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Rancid – Skull City Lyrics 9 years ago
“”Some cities born, some cities burn, some cities die, some cities learn, some cities take the worst of the turn.” Inspired by northern soul, this is about hard hit cities the working poor, the dancing girl is a metaphor. That rhymes. Hahaha” —Rancid

Rancid – Up To No Good Lyrics 9 years ago
“Growing up in a crew there’s always a dubious personality. The natures of those who play the game of survival are not for us to judge but only to observe. There is an honor among thieves, whether you agree with it or not, it exists and thrives in this day and age. To our friends on the inside a message: We will celebrate your return and up to your release we will hold you in high regard. Love always.” — Lars Frederiksen

Rancid – East Bay Night Lyrics 9 years ago
“This song was written about growing up in the East Bay. Writing about the bay area always came easy to us. In so many ways you are where you came from, it’s engrained in you. It can shape you and define you as well as the experiences you may have throughout your life. As you grow up you rediscover where you came from. So much of our history, family…..roots come from the Bay Area. We had finished our record and decided to record a few more songs we had written, which is not uncommon for us to do. For example we wrote “Ruby Soho” last minute, “Salvation” was the last song written at the very end of making Let’s Go. So when we feel something we go with it. “East Bay Night” is another song like that. It harkens back to Operation Ivy and Rancid’s first record.” — Rancid

Rancid – Disconnected Lyrics 9 years ago
“This song is about that evolution of change. For better or worse our country isn’t the same as when we were younger. When you grow up in America you’re taught in the public school system to be loyal and to love your country through reciting “The Pledge of Allegiance.” In general, some of us covet it, or in some cases even rebel from it. Sometimes you can feel close or far away from a place, family member or even your own home town. It doesn’t mean you love it less or disrespect it by disagreeing with its current values and or views. True patriots will stand for what they believe in, even if it goes against the grain. We jammed this one acoustic after hours and it clicked almost immediately. The way we play the chorus seems straight forward but there is a swing to it. This keeps it moving but still manages to be rocking. It reminds us of Woody Guthrie.” — Rancid

Rancid – Civilian Ways Lyrics 9 years ago
“My brother Greg has always supported me. He was the first musician I ever played with when I was a teenager. Greg joined the army and I stayed. Music has always been a way for me to communicate with my family. As a songwriter it’s my vehicle. I wrote this song pretty quick, almost as if it wrote itself. The idea came after hanging out with Greg on the front porch reminiscing like we’ve done a thousand times before. This song is inspired by his year in Iraq. It’s less about the war and more about a person returning home.” — Tim Armstrong

Rancid – The Highway Lyrics 9 years ago
“This was the only song that we recorded that we felt would fit at the end of the record. It’s the best way to explain every individual in the band and it sums up the pure pleasure of playing together and the hope that it never ends. “It’s all I’ve ever done, all I’ve ever known, just wanna play one more show and make some music with my friends”.”

“See you in the pit.” — Rancid

Rancid – Liberty And Freedom Lyrics 9 years ago
“Plain and simple, this song is about the systematic suppression of ideas and censorship. It’s also a protest song in the folk tradition of Woody Guthrie. Scare tactics to keep us in fear are perpetuated by terror threat alerts and TV news programs who never concentrate their efforts on positive sides of life. While the powers at the helm argue for their own agendas that keep them in disagreement, it seems they agree, side by side, to the greed and lust for more of their fair share of the American dream. Some of us might be content on sharing a glance or a conversation. Fat cats eventually sleep to long while the starving rabble stay awake waiting for a moment to strike. The graffiti on the walls will always leave clues. Follow them.” — Rancid

The Living Legends – Never Fallin' Lyrics 11 years ago
g_delcid copy n paste the lyrics and edit the lyrics you posted, please.

Rancid – Tenderloin Lyrics 11 years ago
it's definitely about a prostitute in the Tenderloin district in SF, Larkin is also a street/district (not too sure) near, where all the prostitutes will wait for 'clients'.

Rancid – The Ballad Of Jimmy And Johnny Lyrics 11 years ago
the st.jimmy thing is a load of CRAP. it has no connection! lol get over it. for a start the st.jimmy character Green Day shat out is far from the character being described in this song, PLUS the song's meaning has more importance than some coincidence.

The Slackers – Propaganda Lyrics 11 years ago
like who are they in guantanemo bay, sir*

The Lawrence Arms – Warped Summer Extravaganza (Major Excellent) Lyrics 11 years ago
I love the line 'the fringe is the center now' saying emo has gained the main attention at warped, though it started out as a punk-ish festival. great song.

The Unseen – Children Of The Revolution Lyrics 11 years ago
actually, it's about the lowerclass. not the middleclass.
'A world that the lowerclass creates' duh..

Left Alone – My Way Lyrics 11 years ago
he's saying people keep telling him to get over the punk scene/lifestyle and live your average joe life but he couldn't give a fuck

Transplants – Doomsday Lyrics 11 years ago
the end sentence is just unforgivable, why did he slurr so much? O.o

The Unseen – False Hope Lyrics 11 years ago
I don't quite understand this song because The Unseen make it sound like they're not politically active and like they don't really give a fuck, yet on State of Discontent, the album after this one they're v.politically active. so perhaps they're just talking about a common attitude to politics? plus unseen do sing about a lot of things other bands do, it's only natural, it's v.hard to be unique in the industry so I don't see why they'd be hating on that.
so basically I think this song just reflects a common attitude towards politics and the scene rather than Mark's opinions? eh I dunno.

Rancid – Brad Logan Lyrics 11 years ago
do Rancid still play this live? I'd find it kinda weird if they did, considering the fact Brad is part of LoC, who had major problems with Rancid after they dropped their record deal with HellCat and fell out with Tim and everything.

Time Again – Tattoo Lyrics 11 years ago
He yells Dave at the beginning and end of the song 'cus that's the guy that got him off the streets and into working for Machete merchandising. I think he also introduced them to Tim and Hell-Cat records.

The Suicide Machines – Rebellion Is On The Clearance Rack (And I Think I Like It) Lyrics 11 years ago
this song is about the true rebellious and passionate people wanting the trendy kids who only buy into rebellion and politics thanks to bands like 'Green Day' to fuck off so we can be left in peace from those morons. I think.

Billy Bragg – There Is Power In A Union Lyrics 11 years ago
willia05, sounds like you have no clue, mate.

Rancid – Animosity Lyrics 11 years ago
the first verse is from their other song Brixton, they recycle lyrics a lot, esp with Downfall lyrics

Stiff Little Fingers – Bloody Sunday Lyrics 12 years ago
it's about bloody sundays, important dates in irish history

Stiff Little Fingers – Breakout Lyrics 12 years ago
this song gets a mention in U.S. Bomb's - Roll Around

Rancid – Injury Lyrics 12 years ago
the reason he says fuck so much is 'cus he's angry. thats what most people do when they're angry, they cuss for no reason and in random places. I think that helps make this song's meaning come out more. shows how pissed he is.

Rancid – Django Lyrics 12 years ago
if you read the lyrics carefully enough the meaning is simple...

along with the movie relevance it's also about how drugs will kill you, for eg -
Go have some fun
Show you belong
Cocaine run
Until you watch the fuckin' sun go
Underground and
Never found

what they're basically saying is taking drugs is as good as carrying your coffin around with you, ya get me?

Eminem – Love You More Lyrics 12 years ago
I love these classic EM songs, he's way too bigheaded in his 'gangsta' apperance nowdays.

Rancid – Dead and Gone Lyrics 12 years ago
reflecting on the past and holding regrets on wasted youth/time.

Rancid – Brixton Lyrics 12 years ago
would make more sense for them to sing 'england' instead of oakland, with the title 'Brixton' and all...

Rancid – Not To Regret Lyrics 12 years ago
I think it miiiight be about Las Vegas, because clearly there's a gambling reference here. eh, who knows.

Rancid – Blast 'Em Lyrics 12 years ago
i'm guessing most people haven't heard this song, it's on the 'Time Bomb' single, I think it's the same sorta meaning as 'Travis Bickle'. great energetic tune to it, better than on Travis Bickle IMO.

Rancid – Spirit of '87 Lyrics 12 years ago
well... flip_tape_xX's lil essay there made no sense at all, I could spot out the numerous problems and why I think what s/he said was all wrong, but this site isn't made for that. come here to comment on a song, not an entire band. go find a forum to lash out on.

Leftover Crack – Gay Rude Boys Unite Lyrics 12 years ago
this song is related to the homophobic behaviour over at hell-cat records, which is also the reason for their departure. the band said so in a recorded interview.

The Queers – Rancid Motherfucker Lyrics 12 years ago
continued from above..


The Queers – Rancid Motherfucker Lyrics 12 years ago
yeah, I agree with joeytheboy, including that Rancid are better than the Queers. Rancid is a very good band but unfortunately, they do have followers who believe Tim & Lars are 'hawt

Left Alone – La Pregunta Lyrics 12 years ago
ROUGHLY translated ->

Single I have a question
My love that I am going to be when
No longer estes I rise in the manana
Sad Manana but that yesterday
My heart has broken
Many times before
Treatment and treatment your no longer you want to me
I look for the way already so that your you
But it went away and am single other you see
The question is equal If me sentire thus
To veses I think I think if thus it is as my life is going to be I rise in the manana
Sad Manana but that yesterday

like I said, roughly...
sorry I don't speak spanish.

Tiger Army – Nocturnal Lyrics 12 years ago
I think this song is about the whole physcobilly/dark scenes, the unity of the kids who've been rejected for some reason or another in the past are like..gathering together to let people know they do infact exist and they are important.

'We are invinsible but
We can see you'

well, that's my take on it.

Rancid – Media Controller Lyrics 12 years ago
here's an easier read of the lyrics - >

Another show with a fucked up promoter
Kids sent in by the media controller
They arrived in a '87 Ford with a gun rack case of Bud and stiletto blade
It's the kind of show you end up at when you get stabbed by the blade big business made
I wanna go boot I wanna go blade

The main controller tried to buy me out but I didn't buy it
Some people did and there is nothing I could do about it
They arrived in a '87 Ford with a gun rack case of Bud and a stiletto blade
It's the kind of show you end up at when you get stabed by the blade big business made

I wanna go boot I wanna go blade

The kids unloads his glock into the urban blight
Bullets sprayed the car as we drove into the night
We lived to tell the story and I'm goona tell you
The State of the Union of the State of California
I wanna go boot I wanna go blade

Rancid – Brixton Lyrics 12 years ago
hey memphis_punx it's on Rockstar's Kill, or something. I think it's a compliation. if you want it just email me -

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