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Diecast – Rise and Oppose Lyrics 10 years ago
lol The video doesn't do the song justice. Sure, it's nice to see hot chicks in bikinis and all that but come on

RISE AND OPPOSE!!!?!?!?!?!

Unearth – Predetermined Sky Lyrics 10 years ago
This is what I feel the song is about:

"In the heart of the land of creation
Grows a threat which cannot be healed
Efforts soar to restore generations
Grave results give this outbreak the nail"

The "land of creation" is Africa, and the "threat which cannot be healed" is AIDS. The world constantly makes efforts to restore generations, aka All the people who have died from AIDS. But the results are grave because many people are still dying.

"The growing devastation
Brings human extinction"

AIDS can pretty much swipe out mankind.

"This plague aims at our weakness
Predetermined sky"

I think the "weakness" is our libido, our sexual drive. You can get AIDS from having sex so AIDS "aims" at our weakness - sex. I think by "Predetermined Sky" they mean we pretty much screwed ourselves over many, many years ago.

"Cradles fall into pine for the mourning
Wailing cries blend endless each day
Poverty provides more than a lifestyle
Sympathy cannot cure disease"

I think that "cradles fall into pine" means that since a lot of babies are born with AIDS, they die very young, and there is no use for cradles, so they turn cradles into pine? I'm not too sure of that, myself, actually. By "Sympathy cannot cure disease" I feel that they mean the world can feel sorry for all the people who have AIDS but feeling sorry for them won't help/cure them.

"Saw a man on the streets of Lusaka selling coffins to a passer by
How can we live in a world that lets millions die
How can we live with such a tragic side
How can we live in a world that lets the millions die,
That lets the millions cry,
That lets us agonize"

Lusaka is the capital of Zambia, a country in Africa. AIDS is widespread there. Because death is so common there, there is a man selling coffins to passer-by's. Then they go on talking about "how can we live in a world that lets millions die" meaning we, the world, let these people with AIDS die.

That's pretty much what I feel this song is about. I could be COMPLETELY wrong here, but hey, that's just my 2 cents. Anyways, I love Unearth, and this song absolutely ROCKS! :D

Ill Niño – Revolution/revolucion Lyrics 11 years ago
"That we are free but a cancer"

Pretty good band. As for the meaning, I guess it deals with revolution.

Iced Earth – Burning Times Lyrics 11 years ago
Sounds to me like this deals with that whole Protestant vs. Catholic conflict that happened in England a couple hundred years back. Weren't those called the Burning Times? (you know, since people were burned at the stake).

Godsmack – Hollow (feat. Lisa Guyer) Lyrics 12 years ago
Quite a change from their usual heavy kind of style.

I think the guys wants to change his life.

Iced Earth – Melancholy (Holy Martyr) Lyrics 12 years ago
Definitely either about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ or just the final thoughts of a martyr (in general).

Perhaps the greatest Iced Earth song...ever.

Unearth – Monition Lyrics 12 years ago
Welcome to our shitty little planet.

Unearth – Shattered By The Sun Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah, I feel like this could be about being lonely and hating life, finding someone, only to lose them and fall back to where you started.

Lamb of God – The Faded Line Lyrics 12 years ago
I guess this song is about anything that seems "hopeless."

Seeing as how Randy Blythe hates George W., I assume he is implying that the War on Terror is "hopeless."

By the way, Lamb of God own :)

Lamb of God – Now You've Got Something To Die For Lyrics 12 years ago

Lamb of God – Hourglass Lyrics 12 years ago
Awesome lyrics.

The entire album (Ashes of the Wake) is very political. So I assume that this song is about the War in Iraq.

But what does Ashes of the Wake mean?

God Forbid – Gone Forever Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah, this is definitely questioning God's existence.

Behemoth – Conquer All Lyrics 12 years ago

That's just what I got from this.

All That Remains – This Calling Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah, I'm going to go with that.


It Dies Today – A Threnody For Modern Romance Lyrics 12 years ago
I'm assuming it's about how the concept of love no longer exists in the modern day world.

I just have to say that, although It Dies Today are a pretty good band, they look gay as fuck.

LOL j/k

System of a Down – Sugar Lyrics 12 years ago

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dani California Lyrics 12 years ago
musically this song is awesome but the lyrics are pathetic and disappointing

Heaven Shall Burn – Bleeding to Death Lyrics 12 years ago
I think it's about governments and I guess you summed it up.

Heaven Shall Burn – Architects of the Apocalypse Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah, I got the feeling this was about religion.
P.S. HBS kicks ass :)

Trivium – A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation Lyrics 12 years ago
i knew it, this song is about domestic abuse.
awesome band, too. too bad they aren't screaming anymore :(

Ill Niño – This Is War Lyrics 12 years ago
i can't believe no one commented on this yet. oh well.
i think this song is about a loved one dying and wanting revenge.
ill nino rocks :)

It Dies Today – Severed Ties Yield Severed Heads Lyrics 12 years ago
from the lyrics, sounds like someone's getting pussy-whippied :P lol jk.
awesome song.

It Dies Today – Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode cover) Lyrics 12 years ago
that's just awesome :)

Rob Zombie – American Witch Lyrics 12 years ago
i'd say this song is about the salem witch trials.
but i also agree with kabel_tv, it could also be about praying for/accusing the innocent.

Unearth – Giles Lyrics 12 years ago
so basically, unearth writes a song about a farmer being crushed to death because he was thought to have been a warlock?
how very metal \m/

Bullet for My Valentine – Hand of Blood Lyrics 12 years ago
yeah i would've thought he killed her or something.
good band :)

Anthrax – Deathrider Lyrics 12 years ago
"We ride with death tonight!" Lol awesome.

Anthrax – Caught In A Mosh Lyrics 12 years ago
OMG! The bassline on this song is so RAW! AHH!! Frank Bello (bassist) has officially been labeled "Awesome" for writing that.
Meaning: Getting trapped in a mosh pit, DUH!
I almost had a similar experience at Christmas Khaos during Drowning Pool's set..

American Head Charge – Loyalty Lyrics 12 years ago
I think this song is just about being backstabbed...and being pissed off about it :P
Awesome song. I used it for a drama project lmfao.
Good times..

Metal Church – Watch The Children Pray Lyrics 12 years ago
I love this song. I think it means that while men are killing each other with war and disease and such, the children pray. At least that's what I got from it.

Kansas – Dust In The Wind Lyrics 12 years ago
This song has a pretty dark message (to me at least). Every comment seemed to be as serious as the song but then that dude came in thinking it was a chat room and I just laughed hysterically. And yeah, of course I have to say:

From Autumn to Ashes – Chloroform Perfume Lyrics 12 years ago
This song is a mastrerpiece. Every note, every word is perfect. I love this song. Solo is awesome.
Meaning: I don't know.
But I will say, you know you're listening to an AWESOME song when you get chills down your spine while listening to it.

Lamb of God – A Devil In God's Country Lyrics 12 years ago
I think this song is about war in general. But of course Randy Blythe (and just about everyone else in the world) HATES George W. Bush. I know he's not the best president we've ever had (nor the smartest :P) but geez, it seems like everyone's against that dude.
Oh well whatever, Lamb of God is awesome. One of the best bands out there today.

Lamb of God – Black Label Lyrics 12 years ago
I agree with danageplan. But the song kicks ass anyway :)

Rob Zombie – Foxy Foxy Lyrics 12 years ago
I thought it was about politics or something. Oh well. Turns out to be about sex. Awesome song though :)

Diecast – These Days Lyrics 12 years ago
I think this song is about not being satisfied with the way you live your life.
P.S. Diecast fucking rocks!

Diecast – Medieval Lyrics 12 years ago
I think this song is about how someone thinks there invincible and they never change from that mindset.
P.S. Diecast fucking rocks!

Diecast – Rise and Oppose Lyrics 12 years ago
I think the song is self-explanatory. It's about revolution (at least that's what I think).
P.S. Diecast fucking rocks! :)

Audioslave – Cochise Lyrics 12 years ago
Okay so this song is about an Indian chief. But I couldn't tell that from the lyrics. I would've thought it was like just about telling someone to save themselves. But people can write songs about anything in anyway, I guess.
P.S. This song kicks ass, although I prefer Rage Against the Machine.

Heaven Shall Burn – The Weapon They Fear Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah, the song is about that Chilean singer. Watch the last few seconds of the music video.

Heaven Shall Burn – Voice of the Voiceless Lyrics 12 years ago
I thought this song was about standing up for people who get bullied. But I guess if it's about animals that's cool, too.
Although I have to say, even though I like animals, I like eating them too :P

Heaven Shall Burn – Numbing the Pain Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah this song is a little song. But it's still a cool song :)

As I Lay Dying – The Darkest Nights Lyrics 12 years ago
It's either finding comfort in God or a girl.
And the smartass who commented above me can kiss my ass :P lol

As I Lay Dying – 94 Hours Lyrics 12 years ago
Okay, so what I'm getting from the lyrics (and all the song meanings other people put up) is that the song is about The Passion, when Jesus was being tortured and crucified. So I'm guessing he was tortured for 94 hours?
AILD = Band of Christians, NOT a Christian band

Shadows Fall – The First Noble Truth Lyrics 12 years ago
Okay does anyone know if "The First Noble Truth" has anything to do with the Four Noble Truths, in Buddhism.

Shadows Fall – Deadworld Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah, our world's pretty much fucked up, huh?
Shadows Fall rocks! :)

Cradle of Filth – Nymphetamine Fix Lyrics 12 years ago
Nymphetamine = Nymph (hot chick) + amphetamine (speed, drug). So basically he's addicted to a girl.
Ewww, Dani Filth having sex LOL.
Oh and did I mention THIS SONG FUCKING ROCKS?!?!?! \m/

Corrosion Of Conformity – Stonebreaker Lyrics 12 years ago
It has a lot of religious meaning to it. I think it's about someone being put on trial and being executed because they're a witch or something.

Shadows Fall – In Effigy Lyrics 12 years ago
I know that "effigy" is something (ex. a statue) that represents someone. So maybe this song is about being represented??
Sometimes Brain Fair confuses me :P

Shadows Fall – Destroyer Of Senses Lyrics 12 years ago
Simply put, it's a song about alcohol. Cool riff at the beginning too :)

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