailable that she may as well be on the other side of the world. The bit about the bench being warm went with my hunter tracking prey thing. But Im an english major so Im used to reading WAY more meaning into things than could possiably have been intended.

They Might Be Giants – The Statue Got Me High Lyrics 15 years ago
Unlike most mocking religious commentaries there is no point of disillusionment about the Idol worship, which leads me to belive that the narrator never managed to reach such a point, instead it just ends talking about what "they" will find.
It sounds like a suicide cult. They turn on the gas or some such and as they get disoriented by it they fantasize about the aftermath of their actions.

(and I think this could easially be made to fit any form of Idol worship)

They Might Be Giants – Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes Lyrics 15 years ago
I suppose the snowman thing is about decomposition again. Melting snowmen = decomposing fleshmen.

They Might Be Giants – The Bells Are Ringing Lyrics 15 years ago
I agree more or less with Smokler, Its about religion. But I think "narcotic" is the wrong word.
You notice how most people mistake this for a x-mas song, but its actually about mind controll? I LOVE that.
It was even used on malcom in the middle as a x-mas song. awsome.

the movie "a clockwork orange" goes well with this.

They Might Be Giants – Hot Cha Lyrics 15 years ago
smeghead42, awesome name, combines red dwarf and douglass adams.

I love the line about "fondue forks for everybody", i get the image of TMBG doing a concert and throwing fondue forks into the crowd.

I like FilmScorpio's interpretation, very imaginative.

They Might Be Giants – Wicked Little Critta Lyrics 15 years ago
I posted this and it took 24 hrs to go up... I forgot what I was going to say while it was going up.
whats the signifigance of the gun shots?

They Might Be Giants – A Self Called Nowhere Lyrics 15 years ago
Also the bit about the shrunken head that lies in the bed seems to be a reference to lying in the couch at a psycharists or "shrinks" office.

They Might Be Giants – Violin Lyrics 15 years ago
if it were a reference just to the quarter it would be all of george washingtons head 4 times, hes also on the dollar bill.
When I hear that part of the song I always think of those magic tricks that involve making money appear/disappear

They Might Be Giants – Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes Lyrics 15 years ago
yea, i caught the decomposition motif, I got it from the bit where they run through it backwards "dancing skeleton...look like mice".

also i think you missed the signifigance of them being happy, when you dont have skin, you dont have much choice in terms of facial expressions, all you can do is grin.

I also think the lively tune counder points the death point of view nicely so I like this view best.

I always thought the domino thing was about ineviability.

the only bit that doesnt fit the death motif well is the image of snowmen.

They Might Be Giants – Mammal Lyrics 15 years ago
When ever I hear this song I get an image of that evoultionary chart that shows the progress from ape to man.

They Might Be Giants – Your Racist Friend Lyrics 15 years ago
bodyjar also did a great version of this, its a bit faster.

They Might Be Giants – I'm Having a Heart Attack Lyrics 15 years ago
yep, I definately wondered why there were four.

its pretty good tho, heart attack victims really have described their attacks as being like this, surprisingly calm, and slow compared to the panic you would expect.

They Might Be Giants – I'll Sink Manhattan Lyrics 15 years ago
he sounds bitter, probably a song about being dumpped.

"tiny tears" = tiny heart, also croc. tears indicates that theres no emotion behind it.
Side note - (In greek legends all the heroes wepped great tears everytime something bad happened, there was none of that BS macho crap you see in Troy or Sparta, all the heros had big hearts and wernt afraid to show it)

"hes my lower half" = she sounds like a real ***, refering to him as inferior.

"I’ll sacrifice friends" = if hes willing to sacrafice so much just to get back at her he probably had to sacrafice alot over the course of the relationship.

pretty silly.

They Might Be Giants – The Famous Polka Lyrics 15 years ago
yea I think its more general than that, (I heard it as "...water skis as WE..." so i got a more group image tho.)
I think its mocking idol worship in general, something i can relate to, I hardly know any celebrities by name, and people will sometimes do anything no matter how stupid and trivial to emulate their idols.

They Might Be Giants – Please Pass the Milk Lyrics 15 years ago
I used to use this when I was smaller to annoy my cousin. He would regularly correct me when ever I asked for something casually (ie. without saying please) and the songs over use of the word please made it perfect for irritating him.

They Might Be Giants – Snail Shell Lyrics 15 years ago
I like this song because it can be taken litterally, thats certianly not the only way to see it tho.

snail shell is usually a reference to being shy. It seems to me to be someone shy getting shutdown some how, maybe turned down for a date or just cutoff in a conversation.

They Might Be Giants – Dead Lyrics 15 years ago
when I first heard this song I wasnt paying attention too well and I heard the head cutting off bit first which makes it sound like hes being killed and used as a food product. mmm, soylent green.

What do you think about the bit "I'll never see myself in the mirror with my eyes closed"? Maybe he has no concept of what he should be/do? kinda like how you fell just after highschool.

I wonder if theres any specific signifigance to the enslaving the younger brother thing? or if its just an example of a general regret?

and I'd have to agree with t4r, lots of artists have said that to avoid things like controversy, or debte, or maybe they just didnt want to explain it. could be lots of reasons for saying that besides it being true.

They Might Be Giants – A Self Called Nowhere Lyrics 15 years ago
exactly, and think of the implications of id being in a pit, supressed and unseen.

I like TMBG's music but they're... s I quit buying their CDs after Mink Car (if you havent noticed, and you have mink car, go online and search for the play lists youll notice that theyres 2 versions of mink car and each version has a couple of songs that the other doesnt. this isnt the first time theyve done something like this either, they put a bunch of old songs on a CD with like 3 new ones and carge $20 for it. when you rely on a small loyal cult fan base you cant afford to treat them like assholes.)

Widespread Panic – Tall Boy Lyrics 15 years ago
I think its pretty clearly about sex, but what does "sippin' on a tall boy" mean? It kinda sounds like a euphemism for a blow job, but i dunno.

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